Kong Lor Cave: 7 kilometers in the dark


Kong Lor cave

We decided to divert our route to visit the Kong Lor cave, and in the end it was worth it. From Vientiane it is not difficult to get there, as there is a direct bus, but to follow our itinerary from the cave to the south we knew we would have more difficulties.

We arrived at the small town of Kong Lor at around 5 in the afternoon, the bus that left Vientiane full of people, little by little was emptying on the way, to the point of arriving only with three people !! The two of us and one more tourist, Anouk, with whom we shared the trip the following days.

As there are not many accommodation options, we take a load off our shoulders, since we save ourselves having to go to different places and compare them, as we have been doing until now. So a dinner based on rice and noddles, a shower and sleep.

Kong Lor cave

In the morning we we approached walking to the caveIt is barely a kilometer from the village, and the three of us take a boat, yes a boat! The cave is visited in this way as it is crossed by the green waters of a river. Are 7 impressive kilometers in which you notice how your body undergoes some changes due to the absence of light, humidity, pressure, the contrasts of the water under your feet and the rock above your head, and it is that you do not stop being inside the guts of a Mountain.



Inside we made some stops, one of them to walk for a few meters along one side and see the spectacular natural formations, and others to avoid getting stranded with the boat, in some moments we crossed sections with less than two feet deep and the boatman with his jeta urged us to get off and give him a little push. Nothing wrong man!

Kong Kor cave

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When you see the natural light of the sun again at sunrise, your body relaxes and returns to normal. After having a snack with another Italian-Spanish couple in another boat, we returned to ours to make the return. This time it is shorter, because the stops are faster (we have already got the hang of getting off and getting on a few meters later).

Without wasting a minute in the village, we ate and took the first of the buses that will take us on our way to the south of the country.


Kong Lor cave


Transport. How to get to Kong Lor’s cave?

Buses leave from Vientiane South Station at 10 am direct to Kong Lor Cave. Buying it directly there costs 90,000 Kips. In the agencies you can find it at 120,000K, including the tuk tuk to the station. We negotiated the tuk tuk until we took it out for 40,000K, but it is not easy to haggle, they did not go below 50,000K. The station is about 20 minutes from the center of Vientiane.

Accommodation. Where to sleep in Kong Lor’s cave?

In the village there are 3 guesthouses, we stayed in the one next to the bus stop, it is called Eco-Lodge. It cost us 60,000K.

Visit to Kong Lor’s cave.

To get there, it takes 15 minutes on foot. The boat for a maximum of 3-4 people costs 110,000K. It is advisable to bring a flashlight, or rent it there for 5,000. We left the village at 8.30 and returned around 12.

There is also the option of staying in a town about 50km from Kong Lor (it is called Khoun Kham) with many more gh and rent a motorcycle from there to the cave.

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