Phnom Penh a city that tries to reinvent itself


After a fairly tough recent past, in which the capital of Cambodia, Phnom penh suffered the ravages of the harsh dictatorship of Khmer Rouge regime, lead by Pol Pot in which the simple fact of wearing glasses was a reason for execution as these are a western object.

Phnom Penh, in the same way that the rest of the country tries to find its place in an area like Southeast Asia.

The regime of Pol Pot It caused terror and real havoc to the Cambodian population, as it is believed that at least 25 percent of the population was exterminated in what was called the Cambodian genocide.

Proof of this is the youth of its population where the average age is 24 years, representing around 4 percent those over 65, which gives an idea of ​​the large number of people who died under the regime of Pol Pot.

Phnom penh

Another of the tragedies of Cambodia What is very visible in Phnom Penh is the mutilation of arms and legs due to anti-person mines that occupy vast extensions in Cambodia. It is a very rural country and it depends in an extraordinary way on agriculture, but because there are millions of these mines to deactivate, they cannot cultivate more land. So it is not difficult to walk around Phnom Penh and see young people mutilated due to the mines.

But in its reconversion Cambodia wants to show much more than its past, it also wants to show its present and Phnom Penh is the city that somehow lends itself as a showcase.

This Asian city does not correspond to the size of its neighbors in Thailand or Vietnam, if not rather with Vientian, the capital of Laos.

Phnom penh

It is a quiet city without excessive traffic, and is very marked by the course of the Mekong River that runs through it. The sunsets on the Mekong are spectacular, and there is a nice walk along the riverbank where Cambodians enjoy a more peaceful life.

What to see in Phnom Penh

S 21

There is an extremely hard place in Phnom penh, and this is a field of death o Killing Fields of the many that were in the whole country. Its about S 21 A school that was converted into an extermination center, it is estimated that around twenty thousand people could have died, and of all those who passed through there, only twelve people survived, terrifying.

Royal Palace

Phnom penh

The Royal Palace It is another of the most outstanding places, it is parallel to the river, and the passage there is pleasant, as long as it does not make a sun that can scorch you. In the rainy season, especially in the months of September and October and a good tropical downpour is appreciated.

Phnom penh

Phnom penh

East Royal Palace It is a complex of buildings among which the Silver Pagoda and the Throne room.

The Silver Pagoda It contains several national treasures such as the Emerald Buddha and the not inconsiderable amount of five thousand silver tiles inside.

Phnom penh

Phnom penh

Phnom penh

The Throne room containing the royal throne and busts of the kings of Cambodia. The set of buildings is reminiscent of the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Within the complex is also the National Museum of Cambodia.

You must dress decently to enter the Royal Palace, this means that you have to wear covered shoulders and not too short pants, if you do not wear shorts, once you have paid the entrance they will check that you may need to buy a white long-sleeved shirt at a price of five dollars, and otherwise you will not be able to enter the venue despite having paid the entrance, there is no refund.

Phnom penh

Phnom penh

Phnom penh

Markets and nightlife

Phnom penh It is a city that has a lot of nightlife and the bars and restaurants are usually quite crowded places. There are also numerous night food markets, which will delight the visitor.

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How to get to and from Phnom Penh

It can be reached by mini bus from Siam Reap, which will leave you in the center of the city, next to the accommodation area for tourists.

A good idea if you want to go to the Mekong Delta In Vietnam, it is to take a boat at the pier that is just five minutes from the hotel area that will take you directly to the city of Bye doc in Vietnam. Remember that if you have previously been to Vietnam, you will need a multi-entry visa to Vietnam.

Accommodation in Phnom Penh

The accommodation in Phnom penh concentrates on Preah Sisowath Street, with the port and the Royal Palace, is parallel to the Tonle Sap River, a tributary of the Mekong.

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Phnom penh

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