Money in Cambodia


It is surprising when you arrive in Phnom Penh and they tell you that you can only withdraw dollars at ATMs and that you do not need to change, that with some changes that they give you, it is enough. Yes, that’s right, in Cambodia the two currencies coexist perfectly, the US dollar and the riel.

To make payments for hotels, food, massages, you can do them in dollars, and it is not only that you can, you have to make the payment in dollars. For some minor purchases or eating in the street, the rail is better, but they are already giving it to you, if you pay 2 USD $, they will return you in rails since the change is very simple: Every 1,000 rails is $ 0.25 dollars , so $ 1 is 4,000 rails.

Talking to a guy who works in Siem Reap, he told me that salaries are in dollars, rents are paid in dollars and he bought the motorcycle in dollars, it is not like in Burma, that you have to pay in dollars for some things, but Because they are for tourists only, Cambodians handle the dollars too.

I was 6 days in Cambodia and I never changed, since for the small things I was managing with the changes that they gave me and the change does not turn out so bad, if I lose it would be a few cents.


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