one of crab with pepper!


From there we went to the nearby Kep, with more charm than the previous one. If pepper is Kampot’s star product, the one here is crabs. In fact they have a market dedicated only to the sale of crabs! Actually there are about fifteen restaurants next to each other on the seashore, where they prepare exquisite crab dishes. Cooked with pepper it is delicious!


Coming back from the feast on the beautiful promenade we were caught by a tropical storm like we had never seen before. They were about 30 minutes falling water to pots, after which the main road seemed a real river. Luckily we were able to shelter in time!


Before leaving this country I had the opportunity to try “the best haircut in town”, according to his poster, and Lety to attend it. The haircut consisted, apart from scissors of various types and an electric machine, in a close shave with a razor, not only in the beard area, but all over the face !! And finally, a little massage to relax cranial tensions, if any, with blows to the head and eyebrow and ear stretching … truly the best haircut, I don’t know if in town, but in all my life (Angelines, you you never give me a massageā€¦).


A new adventure awaits us in a new country, Vietnam is our next destination.

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Transport. How to get to Kampot and Kep?

Shianoukville – Kampot: $ 4 by minivan, it takes about 2 hours. Hired at the Navann restaurant in Shianoukville.

Kampot – Kep: local bus, takes about 45 minutes, $ 2.

How to get from Kep to Phu Quoc?

From Kep we hire an agency direct transportation to Phu Quoc. It cost $ 17 and consists of a bus to the border (1h.), The same bus waits on the other side to take you to Ha Tien (45min), from there a taxi to the port, and the boat to the island.

Accommodation. Where to sleep in Kampot and Kep?

Kampot: Kampot gh, $ 6 double with bathroom, fan and tv, clean.

Kep: We stayed in a restaurant with 2 rooms near the gh Beach town, we do not recommend it as we did not sleep at all: the bed was infested by bed-bugs …

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