Vertuoline Descaling Instructions

If you don’t know how to descale a Nespresso coffee machine, we give you the best methods to descale your machine and keep it making coffee like the first day.

Nespresso capsule coffee machines are attractive and easy to use. But if you have noticed that your Vertuoline Nespresso machine does not work as it did initially, the coffee comes out watery or without foam, or worse yet, it comes out with a strange taste; these are the symptoms that your coffee machine urgently needs a thorough cleaning.

In that case, it will not be enough to wash it with water, nor do we recommend using dish soap, as the aroma and taste of the coffee could be altered. If you want to know how to clean Nespresso coffee machines properly, keep reading this article. Let’s go there!

Vertuoline Descaling Instructions

1.  First of all, to clean a coffee machine of this type you will need a particular product to descale it. The lime and other minerals in the water accumulate in the internal system of the Nespresso and all other coffee machines. They can cause a failure in the operation of the machine.

2.  For this reason, Nespresso has its kit designed for cleaning and maintaining its coffee machines, although you can also find Vertuoline Descaling Instructions. Even those who resort to natural products such as vinegar must know how to do it to not spoil your coffee maker by using these products.

3.  Another fact to keep in mind is that the method to clean a Nespresso is the same for any model of the coffee maker, so whatever your machine is, you can also follow this procedure.

4.  The first step in cleaning the Nespresso machine will be to make sure that you have removed the last used capsule and emptying the capsule container of your Nespresso machine.

5.  The next step will be to fill the water tank with at least 500 ml of water and add the descaling kit’s content.

  Turn on your Nespresso machine and wait until the flashing lights go off, a sign that the coffee maker is ready to clean. In turn, you must place a container where at least one litre of water can fit under the tap or coffee dispenser of your Nespresso. If necessary, you can remove the tray from the cups.

7.  Next, press and hold the button for the small cup and the large cup simultaneously for three seconds. Then you will see how they will begin to flash, indicating that the descaling mode has been activated. Then, you can press the large cup button so that the water with cleaner begins to circulate inside the coffee maker and runs out through the tap or dispenser.

 8.  Once almost all the liquid has been drained from the tank, not all or air will enter the internal circuit, press the button on the large cup again and fill the tank with the same water. Repeat the process and get the water back out with cleaner.

 9.  Finally, discard the previous mixture and refill the reservoir with clean water to rinse the coffeemaker and get it completely clean. To do this, press the button on the large cup again to empty the tank of your coffee maker and rinse it.

 10.  To finish, press both buttons again for three seconds to deactivate the descaling mode for a Nespresso. When they stop flashing and keep the light steady, your coffee machine is ready and clean again to use.

 Maintenance of Vertuoline Nespresso coffee machines

All electrical appliances require essential maintenance to function optimally and last as long as possible. The same thing happens with Nespresso coffee machines; that’s why we show you the best way to keep them in perfect condition:

  1. As we said initially, the first step is to check if the capsule used in the last preparation has been removed.
  2. Next, make a mixture of white vinegar and water and fill the water load to the top with it.
  3. Place a container in the area where the coffee comes out to collect the water.
  4. To start cleaning the Nespresso machine, turn it on and wait until the mixture has finished coming out.
  5. Repeat the process, as explained in the previous section, until the water runs out almost entirely.
  6. Remove the drip tray and capsule magazine to wash them with soap.
  7. Replace the tray and capsule magazine when they are scorched.
  8. With a cloth and warm water, clean the outside of the coffee maker without using products that can damage it.
  9. Finally, disinfect the steamer by immersing it in boiling water and drying it well.

Vertuoline Descaling Instructions

After reading vertuoline descaling instructions and perform good maintenance, we are left to learn how to describe a Nespresso. It is recommended that you do it at least twice a year, as the water contains tiny residues that can affect the mechanism of the coffee maker. Please pay attention to how to do it; it is similar to the previous two.

  1. As always, check that there are no used capsules left inside.
  2. Next, place a container in the area where you put the cups to serve the coffee.
  3. Then, into the water tank, pour water mixed with a suitable descaling agent for this purpose.
  4. As we indicated in the first section, hold down the buttons for the large and small cup simultaneously, this will start the function to descale Nespresso coffee machines.
  5. Now, press the button on the large cup to circulate the descaling liquid throughout the system.
  6. Repeat this procedure until the coffee maker tells us that it has been descaled efficiently.
  7. Deactivate this function by repeating step four and fill again with clean water.
  8. To finish, press the button to serve a large cup and circulate it through the entire mechanism until it has been rinsed. The rest you can clean regularly.

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