What Are The Differences Between a Greek Coffee and a Turkish Coffee?

Still called oriental coffee or Turkish coffee, Turkish coffee is a drink made from decoction coffee. This unique taste drink is very popular in North Africa, the Middle East, Ukraine, as well as in Southeast Europe. However, given the many similarities that Turkish coffee has with Greek coffee, these two drinks are mostly confused. What then differentiates Turkish coffee from Greek coffee?

Differences Between a Greek Coffee and a Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee is coffee to be prepared from grains of coffee 100% Arabica. Most of the grains used to make this drink come from Brazil. However, contrary to what its name suggests, it owes its name to its preparation process and not to its Turkish origin. This preparation process begins with the roasting and grinding of the coffee beans. To obtain good Turkish coffee, it is important that the grind is very fine and that the roasting is clear because Turkish coffee is brown and not black in color. Following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, Turkish coffee made its appearance in Greece.

In this country and in many others such as France for example, this drink is now called Greek coffee. So, even if their names differ, these two drinks are practically identical, because their preparation process turns out to be the same.

Traditionally, these two drinks are also served in the same way. In addition, even if they are practically identical, we can note some dissimilarities between these two types of coffee. The main dissimilarity lies in the fact that Turkish coffee is traditionally brown while Greek coffee is mainly served black. To better highlight the differences between these two drinks, we must also focus on their production process.

A very easy recipe for Turkish coffee To make this drink, you need several ingredients and accessories such as: A coffee pan; A sachet of very finely ground Turkish coffee; A small cup; Spoon ; Sugar ; And of course a gas stove. Once these elements are gathered, we can then start the preparation of coffee. To start, pour a tablespoon of coffee into the pan. Depending on your taste, add the amount of sugar that suits you. Then pour a cup of water. At this stage, it is recommended not to stir everything, because it is by boiling that the mixture will be made. When the coffee starts to rise, first remove the pan from the heat so that it falls. As soon as it is done, you must then put the pan back on the fire and wait for it to rise again. You can then remove it from the heat and wait a few moments before tasting it without of course stirring it because it is not filtered. Easily make a Greek coffee To easily make a Greek coffee, the main ingredients you need are: Ground coffee; Sugar for those who prefer to take it sweet. This drink is prepared in briki which is a kind of saucepan in the form of a jug. To start, you have to pour water in it according to the number of cups you want to obtain in the end. Then add a teaspoon of ground coffee and sugar for each cup. Thereafter, the whole is brought to a boil until the foam wants to overflow. It is removed from the heat and the same process is repeated a second time. You can then serve, taking care not to drink the grounds that settle at the bottom of the cup.

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