Vaccinations needed to travel to Indonesia


At the time of plan your trip to IndonesiaIt is important that you take into account what recommended and mandatory vaccinations you need to travel there.

This is very important due to the times, since, although there are no mandatory vaccinations, unless you come from an endemic country in yellow fever, it is advisable to have enough time to be vaccinated and that it takes effect before landing in the country.

Regarding the rest of vaccines, whether you decide or not to get vaccinated, you have to take into account several things. On the one hand, the hygienic conditions of street food are not the best, that does not mean that you cannot consume it, in the end it is highly cooked food (do not eat anything raw in the street stalls). But it is true that they can lead to some problems.

If you have a minor accident and suffer a cut, it never hurts to have a tetanus shot up to date. In the same way, you will see a large number of dogs, and especially monkeys in many parts of the country. An example of this is Ubud in Bali.

Monkey Forest Ubud

In principle, a dog does not have to bite you, but monkeys in certain circumstances can be aggressive. It is for this reason that the authorities recommend getting vaccinated against rabies.

I recommend that you make an appointment in your International Vaccination Center closest, where they will tell you in detail what vaccines you should get and what risks there are depending on the areas you visit.

There are several recommended vaccines, and here I have to say that everyone is free to be vaccinated or not. We always do it, since we think that prevention is better than cure.

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Vaccination record

This is the card that we all have since childhood and that indicates the vaccines that have been given to us throughout our lives. This information is very important to have and bring it to the International Vaccination Center in case there is a reminder vaccine to put.

If you travel regularly, you will know that some vaccines need to be put back in after two or three years. With the booklet you have all this updated information.

Yellow fever

Regarding the yellow fever vaccine, as I mentioned above, it is mandatory if you come from an endemic country. Argentina is one of these countries, so you must carry the certificate of this vaccine with you, since it is quite likely that they will ask for it when entering the country.

This vaccine should be given at least ten before your trip to the country. Since it is the time that is considered necessary to make our body immune to this disease. It should not be put to children under one year of age. And it is mandatory to carry with you the certificate stating that you are vaccinated against yellow fever.

Recommended vaccines

Apart from the yellow fever vaccine, it is recommended to be vaccinated against the triple viral, hepatitis A and B, tetanus-diphtheria, typhoid fever, japanese encephalitis Y Rage.

In any case, when you go to the International Vaccination CenterDepending on the route you are going to do, they will tell you what vaccines you need to get.

Malaria and Dengue

Dengue is a disease that comes from the bite of the dengue mosquito. This is indigenous to Southeast Asia. We have never had dengue in the many trips and time we have spent in the region. But it is true that we like to prevent.

Wear long sleeves and long pants during sunrise and sunset, which is when mosquitoes are most active. Use repellent, and sleep with a mosquito net. With these few tips, you should be practically safe from mosquito bites.

Rice fields Ubud

With regard to malaria, not all areas of Indonesia are at risk. Yes, the rural areas of Sumatra, Borneo, Papua, Lombok, Sulawesi or Moluccas Islands.

For malaria there is no vaccine, if not a pill that acts as a prophylaxis, the Malarone. Again, it is better that the doubts you have speak when you visit the al International Vaccination Center. Since the intake of this pill can have side effects, and not all people are affected in the same way.

First aid kit

If you want to know what you can take in your travel kit, take a look at this article where we tell you what the basics you need in your travel kit.

Indonesia travel insurance

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