returning to our “Neverland”


Some time ago, during our big trip to Asia, we met a couple in Mandalay. Their names: Marta and Gerard. Months later they told us about their experience on a little island almost lost off the coast of Cambodia, Koh Rong. They spoke to us so well about her that, as soon as we had the opportunity, we went to meet her. And we fell in love instantly… it was love at first sight, it was our never-never country.

Less than three years have passed since then and now we return to Lety’s parents, we want to share our hidden corner with the people we love most. Well apparently this corner was not only ours and not only we have shared it. In this space of time things have changed around here. If you could see it coming …

On our first visit we arrived at the island in a slow-nosed boat, which seemed to break with each onslaught of a wave and in which I threw the squid overboard. There was only one a day, why more? If it was half empty! Today you can choose between the slow boat, the fast boat and even the private catamaran! And obviously there is not only one a day, but you can go out at different times. And be careful not to be too late because the boats go up to the flag! Who will have gone off the tongue? Oops!

It is the usual dilemma, these types of places are in danger of becoming attractions for mass tourism. And we have collaborated to make it so … what a shame! However, the island is still there and it continues to have the same attractions, only this time you will have to share them with groups of drunks who make Koh Rong a second Sihanoukville, with its consequences.

The beaches have not left, they are still there: the main one with most accommodation and restaurants, and other secondary ones where you can isolate yourself and feel like a Robinson Crusoe. We wanted to escape from the touristy a bit and we stayed in some bungalows on the beach that is next to the main one. It was the only accommodation here and we were practically alone.

The waters are still clear and crystal clear, where you can swim as if you were in a hot pool.

Hobbies are still limited to lying down at the bartola during looooong times, walking along the beach (watch out for the oxen!), From there back to the water … and at night if you’re lucky, contemplate the luminous plankton, although we only do it. We saw during the day and it was a bit disgusting, really. The sunsets are still the same, just as incredible as then. The colors of the sky from here seem to come out of a painter’s palette. We will miss them.

Reflecting we can reach a conclusion: we hoped that the island would remain as we knew it and now, seeing that it does not, we are very disappointed, it is the reason why we do not want to return to Myanmar. But, if this trip to Koh Rong had been the first we would have been in awe without a doubt. It is and will be a true paradise.

We rediscover our love at first sight, it is still as beautiful as ever, even though it has been unfaithful to us in our absence …


  • Where to sleep: We did it at the Pura Vita Resort, although there are cheaper options on the main beach.
  • How to get: Ferry tickets cost $ 15 roundtrip if you get them at the Dive Center. If you do it in any agency or hotel (or even in the tourist information booth) it will be more expensive.


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