Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Plagiarism to Zero

Plagiarism is an academic offence. It means presenting someone’s work or ideas as your own writing. There are severe consequences if you commit this mistake. You might face suspension from the university. Or at the same time, you can completely fail your subject. You can present plagiarised work either intentionally, or unintentionally. In intentional plagiarism, you know that you are presenting someone’s work. In unintentional plagiarism, you commit this crime because of carelessness and forgetfulness.

As a student, you should submit your thoughts and ideas through your writings. It will help in the enhancement of your credibility. Apart from this, it will help improve your critical thinking. You can take help from published work and the internet. But you should write those ideas in your words. This article aims to discuss the tips and tricks for avoiding plagiarism. There are several ways that can help you in avoiding plagiarism. Let’s discuss them in detail;

Make Your Own Notes:

It is the very first step that will help you in avoiding plagiarism. You can take help from the internet and published articles for this. You can get an idea of how to write a paper or an assignment. You can see the different sections where authors presented the information. In this regard, you should make your own notes. Use critical thinking and ideas to develop your own arguments. Apart from this, you can manage a rough file for making your notes. Later on, you can write your thoughts in the final word file.

Organise Your Sources:

As a student, you should have a complete record of your sources. You will consider several sources for your assignment. And when you are collecting information, you might forget where they came from. In the end, you will present that idea as your own work. It is a type of unintentional plagiarism. You can avoid plagiarism if you keep your notes organised. Apart from this, you should compile a reference list. This simple step can help you in avoiding plagiarism.

Consider Credible Sources:

You should only consider credible sources for your assignment and other tasks. You will be able to access unbiased information from these sources. Most of the time, these sources support the statement through arguments and evidence. You should consult an authentic website to access credible information. Websites like JStor and Google Scholar always have credible information. They will help you in drafting a good piece of writing. Apart from this, you should only consider the work of trustworthy authors. Credible and authentic information will help in avoiding plagiarism.

Quote and Paraphrase Correctly:

This is another primary reason for plagiarism. Students think that information available on the internet is public property. So they believe that they can use that information within their writings. But such easily available information is not public property. Students should paraphrase correctly. In this regard, they should provide references as well. One should prefer paraphrasing as compared to quoting a piece of information. You should especially consider this thing when it comes to long passages. It will also help you in better understanding the information.

Cite Your Sources:

According to experts of a dissertation writing service, another important way that can help you avoid plagiarism is citing your sources. You need to cite your references in the correct way. In this regard, you should follow the instructions for your references. Your instructor will guide you on how to cite your references. You should also follow the advised style of referencing. Your instructor can ask you to cite your references in MLA or Chicago. There are several rules for each of the referencing styles. You should follow those rules for compiling your sources through a particular style.

Check Your Work:

Another important aspect of avoiding plagiarism is checking your work. You need to perform this step before turning in your paper. You should make sure that there is a reference for every statistical evidence. You should provide references for quotations too. You should avoid copying the quote as it is. Instead, you should write such information in your own words. You should ensure correct paraphrasing. It should not be similar to the original text. You should ensure the use of your writing expression.

Check Plagiarism:

This is another important step. You should check plagiarism before submitting your assignment. In this regard, you can take help from online websites too. Apart from this, you can use Turnitin software. The university’s administration will check your assignment with the help of this software. It helps them in identifying whether you presented plagiarised, or original work. If you submit plagiarised work, you can face some severe consequences. In short, this software helps you in knowing the plagiarism percentage within your work beforehand.

Remove Plagiarised Content:

It is the final step to avoid plagiarism. Once you run your file for plagiarism check, you will know the plagiarism percentage. If this percentage is going above the allowed limit, you should remove it. In this regard, you will see the highlighted texts. These highlighted texts show plagiarised content. You should paraphrase this highlighted text. In this regard, you should consider a few things. You should double-check the references. If the references are missing, you should add them. It will help you in avoiding plagiarism. Once you do so, re-check the plagiarism score. This practice will help you in avoiding plagiarism.


Plagiarism is an academic offence. Most of the time, universities have strict policies regarding plagiarised work. You may face suspension or completely fail your subject for this. In this regard, several tips can help you avoid plagiarism. You should try to make your own notes. At the same time, you should keep a record of your sources. You can use these sources in your writings. Apart from this, you should paraphrase correctly. You should provide a citation list in your writing as well. Before submission, go for a plagiarism check and if there is a high rate, remove the troublesome areas. Double-check your sources and cite them correctly.