Future Tech Developments in Automobile Industry

Nowadays, the answer to everything is technology. It is presenting various opportunities for us. We can see that, it is offering lot of future tech developments in automobile industry. That’s why TV shows and movies have started to show driverless cars. Now, we can say that this industry is growing at a faster rate without looking back. The latest examples of the innovation of this industry are electric vehicles, self-driving cars and much more. In the future, we will also see that AI will operate automobiles. When we will test these technologies, we can bring new light into the automotive sector. Here at Moomez, we will discuss future tech developments in automobile industry.

Autonomous Vehicles:

Autonomous vehicles aim to transform everyday transportation and to minimize the need for human drivers. With the introduction of autonomous vehicles, we can reduce downtime and we can also make transportation safer. The main causes of the accidents are fatigue and negligence of the drivers. Autonomous vehicles will not create these kinds of accidents. For the identification of the obstacles along the route, we will introduce advanced recognition technology. No doubt, AV will be one of the most important future tech developments in automobile industry. We have developed Intvo and Udelv for the AV. Intvo is the pedestrian behaviour prediction technology and Udelv is the human-assisted guidance technology.


No doubt, it will be one of the most important tech developments in automobile industry. The main reasons for the promotion of this technology are the depletion of fossil fuel reserves and environmental harm. Different companies are already working on this technology. Nowadays, these companies have to face some problems like high prices, poor batteries and fleet electrification etc. From the electrification point of view, we have also made some recent developments. For example, we have introduced Lordstown Motors Corps. By using it, we can make the easier maintenance vehicles. Similarly, we have also introduced ChargeX. By using it, we can convert the parking places into charging stations.

AR Vehicles:

AR vehicle is also one of the valuable tech developments in automobile industry. By using this system on the vehicle’s display, we can relay the information on the enabled dashboards. When your vehicle will move fast and near to head-on collision, this technology will come into play. It will show the red alert and tell you that something is wrong. Moreover, it will also show the best route with an arrow down to the road. AR technology will help the drivers to stay more focused on driving.

For the detection of the objects through the windshields, it will use the GPS. To provide suggestions to the drivers, it will also relay the information on the windscreens. AR technology will also tell the model of the vehicle ahead of you. It will also provide information about the slippery and width of the road. Moreover, this technology will also insect the machinery of the vehicle. After finding the problems, it will also suggest the best solutions to these problems.

Inter-Vehicle Communication System:

Told by a dissertation help firm, it is also one of the most important future tech developments in automobile industry. It is the future innovation that we are looking into the vehicles. This system will ensure the safety of the vehicles on the road. To ensure the safety of the vehicles on the roads, it will use signals to pass information to each other. With the help of V2V communication, your vehicle will be in a better position to detect the dangers on the roads. In some cases, it can also hit the brakes on your behalf. It will hit the brakes to ensure the security of your vehicles on the road. When vehicles will share information in real-time, it can reduce the chances of accidents on the roads. By using this technology, the vehicles can also communicate to the traffic lights.

CaaS (Cars-as-a-Service):

With the help of this model, we can introduce a renting model for the cars. By using CaaS, city drivers can engage in the ride-sharing service. To get access to these cars, you should have smart devices. As a result, you will have to use an app to hail a car with driverless technology. If you want to get access to this service, you don’t require a driver license. In other words, it will act as the driverless Uber. IHS Automotive is predicting that we can get access to this technology in 2025. With the introduction of this service, we can reduce mobility costs. Moreover, it will also offer a safer alternative to human drivers. That’s why we have included it in the list of the future tech developments in automobile industry.

3D Gesture Technology:

Can you imagine that you can control a vehicle with little movement of your hand? Nowadays, it seems magic. It is also one of the best future tech developments in automobile industry. You can easily control various elements of your vehicle just with gestures. By using this technology, you can make your driving experience safer and easier. Nowadays, if you want to pick a call on your phone, you will have to press the button on the phone. While doing so, you will have to take off your eyes from the road. This thing can increase the chances of accidents on the roads. When you will use this technology, you will not face this problem. To receive the incoming calls, you will have to point to the infotainment system of the screen. This thing is showing that our roads will be safer in the future.


These are the best future tech developments in automobile industry. Some greatest minds in the world have joined to improve the vehicle’s operations on the roads. For example, we are working on the rise of electric vehicles. These electric vehicles will reduce carbon emissions. For the customization of the vehicles, we will use AI and big data. Along with guiding us on the roads, this technology will also notify us when our vehicles require maintenance. In the future, we don’t require drivers to drive the vehicles. The rise of driverless vehicles is creating opportunities for CaaS. These technological developments will also ensure our safety on the road.

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