How To Empty The Water Tank In A Keurig Coffee Maker?

Emptying the water tank in your Keurig coffee maker is a bit different from regular coffee makers. The Keurig coffee maker keeps hot water in a tank inside the beer like water that is added to the water tank. The water tank is the container that is filled when water is added to the machine. Emptying the water tank in a Keurig coffee maker to store the unit also includes emptying the hot water reserve tank.

• Turn the Keurig coffee maker and unplug the power cord. Allow the unit to cool for 30 minutes before emptying the water. This gives the water inside the hot water tank a chance to cool, helping to prevent burns when emptying.

• Pull the lid off the top of the water tank. Lift the water tank up and to the right of the coffee machine. Pour the remaining water into the tank in the sink.

• Turn the small screw on the back of the Keurig coffee machine to the left with your fingers and remove the rear access panel. If the screw is too tight with your fingers, use a flat head screwdriver to turn the screw. Once you remove the access panel, a tube with a cap on the end is visible. Pull the tube into the plastic clamp holder.

• Place a large jug behind the coffee maker. Hold the end of the tube over the launcher and disconnect the plug from the tube. Allow the water to drain to the pitcher. If necessary, maneuver the coffee maker to the edge of the counter and hold the jug along with the counter with the top counter level.

• Push the plug back into the end of the tube once more water drains from the hot water tank. Empty the water jug into the sink and push the tube back into the plastic clamp holder. Place the rear access panel on the coffee maker and secure it with the thumbscrew knob.

Tips and Warnings

Place a cup in the normal position of brewing Keurig mini coffee makers. Press and hold the “Casting” button until no more water is draining.

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