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Every time we think about our next trip, a very recurring thought, destinations that we have long wanted to visit come to mind, and the memories of other trips.

Planning trips

When we talk about to plan We refer to raising the time of year, the destination and the incessant search for a plane ticket with a reasonable price. This is the first moment where dreams come back. The dream of a new destination, what it will smell like, what it will be like … Many questions that each one of them generates a feeling, generates many illusions and desires.

We look at a map again, no matter what it is, always a map near us, even if we cross out destinations we have visited, many of them want to return … but we want to see new places. Shall we cross the puddle? Do we go back to Asia? And what about Africa? The truth is that for some reason we cannot stop thinking about distant destinations.

We classify the trips, those that can be made in a Weekend, Ryanair or EasyJet They are our companions, these usually take us no more than two hours of flight.

planning trips

Then come those of Easter, the calls weekend-weekend-weekend, we got together with almost 10 days to visit a destination not too far away, in the European orbit or surroundings, such as our trip to Morocco.

planning trips

And the big one Fat, the most anticipated, that means taking a plane for a lot of hours, and landing in a distant country, and feeling the first sensations in the body, heat, humidity, who knows.

planning trips

In the end it seems that we collect places, destinations, but no, what we collect are adventures, memories and an infinite joy to feel alive, since traveling makes us feel very alive.

I could not say that we start planning a trip at a certain time of the year, that happens almost every week. So at the end of the year we have traveled to a certain number of places, but perhaps as many as ten destinations have passed through our plans. The world is so big that it is difficult to choose the most desired destinations the first time!

These last few years have been very different from previous ones, it all started before this blog, in September 2013, where a one-way plane ticket took us to Yangon, and from there go Burma, To return to Thailand, discover Laos and go through part of Malaysia, go to Singapore, live one of the best adventures in the Indonesia more wild, Sulawesi. Surrounding India, we have only made a stopover in New Delhi, to enter Sri Lanka and reach the Anapurna in Nepal, almost six months of adventures.

Changes of residence, sporadic trips and immersing ourselves in Black Africa through Tanzania Y South AfricaThey have led us to a rhythm where thinking about what we were going to do in the following months was a chimera.

But now we return with enthusiasm, thinking about the next destinations this year, if nothing prevents it, Japan It will be the first destination, and if nothing prevents it again, we will go to drink rum in the Caribbean, Cuba… In between, perhaps a return to what was my home for almost two years, Bristol.

These are the plans, these are the dreams, perhaps in twelve months, looking back, let’s see that not everything was as thought, but what happened was a dream even if it was not within the plan.

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