Interesting Facts About Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Coffee has become a way of life over time. People gather around it to talk about everything and nothing. They consume it frequently, from morning to evening. It has become a tradition. Discover in this article everything you need to know about Vietnamese coffee.

What is a Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is a traditional drink. It consists of coarsely ground coffee. However, the Vietnamese had no coffee culture. Indeed, it was in the 19th century that it appeared with the arrival of the French.

It was a Catholic priest who introduced a shrub of the Arabica variety. In the 1990s, the middle class experienced a development which had a considerable influence on the consumption of coffee. Vietnam quickly became a major exporter of it. It has plantations in the central highlands. The Vietnam coffee and conquered the heart of residents and adapted by region.

Vietnamese coffee has a specific feature which is the way it is made using a metal filter. These are not the traditional paper filters used with the coffee maker. It is a stainless steel Vietnamese coffee filter placed on its glass or cup because Vietnamese coffee is coarsely ground.

However, it retains all the subtlety of its perfumes since it is filtered very gently. Small family stalls are easily found next to large coffee chains due to the high demand. At every street corner, there are open cafes.

What are the different types of Vietnamese coffee?

The Vietnamese coffee is not in the traditional form of Western coffee as espresso, the mocha, cappuccino, etc. It’s a robusta . However, there are various varieties.

First, we have black coffee or cê phê đen. It is the one consumed in general by coffee lovers. They take it regularly and every day. It should be noted that it is very strong and very bitter. So you should drink it carefully. Anyone can’t taste it.

The Cà phê NAU / Cà phê Sua or latte is designed based black coffee with the addition of condensed milk. The dairy is not developed, you are forced to drink it with condensed milk. In northern Vietnam, it is defined as brown coffee and is always consumed hot due to the climate.

However, in the south, it means coffee with milk and is drunk with ice cubes to quench your thirst because of the heatwave. It is usually poured over milk which is placed at the bottom of a glass. You have to mix everything well to have this brown color that it must have before being drunk. The flavor and fragrance of black coffee remain very present although the taste is more mellow. Taste it slowly to appreciate all its flavors.

The Cà phê Trung egg or coffee is very popular with mostly Vietnamese. The taste is simply delicious. It is made with a kind of fairly creamy cream that removes the bitter taste normally found in black coffee. It is eaten in a small bock put in a small bowl of hot water.

We can see the black coffee at the bottom of the glass which is masked by a thick layer of cream. It is by beating egg yolks with sugar that the foam is obtained. You can’t feel the taste of the egg in your mouth. However, after tasting it is possible to have a slight taste of caramel or chocolate on the palate.

The sua chua cà phê or yogurt coffee is a highly valued variety in Vietnam. Yogurt is eaten with a teaspoon in a small jar or in brick as in France. It is also possible to take it with coffee. It is prepared with a straw spatula in a glass and ice cubes. The most popular ones are coffee, cocoa powder, and passion fruit.

How to Prepare Vietnamese Coffee?

To prepare Vietnamese coffee, you have two possible recipes. Vietnamese hot coffee and iced coffee.

To prepare hot Vietnamese coffee, you will need a clear cup or glass. You’ll need :

  • a packet of Vietnamese coffee
  • ten centiliters of filtered water or mineral water
  • and condensed milk.

Remember to take a Vietnamese coffee filter in stainless steel 12 centiliters preferably of good quality. If you have chosen coffee beans, you must first grind the beans an instant before making them have fresh coffee. For optimal use of Vietnamese coffee filters, make sure the molding is coarse. If not, the extraction may take a long time.

The filter could also be clogged when the grind is too fine. This is due to the fact that it becomes quite compact as soon as it comes into contact with water. It will therefore not pass through the coffee but will stagnate.

Then add two teaspoons of condensed milk to the bottom of the glass. Then put the filter on the cup. Remove the filter cover and remove the small piston with holes in it. Add 10 grams, about three rounded teaspoons, of Vietnamese coffee to the filter. Shake the glass gently with it from left to right, so that the level of the molding is equalized. Put the small disc with holes on the coffee in the filter. Then carefully turn it over so that the coffee does not settle.

Heat the water to 90 ° C. Add two teaspoons to the filter afterward. This will wet the ground coffee. This is an essential step for making drips with coffee. Let sit for about 45 seconds. Pour the rest of the hot water into the filter. Then put on the cover. Let the extraction begin very slowly. The operation will last more or less than 2 minutes. When there is no more drop of coffee falling, remove the filter. Mix the solution obtained so that it is homogeneous. You can now enjoy your hot Vietnamese coffee.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

It is a cool drink made from Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk. Less known in the world, it is still frequently consumed in the south of the country. It is quite easy to prepare. However, it requires good coffee with the right proportions. You will need:

  • ground Vietnamese coffee
  • condensed milk (vegetable if you are vegetarian)
  • 12 centiliters of water
  • ice cubes
  • a small cup
  • a Vietnamese stainless steel filter
  • a large glass
  • a beautiful bamboo straw
  • and a teaspoon with a long handle.

You will need to extract the ground Vietnamese coffee with the Vietnamese coffee filter. You do the same thing as for hot coffee. Then put the solution obtained directly in the cup. It must be very dark. Using the long-handled teaspoon, put two teaspoons of condensed milk in the tall grass. You can put as much as you want, it’s up to you. If you want more, add more spoonfuls.

Now pour ice cubes into the glass. Spoon the hot black coffee into it. Wait a few minutes and mix with the spoon. It’s ready, you can drink your Vietnamese iced coffee with a bamboo straw.

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