Where to sleep in Coron, Philippines


Crown It is one of the destinations that surprised us the most during our trip through the Philippines.

Because it is taking more prominence in recent times, Finding where to sleep in Coron may not be difficult, but you will have to plan a little, just a little 😉

where to sleep in Coron

Island Hopping in Coron

One of the reasons why Coron has more and more relevance in the itineraries of travelers arriving in the Philippines, is because, for some, it is an alternative to The nest, quite crowded. And because for others, it is a complement to El Nido.

Coron has all types of accommodations for all types of travelers, from the cheapest hostels to the most exclusive resorts. Of course, going through accommodation neither so expensive, nor so cheap.

Well, so that you don’t miss out on your accommodation in Coron, or at least you can choose suitable sites, we tell you where to sleep in Coron.

Where to sleep in Coron

The options of places to stay in Coron are numerous, however, due to the increase in travelers arriving to this first point in Palawan, accommodation in Coron has increased considerably.

Coron Town

Coron Town is the town itself. Where are most of the accommodations, restaurants, shops, and of course, the jetty from where the boats leave to make the Coron’s Island Hopping that is becoming so famous.

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Sunset in Coron Town

I’m not going to fool you, Coron Town is a somewhat ugly place, with an atmosphere of course, and beautiful sunsets, but if you have been to El Nido, the town itself, has no point of comparison.

The advantages of staying in Coron Town is that you have everything close at hand. That is, you want to go eat something, there are dozens of options, which you have to take the ferry to El Nido, it catches you close. Looking for a place to have a beer, as there are also many places.

If you decide to stay in Coron Town, I advise you to look for an accommodation that is not next to the busiest streets, to avoid the noise.

In this link you will see the different accommodations in Coron Town.

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Just outside of Coron

We decided to stay on the outskirts of Coron Town, which has been about fifteen minutes walk, along the street-road Coron Busuanga Rd.

We decided to stay on the outskirts of Coron, more than anything, looking for something quieter, but also being able to walk a bit to Coron Town.

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Coron Busuanga Highway

I think the idea was good, it is more if I went back, and looked for an option that was neither expensive nor cheap, I would not hesitate to return there.

You may think that being on the outskirts of Coron there is nothing there. Well, yes there is;) !!, In fact, the Coron Busuanga Rd road is the main artery, and on either side of it you will find restaurants, bars, hostels, hotels and even agencies, in case you want to book your Island hopping.

Take a look at this link to see what accommodation options there are, Outskirts of Coron.

Dicanituan Island

On this island off the coast of Coron is one of the luxury Resorts that can take you away from the bustle of Coron Town, the Discovery Island Resort. Of course, this place is somewhat more expensive, since the night is around 100 euros.

If you are interested in something different, you can take a look to see photos, opinions of other people, prices and availability in this link, Discovery Island Resort.

Baquit Island

Despite being on an island off Coron, the Resort Coron Underwater and GardenIt is not as expensive as it might seem, and it allows different water activities.

You can take a look at the photos, activities, prices and opinions in this link Resort Coron Underwater and Garden.

Sleeping on the beach in Coron

The truth is that here I am going to give you bad news, in Coron there is no beach, since it is surrounded mainly by mangroves, in addition to the jetty areas.

If you really want to sleep on a beach, Coron Town is not the place, and you would have to look at one of the surrounding islands.

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