Is Macchiato Coffee? How to Prepare it?

Is Macchiato coffee?

There are habits that we take for granted: one of these in the world of coffee is to order a simple macchiato coffee, which as we will discover “simple” is not really.

The macchiato coffee is nothing but an espresso neither long nor short, to which is added a milk cream that “stains” the intense hazelnut color of the coffee. Milk can be both cold and hot.

It is similar to cappuccino or latte coffee but in a restricted version.

Preparing this great classic, preferred by the female audience, is very simple and takes a few minutes.

Entering a bar in your city and ordering a macchiato is a daily habit for many of us, who don’t think twice when they choose it, already tasting what awaits them: a fragrant cup of good 100% Arabica coffee freshly ground with the addition of “a stain” (hence the name) of creamy whipped milk.

Yet already in Italy doubts are starting to arise, given that almost everywhere the next question will be ” hot or cold stained “? Yes, because not everywhere it is taken for granted that macchiato coffee includes heated milk froth and does not mean instead of espresso accompanied by simple cold milk.

Furthermore, as we saw in the last article on Genoese coffee, if we are in Genoa we can choose whether to ask the barista for a macchiato coffee or a “Genoese cappuccino”: in the streets of the Superba, in fact, the two definitions are synonyms and in the cup, in both cases, we will sip a coffee-stained with whipped milk.

Even in Trieste, it would not be better: here, in fact, to sip the much-needed macchiato coffee we will have to order a cappuccino: already, because the drink known worldwide as cappuccino, there is hardly any here.

To these two cases are added all the variants and the possibilities of error and confusion that we can imagine: who confuses the macchiato coffee with the mochaccino the Moroccan, who with latte macchiato or latte coffee.

If we move out of Italy, the situation becomes tragicomic: if we try to order a coffee-stained abroad, most likely we will panic the barista, or we will receive in our cup one of the many coffees and milk-based drinks that have so much success beyond the Alps.

Only if we are in Portugal or Spain could we order a cup similar to macchiato coffee asking for a short drink, but without expecting the foam?

How to prepare a perfect macchiato coffee?

Apart from the name of the drink, the macchiato coffee is obtained thanks to a perfect balance of flavors and aromas. The preparation is very simple and will allow you to enjoy a real macchiato without misunderstanding, whenever you want.

First of all, it will be necessary to choose the right cup: an espresso cup is the one for us; instead, high American coffee cups or large cappuccino cups should be banned.

At this point, it will be necessary to prepare the coffee with the home coffee machine, preferably in high-quality capsules that keep the fragrant and aromatic drink (here you can find the delicious Pasqualini espresso capsules ).

In the meantime, use the special spout of the coffee machine to whip the fresh milk until a cream is obtained. When the espresso cup is ready and steaming, you just have to pour a creamy milk stain: our delicious macchiato coffee is ready to taste.

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