On our way back to the beloved island of Koh Rong we stayed at the Pura Vita Resort, on Sonaya Beach. A perfect place to relax and unwind for a few days.

As soon as we arrived at the main port of Koh Rong they were already waiting for us to take us to the beach where the Resort is. Koh Rong is not what it was a few years ago and the main beach is lined with gambling dens and seedy accommodations for young people. At night we don’t even want to imagine what happens here. However, Sonaya Beach is practically deserted, there is only this accommodation here. Also for bathing this side is much better, because the water is transparent and you are alone.


The resort consists of several bungalows, all overlooking the beach. They have very comfortable beds, with pillows that look like clouds, and a private bathroom. They all have a small terrace where they can sit and have a drink, chat, work, or simply relax with the sound of the waves.




It also has a restaurant with some Italian dishes, Cambodian and Western food. You can also hire some excursions here or simply rent snorkeling equipment and go off alone to explore the island.



The resort is run by Vanny, a super nice woman who in her youth left everything to go to Canada, from where she returned 30 years later to enjoy life on this little island. A super nice woman! Also the rest of the staff are very nice young lads.

In short, the Pura Vita Resort is a perfect place to disconnect, even from the most touristic part of Koh Rong.


  • Web: www.puravitaresort.com
  • E-mail: info@puravitaresort.com
  • Phone: +855 15 700 083 / +855 889 333 225 / +855 12 798 056

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