Travel to California – A Complete Tour Guide

Are you thinking of traveling to California? Then do not think twice and read carefully: California is one of the most mythical states in the USA, either because it is the home of many movie stars or because it is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeternal sun and idyllic beaches, among many others. Stuff. This travel guide offers you all the information you need to prepare and prepare your trip to California most easily and practically possible. If you want to know more, we can only tell you one thing: Let’s get started!

Travel to California

When we talk about travelling to the East Coast of the United States, we often refer to California. It is far from the only thing, but the golden state accumulates a good part of the charms that this vast coast has to offer. Two of the country’s largest and most spectacular cities, a wild and beautiful coastline, and some of the most impressive natural parks on the planet. 

The truth is that it would not be necessary to leave California to live thousands of different experiences. Be prepared because, no matter how long your trip, you will have to give up something. 

We will share everything we learned about California, which was no small matter, and we are going to give you a lot of advice that can be useful when planning your getaway.

What’s the weather like in California?

Well, we could summarize it as good, but with many nuances. If you look at the map, the shape of the state is narrow and elongated. As a general rule, the further south, the hotter. Yet, the weather in California is treacherous. Los Angeles is a very sunny city. It is hot even on many winter days. 

Further south, in San Diego, it’s even hotter. As for San Francisco, things drop a few degrees. The weather is not unpleasant, but it carries a black legend. The city is credited with a phrase like “no winter is colder than a summer in San Francisco.” It’s not that big of a deal, but cool it does. 

As for the parks, we were not there, but it seems that the nights there are also quite remarkable. We lived through cold and rainy days going down the Big Sur, and the next day in Los Angeles, we had 26 degrees in January. It is another of the characteristics; the weather is changing. One moment it’s sunny, and the next moment you climb to a high place like our visit to Hearst Castle and the mist and humidity cover everything. In short, despite the generally pleasant weather, expect anything.

What can I see in California?

Let’s see; the correct question would be, what can I not see because whatever your travelling taste, we guarantee that you will find something here. We already told you in the introduction that if big cities are your thing, here are two of the most popular in the world, Los Angeles and San Francisco, which are also very different from each other. Also, San Diego, perfect for surfers.

If you prefer the coast, there are several hundred kilometres with part of the most famous coastline on the planet, Big Sur, dotted with beautiful towns and exuberant nature. Of course, we have many substantial natural parks such as Yosemite, Death Valley, Sequoia …

In California, about 40 million people live, and we can not avoid mentioning its attractions. Very close is the border with Mexico, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, in short, a lot to see and very little time.

How to get around California?

The possibilities are many and varied. The airlift between Los Angeles and San Francisco is fast, and there are also transportation options between the different cities and towns. However, considering that the roads are good, although full of great traffic jams at the accesses to the main cities, the most normal thing is that we choose the rental car to see several things. Renting in California is simple, relatively affordable, and not many things are, and it works perfectly. In the United States, it is the most normal thing globally, so it is the option chosen by many tourists.

You can always have an odyssey like ours; we had to change cars twice in 13 days, once for a puncture and once for oil problems. Despite the inconveniences, it is usually the best option to depend on yourself when moving. Remember that car rental and gas prices are not generally costly, but parking can be prohibitive in many places. The roads are good and well indicated, although approaching cities like Los Angeles with their massive traffic volume can be impressive if you are not used to it.

Rental prices are usually somewhat more affordable at airports. If you arrive at Los Angeles International, you must exit the terminal and look at the columns just as it sounds. The names of the different rental companies appear with lilac indications. Find yours and wait patiently for the bus to take you to the warehouse where the cars are stored. When the bus appears, don’t forget to give it a signal. 

Once on the bus, leave your suitcases in the designated trays (the driver may do it for you), and keep in mind that there may be several stops to your destination. Once again, you have to remember what your company is and stop when prompted.

You will have to direct your car to the company ship’s starting point and not the airport for the return. There you will have the return bus, in which you must indicate the airline you are flying with since the airport has several terminals. Tips for drivers, who will help you load and unload your luggage, without being obligatory, are well seen. As we have already said, the roads are usually in excellent condition, but several things are to consider. For a supplement that is not at all reasonable, they will include the tolls of the state of California in your car reservation. Should you pay them? California has quite a few toll roads, but most of them you won’t see up close. However, they don’t leave you much choice. In the approaches to San Francisco, for example, the bridges,

At gas stations, refueling the process can be a bit cumbersome. First, you will have to enter your card and mark the amount you want to refuel. If you’re going to fill the deposit, you will have to keep a higher amount, and then they will refund the difference. Then you remove the card and select the type of gasoline. Yes, it is pretty logical and straightforward, but European cards tend to cause problems at the dispensers, so do not hesitate to seek help from the staff in the store. Many of the workers are Latino and can assist you in Spanish if you need it. Better to always refuel at stations that are staffed.

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