Things To Do In Virginia Beach

Have they finally given you a vacation? And have you decided that you want places to see in Virginia Beach? If you want to rest, here is the largest beach globally, with the Guinness Record. You cannot miss a very long walk on the beach of the things to do in Virginia Beach. Do not worry if you do not reach the other end; it is something complicated.

Of the things in Virginia Beach, you can find the critical Center for Contemporary Art of Virginia. It is created to promote culture. The exhibitions are temporary, and you can find all kinds: painting, sculpture, photography by national and international artists.

Another thing to see in Virginia Beach is the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, located right in front of the beach. You will understand everything about the birds of this city.

But the places to see in Virginia Beach that you cannot miss are where you live, a unique experience. To do this, try going to False Cape Park. A place where you will feel like a Native American. They organize sports activities where you will have a great time: cycling, kayaking, hiking. You will sleep in tents and enjoy some glorious days in the sun.

Virginia Beach has more than 30 miles of sandy beaches on the Atlantic; the boardwalk is very popular in this area. Virginia Beach is one of the main tourist destinations in North America. Yet once distinguished as the Redneck Riviera, Virginia Beach has worked hard to put aside its past reputation and is now greener and cleaner than ever. Visit the 9 Tourist Attractions of Virginia Beach.

Apart from the beaches, there are also many pleasant parks and other tourist affinities worth noting and several prominent museums and places of historical benefit.

Things To Do In Virginia Beach

1. Virginia Beach Aquarium

Initially, the great Virginia Aquarium, the Virginia Museum of Marine Sciences, holds 800,000 gallons of water and more than 200 species. Animals you will spot on a trip here include walruses, turtles, and the American otter. Thematic exhibits include the sprawling artificial Mediterranean Sea, an Indonesian volcanic island, and the Red Sea. There was also a fantastic birdhouse display at the aquarium, but it is closed due to storm damage in 2015. The aquarium is located on General Booth Boulevard.

2. Virginia Beach Boardwalk

It would be weird not to spend time by the sea in a town with the word “coast” in its name. The coastal promenade of Virginia Beach promises golden sand and a fishing port, and all liquor stores and restaurants expect to find it. However, the oceanfront may have had noisy notoriety in the past; it has now cleaned up its stock and is a great space to relax on a sunny day.

3. First Landing State Park

The State Park has 20 miles of hiking shortcuts that divide the trail into 3,888 acres of Virginia rainforest. The park is excellent territory for outdoor activities such as sports, camping, fishing, of course, hiking. The park takes its name from the fact that it conquered where British settlers first landed in 1607. Over time, Native Latin Americans to modern cargo ships have crossed the waterways located here.

4. Mount Trashmore

Mount Trashmore is an old garbage dump that has been turned into a park. The park involves two artificial mountains, a large playground, a skating playground, and many particular paths for walking or biking. Artificial mountains were built from layers of solid garbage, petrified, and wrapped in clean earth. The park is famous for its environmental achievements and is a great place to spend a day with the family. You can fish in both lakes, but only from the bank and only with a special permit.

5. Great Pale Swamp

The beautiful Great Dismal Swamp National Park is located about 30 miles off southwest Virginia Beach. The park is home to an expansive area of ​​approximately 115,000 acres and shares its border with the North Carolina area. The park is famous for its flora and fauna. Visitors to the park get to see friendly black bears. The park is also famous for its diverse and fantastic birdlife, with up to 200 genera that call the area home.

6. Military Aviation Museum

Located just off Princess Anne Road, it is home to one of the world’s largest private collections of military aircraft. Most of the planes in the museum are kept in top-flight condition, so you get to see them as they were during the dynamic combat in WWI and WWII. The venue is open all year round and hosts air shows throughout the year.

7. Old Coast Guard Station

Located on Atlantic Avenue, a place that pays courtesy to the Coast Guard and other local coastal heritage based on the past and present. Exhibits explore the community of Virginia Beach, downtown Oceanfront, and the town’s relationship to the Atlantic Ocean. Current exhibits contain paintings of the station and other artistic spellings of the landmark and an overview of the history of the Girls Scouts of Virginia Beach.

8. Colonial House

The bustling Adam Thoroughgood brick home in Virginia Beach’s Thoroughgood neighborhood is a true national landmark. However, it is closed due to a new visitor center; the building usually promises public visits and is built at the beginning of the 18th century. House engineer Argall Thorowgood passed away during the construction of the property, but his wife completed the work later. The house tells the life story of one of Virginia Beach’s early settlers.

9. False Cape State Park

False Cape State Park is located on the barrier between Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, being one of the minor developed areas along the Atlantic beach of the United States. False Cape is a popular site for hiking, kayaking, biking, and fishing, along with numerous other outdoor activities. For fans of animals, the refuge provides the opportunity to see strange birds, spectacular turtles, and other exotic animals. If you are fortunate and visit during the summer months, you can even see loggerhead turtles nesting and laying their eggs.

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