The 10 best beaches in Lombok


Travelers come to Lombok, one of Indonesia’s Small Sunda Islands, for many reasons. They may want to explore nature or learn more about this predominantly Muslim island community. Others just want to see some of Lombok’s best beaches, sunbathe, and maybe snorkel, dive, and surf.

Here are some very beautiful white sand beaches which contrast very well with the impressive crystal clear turquoise waters. If you want a quieter and more authentic beach experience than neighboring Bali, you can consider this beautiful Indonesian island. Whatever your beach craving, Lombok is sure to have one to meet your needs.

1. Kuta Beach

Lombok Kuta Beach

Located in the south of Lombok, Kuta Beach is known for its white sands and turquoise waters so crystal clear that the coral reefs can be seen from the top of a nearby hill. It is the most famous beach in Lombok, which makes it the busiest.

The city has a wide variety of accommodation and restaurants, from backpacker deals to luxury 4-star resorts. Kuta is world class surfing even in nearby Gerupuk. Most people come to Kuta to relax on the beach (although the sand is not that fine) and enjoy the sunsets. Snorkeling is another popular activity.

Map of the best beaches in Lombok

2. Mawun beach

Mawun Lombok Beach

Probably because it is so scenic, Mawun Beach is one of the best in Lombok. This pretty beach is shaped like a horseshoe, with hills on two sides. The turquoise blue sea is calm here, making it safe for swimming and snorkeling. This is assuming, of course, that you don’t want to spend all day sunbathing.

If you like fresh pineapple this is the place to try it. Locals peel and spiral the small pineapples to resemble an ice cream cone. Most of the time, this dream beach is almost empty, although it is popular with surfers during the rainy season.

3. Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan, the largest of the Gili Islands, is the party island. Only 30 minutes by boat from Lombok, Gili Trawangan is the one that attracts the most visitors and has the most amenities. The island is a good place to dive, as well as to learn how to do it; It is considered to be a world class educational institution.

It also offers beautiful coral reefs for snorkelers and some of Lombok’s best beaches for swimmers. Surfers head for the south shore, where the waves are highest; Slippers are recommended, as the coral reefs are sharp in the event of a fall.

4. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach faces the Indian Ocean. It is perfect if you want to have fun on the beach or in the water. The white sand is very fine, almost like pepper, with room to lie in the sun. For much of the day the waves aren’t that big which is good for swimming or snorkeling.

Wave action resumes in the afternoon, attracting surfers. There is a gazebo in the hills behind Tanjung from where you can see the beach. Every February, the beach celebrates the Bau Nyale, a ritual that commemorates a princess who jumped into the ocean instead of getting married.

5. Gili Meno

Gili Meno

Gili Air may be an island paradise, but Gili Meno has been described as the quintessential desert island. This is not entirely true, as it is popular with families and solo travelers who want to experience island life.

Gili Meno is only the smallest and least developed of the three islands. Gili Meno is the best of the Gili Islands when it comes to seeing turtles; some have been seen by divers on the shallow reef. And the beaches? Like walking on white powder.

6. Gili Air

Gili air

Gili Air is the closest of the three Gili Islands to Lombok. Known by many as an island paradise, it is not overrun with tourists like the other two, although it is popular with backpackers. In general, it is a quiet place with beautiful beaches.

It is a good place to relax on the beach or go snorkeling, diving or surfing. You must wear comfortable walking shoes, as there are no motor vehicles on the island. Lombok and the other Gili Islands are visible from Gili Air.

7. Senggigi beach

Senggigi Beach

If you want to end the day with a beautiful sunset, head to Senggigi Beach with its west-facing beaches. After sunset, the nighttime action begins in the central part of town. Senggigi town is a traditional tourist destination in Lombok. Here you’ll find enough bars, billiards, TV screens with sports broadcasts, relaxing seating areas, and seaside restaurants to keep you busy for a few days.

It’s a picturesque beach, with white sand sandwiched between beautiful blue waters and swaying palm trees. If you need a break from the beach, you can visit Puta Batu Bolong, a Hindu temple with 14 altars overlooking the beach.

8. Selong Belanak

Selong Belanak Lombok

Selong Belanak, located in the bay of the same name, is the place to go if you like white sand beaches. This crescent shaped beach is one of the best on the island. It’s not a very long beach, but it’s close enough to a fishing village to explore, buy refreshments, or hire a boat to fish.

The water is clear and the waves are not as high as at other beaches in Lombok, making it pleasant for swimming. The beach can get crowded on vacation, but it is otherwise a quiet place to relax.

9. Batu Payung

Batu Payung Lombok

Batu Payung is unlike any other beach on Lombok Island. It has the typical blue sea water, but there is no white sand, only rocks. But what he has is a huge boulder rising from the beach.

Depending on the direction you approach the formation from, it looks like the outline of a steep face; others say the formation looks like an umbrella. But it could also be the inside of a scallop. What do you think?

10. Tangsi beach

Lombok Tangsi Beach

Tangsi Beach is like any other beach in Lombok. It has the necessary sand, blue water, boats in the bay and trees in the back. But it is also different from other beaches with its fine white sand.

Tangsi Beach has pink sand, the only one of the 10 known beaches in the world to have it. The pink color is due to the waves dragging fragments of dead red coral onto the beach, where they mix with the white grains. Since the water is calm, it is a good place to swim and snorkel.


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