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Do you remember when we were little and before going to sleep they told us a wonderful story? When the time came I always asked the same thing: “Tell me about Peter! Tell me about Peter ”. No, not Peter Griffin’s! The one with Peter Pan! Yes, I admit, the olive green leggings have no excuses, but I would have sold my entire collection of mini ponies and watercolors to travel with Peter to Neverland.

Second star on the right!

The blue of the sea, the green of its mountains and the most incredible adventures never imagined and also, if like me when you were little, every time you went to the beach there were more people than in a store at 70% discount on the first day of sales and lying on the towel without smelling the feet of the stranger next door was like winning the lottery, you will appreciate the fact of being in a country, on a semi-desert island. There with Peter was just his group of children, a crocodile, some pirates and pretty fairies. So much!

I am still waiting for Peter’s visit, and I hope he has changed the way he dresses! But since I am a modern and independent backpacker together with Rober I have gone to look for a little island that looks like never again … We searched well, north, south, until in Thailand we found a very beautiful one, but no! She was not, the beach was fantastic, there were green mountains and crystal clear waters but it was also full of people. We were getting discouraged until we found her!


Two hours, bumpy, by boat from the southern coast of Cambodia. Choosing where to sleep is easy: the island has about 10 accommodations that go from the Spartan “resort” with little cabins in the sand to common bedrooms with direct views of the sea (and when I say direct they are direct: there are no walls !!). We ended up at the top of a little restaurant that for a few dollars gives you the right to a double room with a shared bathroom and unexpected nocturnal visits of lizards that look at you from the roof (yes, the right to privacy is guaranteed thanks to the mosquito net).

In our never-never country you can spend your days lying on the beach, bathing in the green waters, exploring the jungle (or losing yourself as we happened), eating in delicious and humble restaurants, playing with the funny local children, riding the swing. in front of the busiest bar and you don’t have to worry about the place on the sand: we were at most about 20 tourists on the whole island! This is the true luxury!


Almost almost, when Peter comes to see me instead of going to his island, I tell him to fly to ours: Koh Rong, backpackers’ paradise!


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Transport. How to get to Koh Rong?

The ferry costs $ 15 roundtrip from Sihanoukville, takes two hours.

Accommodation Where to sleep in Koh Rong?

The double in the yum yum restaurant costs $ 5.

Where to eat?

There are about 4 restaurants on the beach, try amok, the Cambodian specialty. Great !!!!

Electricity: there is no wifi or internet, electricity is only about 4 hours, from 7pm to 11pm (* update: nowadays there is electricity for most of the day and several places offer wifi)

EYE Update

We returned to Koh Rong a couple of years later and things had completely changed … it was no longer that almost virgin island with 15 tourists … it became a wilder place … but in a bad way … If you want you can see our “Return to Never Land ”

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