What Is American Coffee?

What Is American Coffee?

Espresso diluted in hot water to try to match it in characteristics to a filter coffee, typical American preparation.

Its origin dates from the Second World War when American soldiers being in Europe diluted the espressos in hot water so that they resembled what they were accustomed to.

American coffee is one of the many ways to enjoy caffeine and the most popular in different parts of the world. Some people come to compare it with espresso coffee, which has opened a debate about its origin

Although the term ” American ” became popular in the 1970s, there is a legend that American coffee has existed for some time. The history goes back to World War II, when the American soldiers were in Italy and were not convinced with the strong flavor of espresso coffee, as they used to drink a bigger and softer coffee.

The soldiers demanded the filter coffee, as it is taken in the United States, so the Italian baristas found a solution to satisfy their visitors, who offered them a cup of hot water next to their espresso coffee to decrease the strong flavor. Until it became a popular solution and they decided to use a larger cup to serve espresso coffee, to fill it with hot water.

On the other hand, the preparation of the American is also through a coffee machine, being, in fact, an espresso diluted in hot water, transforming it into a less concentrated drink and softer to taste. Americano coffee is served in a cup larger than espresso.

To conclude this article on the difference between an American and espresso coffee, it only remains to comment that it is important to consider the coffee ground to know what to order in a restaurant or cafeteria; If bitter and intense coffee is yours, the finer the grain, the stronger its flavor.

How to Prepare American Coffee/ Americano Coffee?

American coffee has its origin in World War II. It is a type of coffee that was created by adding hot water to espresso. It was the way Italian baristas imitated the taste of filter coffee for American soldiers who were stationed in Italy. American coffee is sweeter and has less caffeine than normal coffee since it is made using steam instead of water.

We show you how to do it at home. Take note of the recipe!

1) Ingredients:

You will need the following ingredients to make 1 long coffee book:

– 4 tablespoons ground coffee
– 1 liter of water
– Sugar

2) Preparation:

You can prepare it in a pot or in your coffee pot of a lifetime. He puts the water and coffee and boils. It is removed over low heat for a few minutes and will be ready to serve and drink.

You see that it is very easy to make. If you like coffee with a light and slightly bitter body, American coffee is your drink. Enjoy it!

Differences between espresso and American coffee

Differences between espresso and American coffee In some European countries they consider that American coffee is a long espresso-style with more water. Although according to legend, the name of the coffee was born by American soldiers, what is known as filter coffee or American coffee is consumed in the North American country.

This coffee is prepared in a coffee maker but requires a filter to deposit the ground coffee. Hot water is poured over it to obtain a less concentrated drink, it is not as acidic and is softer.

While espresso coffee, also known as espresso, is distinguished by being made with a very fine ground coffee so that the hot water, whose temperature is close to the boiling point, with this the odors and flavors of the grain are extracted.

What Do You Prefer?

But we will see that we call two coffees American coffee with totally different procedures, one of which is not even a filtered coffee.

With our proverbial pleasure in getting into gardens and stepping on puddles, we will talk about it today.

When you order an American coffee in a cafeteria in southern Europe, not including Spain, you will see that they do it on many occasions in the espresso machine.

If you see this behavior you should know that this is not an American coffee in the strict sense, by definition is a coffee obtained by filtration, not by water pressure, that is, a true American coffee could never be obtained from a machine of the express.

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