Transport in Laos, how to move around the country


Laos is a country, where the roads, depending on the route you take, are not the best. But still, getting around this Southeast Asian country is not complex.

Also, Laos has a transport that is quite good, comfortable. Night buses are a very good option to get around, they are very comfortable, authentic beds where you can sleep at ease.

Laos is perhaps the least known country in Southeast Asia, but it is well worth a visit. We did it as part of a six-month trip to different countries in Southeast Asia. But without a doubt, it would have been a good destination to go just there.

Transport in Laos

We reached Laos through one of its most important communication routes, the mekong river. We did it from Thailand.

How to go from Thailand to Luang Prabang

We decided to go by road and then by the Mekong River to Laos, more specifically to Luang prabang.

Chiang khong

The Thai town you have to get to if you want to do this journey is Chiang kong. And the first Laotian locality is Huoeixai, you arrive in two minutes A boat crosses the river, and from there, once you have obtained the visa, travel to the pearl of Asia, Luang Prabang.

The truth is that the experience was really nice. More than anything, because much of the way is done through completely virgin areas, without population. You can enjoy the views on both sides of the virgin forest.

This journey lasts two days, and it takes one night in Pakbeng, which is a small town in the middle of the road. The reason for stopping there is that the river, it seems obvious, has no lighting, and it is dangerous to navigate it at night.

Besides the strong currents, there are also rocks, so stop and dine in Pakse It is a good plan.

Luang Prabang at a glance 8

The ship arrives at a port that is about 12 kilometers from Luang prabang, and there you will have to take a taxi, since it is in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it is a way to get kips (Laotian currency) out of you.

How to get from Luang Prabang to Vientiane

This was one of the quietest rides we did, as well as comfortable.

We take the opportunity to take a night bus. It was very good, and unlike other countries in the area, the air conditioning was not on full blast. So we don’t freeze.

Travel itinerary to Laos

The journey lasted most of the night, arriving around six in the morning at Vientiane. A good time to start the day with a delicious croissant, as rich as if you were in France.

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How to go from Vientiane to the 4000 Islands

To get to the 4000 Islands, the best, fastest, and possibly cheapest way is on an excursion from Vientiane.

And I say faster and cheaper because you have to make two stops on the way. If you go on your own, you will have to manage different transports, negotiate and the schedules are not always the best.

The 4000 islands

The route is quite long. We left around eight in the afternoon from the bus station in Vientiane, again night bus. This bus was local, and very comfortable.

I could not say what was the name of the town where this bus stopped, but there we had to change transport. A van was waiting for us, to take us almost, the 4000 Islands.

Well, we still had a boat that would leave us in Where T. And from that moment on, enjoy the tranquility of a place away from the hustle and bustle.

How to go from the 4000 Islands to Bangkok

If you want to continue your trip to Bangkok, as was our case, it is not difficult at all. What’s more, you can close the transport from the 4000 Islands to Ubon Ratchathani where you can take a train to the capital of Thailand.

Also, the way up Ubon Ratchathani It is not heavy, as the road is quite good.

We left in the morning from the 4000 Islands Boat. Once we crossed the Mekong, we got into a van that took us to the border with Thailand, at Chong Mek. And from there, better roads to the first city with train.

Of course, when we arrived, we had to buy the night ticket at the same train station. As there was no bed, we had a seat. It was not the most comfortable part of the trip, but hey, it was an experience that we did not forget.

Travel itinerary to Laos

You can see what our travel itinerary was in case it can help you plan your trip. As I mentioned at the beginning, our visit to Laos was part of a six-month trip through Southeast Asia. So we were in no rush to get from one place to another.

In the following link you will find the Travel itinerary to Laos.

Laos travel insurance

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