Phoenix Travel Tips – A Tour Perfect Guide

Phoenix is ​​the sixth-largest city to see in the United States, not by population but by its sheer size. Founded in 1868 on the banks of the Salado River, it is a city that is growing, especially in the real estate sector. It is almost essential to have a car since the suffocating heat and great distances make it impossible to get to know it well on foot. Although it may not seem like it, there are quite a few things to do in Phoenix, so grab a bottle of water and discover them!

Phoenix Travel Tips – 25 Things To See And Do

Have the best views of Phoenix from Camelback Mountain

It is the best-known mountain in the city and attracts many tourists. Not everyone can make it to the top. Much preparation is required due to the difficulty of the two hiking trails that take you to the top, the 1.83km Echo Canyon Trail and the Cholla Trail, of a similar distance. But a little more affordable. Both trails are considered strenuous with steep slopes, and in some situations, you will need your hands to climb.

This mountain receives the name of Camelback, which would mean “camel’s back” because there are two lumps reminiscent of camel humps in its profile.

Fall in love with the typical Arizona landscape in South Mountain Park

Located in the south of the city, your visit will allow you to know the essence of the arid landscape so characteristic of the entire state. It is advisable to arrive by car since public transport leaves you quite far from the entrance to the park and walking to the top can become a nightmare with the high temperatures. Enjoying its cacti and a beautiful sunset is an essential thing to do in Phoenix. Do not forget the water!

Watch the sunrise on Piestewa Peak.

Continuing with the hiking routes, if we were talking about the highest before, the Piestewa Peak is the second-highest altitude in the city at 800m. The path is much more affordable than the previous one, but even so, you must go prepared with water and suitable shoes. Watching the sunrise from there is another essential thing to do in Phoenix.

Discover the Instrument Museum Phoenix is ​​a city that is home to many museums. Of course, unlike many American cities, almost all of them are paid (and they are not cheap at all). In this case, the adult entrance costs $ 20, but it is worth it since it is an almost unpublished and very curious museum that houses more than 15,000 musical objects on display.

Visit the Children’s Museum, something interesting to do in Phoenix with Children.

Moreover, continuing with the museums, another essential visit to Phoenix is ​​to visit the Children’s Museum, especially if you go with children. The museum is fun, although you will have to pay $ 11 for each entry. However, please do it for your children, they will indeed have a good time.

Stroll through the beautiful Papago Park and discover the Hunt’s Tomb

This park, located east of the city next to the Phoenix Zoo, is the most famous in Phoenix. Hundreds of tourists visit it every day, and some even dare to fish. The distinctive geological formations of Papago Park formed about 6-15 million years ago. Apart from its remarkable history, the most curious thing is that it houses the tomb of George Hunt, the first governor of Arizona.

Watch a sunset from the Hole in the Rock, one of the most beautiful places to see in Phoenix.

It is located within Papago Park, of which it is its main attraction. Getting to the top is another of the things to do in Phoenix, yes or yes. The path is short and straightforward, but it is advisable to bring water to calm the suffocating heat as in the other routes. You will see how good it is to be in its shadow!

Hallucinate with the Desert Botanical Gardens, And if you did not think that Papago Park could be so important, it is also home to this marvel of Botanical Gardens. Although in Europe we are used to not paying to enter most of them, you do have to pay an entrance fee. It has more than 20 hectares of surface and more than 21,000 plants, including 139 rare or in danger of extinction. We recommend visiting at night, as seeing its illuminated plants is another essential thing to do in Phoenix.

Another thing to do in Phoenix is ​​to go back in time to Heritage Square.

Your visit will take you back to the Victorian past of the city. Located in Block 14 of the original town of Phoenix, the plaza dates back to the late 1800s, and the restored Rosson House is its jewel in the crown. Do not miss it!

Feeding Curiosity at the Arizona Science CenterLocated next to Heritage Square, in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, is one of the city’s main attractions. It houses more than 350 permanent exhibits and has more than justified its 400,000 annual visitors with its magnificent interactive experiences. There is also a fee, and the adult ticket costs $ 18.

