When to drink coffee: before or after a workout

Coffee is a live saver. I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine leaving my house without having a cup of coffee (sometimes two).

Regardless of how you take it, coffee is packed with numerous health benefits.

Studies prove that coffee increases your metabolic rate (by up to 20%) and energy levels.It also lowers the risks of depression and the chances of you getting type 2 diabetes.

Most of us are habituated with having a cup of coffee in the early morning this raises the questions. Is it good to have coffee before a workout or after?

In this article, we shall discuss the same so stay tuned. Caffeine, how does it work?

Before we understand what coffee does it’s imperative that we understand how it works.
There’s a neuron inhibitor named Adenosine which promotes sleep in us, caffeine resembles a lot like Adenosine and it binds itself with the latter’s receptors thereby inhibiting adenosine from doing its job.

This in turn increases our brain activity.

Coffee before the workout?

So you decided to start working out from your home and for that, you bought the best elliptical 2020. Now you are pondering on a question regarding the consumption of caffeine.

Well, there’s plenty of research that suggests that having coffee before a workout can improve your workout performance, reduce muscle soreness, and provide motivation throughout.

It makes sense given how caffeine enhances our ability to do splendid things by preloading our stress response.

Another benefit is that caffeine tends to increase the Testosterone level which is vital in compensating the increased Cortisol level during a workout.

One thing we know about Testosterone is that even a little jump in its level greatly affects protein synthesis and muscle growth.

A research conducted in 2005 suggests that coffee improves your endurance significantly, this means your perceived level of exertion will be reduced by more than 5%.

Owner of Nutrition Conditioning Inc. and a sports nutritionist Heidi Skolnik M.S suggests that coffee tends to make your workout more gratifying. As it directly influences your Central Nervous System.

There’s a popular myth concerned with coffee that it dehydrates you, well this couldn’t be more further from the truth. Unless you are drinking a ton of coffee

Coffee after a workout?

There are many articles that you may find on the internet regarding this subject which contradict themselves. It’s a fickle subject.

Most of these studies are either inconclusive or deal with short term implications.

I am not implying that coffee after a workout is intrinsically bad or something, but here’s the thing, any workout you choose is a stressor on your body.

During these workouts, there’s an increase in the cortisol levels (Catabolic hormone) post-workout coffee consumption further increases the levels of cortisol.

Although we can show forbearance to caffeine and its innate ability to fuel cortisol studies have shown despite continued use, constant exposure to caffeine during day time still causes the rise in elevated cortisol levels.

If you drink coffee before the workout then drinking it after your workout session would be characterized as a second exposure to the beverage.

When it comes to cortisol levels women are much more sensitive due to their hormonal changes.


We learned that having coffee before a workout can be quite beneficial to your body both physically and physiologically.

So what about post-workout? I mean coffee isn’t the ideal beverage.

But you need something to power up your muscles and remove the cortisol from the body.
Studies have shown that if you eat a combination of protein and carbohydrates post-workout. It will not only remove the excess of cortisol from the body but it will also provide the required energy for the synthesis of muscle proteins.

In simple terms just eat food, keep yourself hydrated, and most importantly get some good sleep.

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