Travel itinerary to Vietnam and Cambodia in 21 days


When we prepared our trip to Vietnam, one of the things that was clear to us is that we wanted to visit the Angkor temples, in Cambodia. So, we had to give the travel itinerary to Vietnam a good idea to balance the visits we wanted without wasting a lot of time traveling.

So thinking and thinking, and a bit as we go, we manage to square everything perfectly.

We had an inbound and outbound flight through Hanoi, but since we wanted to get to the Mekong Delta, we had to go back to Hanoi from Ho chin minh on an internal flight.

And in between was the long-awaited visit to the city of Angkor. We achieved our goal, but yes, I have to say that everything was a bit on the fly.

Travel itinerary to Vietnam and Cambodia

1. Arrival at Hanoi and train night until Sapa
2. Sapa
3. Sapa
Four. Sapa and night bus to Hanoi
5. Hanoi
6. HanoiHalong bay
7. Halong bayHalong bay
8. Halong bayHanoi
9. HanoiHue
10. Hue
eleven. Hoi an
12. Hoi an
13. Hoi an – Danang – Siam Reap (plane)
14. Siam ReapSiam Reap
fifteen. Siam ReapPhnom penh
16. Phnom penh – Bye Doc
17. Bye Doc – Can Thó
18. Can ThóHo chi minh
19. Ho chi minh
twenty. Ho chi minhHanoi
twenty-one. Hanoi

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