Stroll through Downtown and discover that there are no people

In Phoenix, most of its inhabitants travel by car due to the suffocating heat for most of the year. In addition, apart from not seeing locals, you will not see tourists either, since those who visit Phoenix usually do so with a car and do not waste time visiting the Downtown buildings. It is much better to walk along its routes or discover some of its parks and museums.

If you want to discover the other side of the city, use public transport.

In the center of the city, there is much homeless presence, and although it is not very pleasant to see, it allows you to learn more about the reality of the capital of Arizona.

Getting lost in the Japanese Friendship Gardens

If you want to spend some quiet time in an environment a little more idyllic than the streets of Downtown, this is your perfect place. Despite paying a $ 5 entrance fee, they are very well cared for and especially beautiful at night.

Get to know every corner of Encanto Park

As its name indicates, it is the feeling that one has when walking in it. Although the neighborhood where it is located is not the best in the city, it is worth visiting. Unlike the previous one, it is free. Its main attractions are its waterfalls and the enchanted island, an amusement park entertaining.

Visit the Basilica of Santa María

One of the most curious things to do in Phoenix is ​​discovering this architectural wonder among the skyscrapers of Downtown the city. In 1987, John Paul II granted the oldest church in Phoenix the categorization of a minor basilica

See a sporting event at Chase Field or the Talking Sticks Resort Arena.

As we are very basketball, we will always advise you to see an NBA game. In this case, you should go to the Talking Sticks Resort Arena (formerly US Airways Center) to watch a Phoenix Suns game. Take advantage of the fact that Ricky Rubio is playing!

Disconnect at the beautiful Burton Barr Library, something relaxing to do in Phoenix

Relaxing and reading one of the thousands of books in this library is another essential thing to do in Phoenix. It was named in honor of Burton Barr, the great Republican leader in the Arizona House of Representatives from 1966 to 1986. Its extensive collection of specimens makes it the most important in the state.

Visit as a family the Heard Museum withIt is a very curious museum that aims to educate the public about the heritage and living cultures and the arts of the native peoples. With an emphasis on the peoples of the Southwest. An excellent look at the past that also explains part of the present of the city.

Enjoy beautiful works of art at the Phoenix Art Museum.

You do not have to be great lovers of art history to appreciate the paintings exhibited in this museum. It exhibits international exhibitions and its extensive collection of over 18,000 works from America, Asia, Europe, Latin America, American, modern, and contemporary Western art. The adult price is $ 18.

Take advantage of discounts at the Outlets at Anthem.

As you well know, in the United States you will find many outlets with exciting discounts. Although these are not as well known as those in New York or Los Angeles, they have pretty good offers if you want to buy seriously. You do not have to go if you want to look since they are not too central.

Escape to Sedona, one of the best things to do in Phoenix

If you want to experience Arizona’s typical arid and rocky landscape, there are few better plans than escaping to Sedona. This small town is just a couple of hours’ drive from Phoenix and is famous for its hiking trails. They will take you to see its vast red rocks. One of the best places to do it is Red Rock State Park. Is awesome!

Like Salt Lake City, Phoenix is ​​a city that many ignore; that its Downtown is not very attractive, but in its surroundings, you have spectacular sites.

See the modernity of Phoenix through the Convention Center.

One of the buildings that best expresses the growth of the city is the convention center complex. From time to time, you will see an executive pass by, whom we believe are the only ones who pass through Downtown.

Have a refreshing drink at the Arizona Center

Another exciting thing to do in Phoenix is ​​to stop for a drink at the Arizona Center, an outdoor area with restaurants and cafes. Without a doubt, refueling in this way is greatly appreciated after a tiring day of hiking.

Take a trip to the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

Moreover, we could not miss the star activity in Phoenix: visit the wonder of the Grand Canyon of Colorado.

The most practical is to go by car since it falls closer than Las Vegas. However, if you do not have your car, several companies organize one-day or multi-day tours to visit it. Of course, our advice is that you have to stay in the Grand Canyon for at least one night.

Enjoy a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Moreover, finally, if you decide to go to the Grand Canyon (you will not be wrong), a helicopter ride is a must. Despite not being a very economical experience (it costs about $ 160 per person, about 30 min ), it is something that you will never forget.

We hope you have a good time with Phoenix Travel Tips – these 25 things to do in Phoenix, a very authentic city that is worth visiting. Although we would not return, we are delighted to have met her.

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