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If you travel to Hong Kong and have several days of time, a good day trip is the one that takes you to know Hong Kong Disneyland. If spending a few hours among talking mice sounds very good, you are one of us 🙂 Next we are going to give you a few tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland and spend an unforgettable day.

First things first: where to buy tickets?

Admission at the box office (or on the official website) usually costs 639 HKD (about € 75). But it is not always worth buying it here as you can often find better deals. on other websites. We found the best price on Klook, where we found them for 580 HKD (about € 67). Although we read in forums that a good idea is to approach the agency China Travel Service (CTS) since it offers good prices. There are some offices scattered around Hong Kong, we went to one and saw that the price was somewhat more expensive than in Klook (although more or less the same if we paid in cash).

We also advise you to look at Getyourguide since sometimes very interesting specific discounts apply, or tickets with some services included such as meals, etc.

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What you need to know about Hong Kong Disneyland

If you have visited more Disney parks you may be disappointed. Its biggest drawback is that is not very big and their attractions they are not too spectacular. To top it all, when we went there were a couple of them closed (and the castle was under renovation).

Peeeeeero has a great advantage: there is much less people than in other parks. We visited it in mid-January (be careful not to coincide with the Chinese New Year!) And not only could we enjoy the park, but we went up to all the attractions almost no queues (in only one we had a 10 min line but after a while there was NO one). Overall, we rode several times in different places and often we did not even have to wait 2 minutes.

We were there for a whole day (from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) and it gave us plenty of time to enjoy the park without rushing and without stress. It is true that it was low season and perhaps at another time of year there may be a little more people, but we do not think it is too different.

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Things to do in Hong Kong Disneyland

The Park is divided into 6 thematic zones: Adventureland, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland and Fantasyland. In 2021 they plan to open another area set in the world of Frozen.

Beyond the attractions (here you can see them all), something you have to do at Hong Kong Disneyland is enjoy the shows. There are a good handful (here they are all), but for us the 3 essentials are:

  • Festival of the Lion King: 30 minute show that summarizes the history of the Lion King. Brutal! Both the costumes and the actors are amazing.
  • Mickey and the wondrous book: 30 minutes, maybe not as incredible as the Lion King but almost: they take a tour of several Disney stories and have funny and surprising touches.
  • Flights of fantasy Parade: it is a parade of about 20 minutes with floats with the main protagonists of the park. The truth is that mola!).
  • When we went we did NOT do night parade or fires but they sure look good if it touches you.

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In addition, there are points throughout the park where you can shake hands and take a picture with your Favorite characters. If you travel with children, they will surely be very excited. Here you have the time and place to find all the characters.

Another thing to do is take a walk around the Main Street, where most of the shops are located (the typical Minnie and Mickey ears cost about € 10).

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The best attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland

The attractions we liked the most at Hong Kong Disneyland (not in order of preference) were these:

  • Hyperspace Mountain: a roller coaster that will take you to outer space (with Star Wars music and everything). The truth is that it is very good although it lacks some more shock for our taste.
  • Mystic manor: a tour of a house that suddenly becomes enchanted (really cool!).
  • Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars– Another roller coaster that goes through mines and encounters several grizzly bears along the way.
  • Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle: here you have to catch some laser pistols and shoot some targets … Rober and I got on several times because we got stung (although Rober always won, I love it).
  • RC Racers: very short but what adrenaline! It’s Andy’s toy car from Toy Story and it goes up and down a ramp… at the speed of light (well, not that much).
  • Toy Soldier Parachute Drop: if you are not afraid of heights, go! You will feel like one of the Toy Story soldiers when they parachute down from the sky.
  • Jungle River Cruise: it is a boat trip through a jungle full of surprise (watch out for the elephants and the hippos XD).

But we miss some more powerful attraction, a roller coaster with a loop, a shuttle higher than the parachute … But hey, we have fun, which is the important thing.

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Tips for visiting Hong Kong Disneyland

1. Download the APP “Hong Kong Disneyland” Since you will be able to see at all times and updated the waiting time to go up to the attractions, there is also a nice map and the schedules of all the shows. It is very helpful.

2. You can take your food, they let it pass without problems. But beware of drinks: bottles are prohibited but cans are not. What you can bring is your own canteen to fill inside.

3. We also read that selfie sticks and the tripods, but inside the Park we saw many people who had them … so we don’t know :-p

4. If you prefer to eat in the Park restaurants that you know that there is a good handful. We had hamburgers and potatoes for dinner and they cost us (with a drink) about € 10 (per person). You can find snacks from around € 3 and the most expensive dishes we saw were around € 20. But come on … with € 10 you can eat (that if, do not expect quality food).

5. Outside some bathrooms there are fountains with drinking water where you can fill your canteen. Drinks are expensive: € 3 for water.

6. The Park is not large and, as you will understand, it is aimed at a smaller audience: if you are looking for strong emotions … well, removing a couple of places (Grizzlie’s roller coaster, the Hyperspace Mountain from Star Wars or Andy’s car in Toy Story Land) you won’t find them. But if you like the Disney thing… you’re going to have a blast!

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How to get to Hong Kong Disneyland from central Hong Kong?

We stayed in Kowloon, from here the best way is to go by subway. You’ll have to catch the line Tsuen Wan Line (red) until Lai King Station, here change to the line Tung ching line (orange) to the stop Sunny bay. From here comes a direct line to Disneyland (The subway is amazing, with the little windows in the shape of Mickey Mouse hehe). It leaves you right next to the entrance of the Park. In total it takes an hour to get there and costs 22 HKD with the Oyster card.

Up to this point our experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. The truth is that we had a great time and I said: if you like the Disney thing and have several days in the city … it seems like a very good excursion. If you have more questions or want more advice, you already know where to find us 😉

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