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The perfect hustle side is like the ideal beer: hard to find, and you are irreplaceable when you’ve discovered it. Side hustles come in all shapes and sizes. From doing paid online surveys to starting a blog to selling your textbooks, there is a universe of options when it comes to supplementing your income. One of the most innovative and niche ideas is buying, restoring, and flipping Furniture for profit.

Flipping Furniture Secrets

Flipping Furniture

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  • Where to find furniture for free or for a low price that leaves a generous profit!
  • Which days are BEST to find furniture (hint: It’s not on trash day either)!
  • Which types of furniture sell the fastest, AND for the most money!

As our consumerism has increasingly turned towards single-use, disposable items, people neglect quality Furniture with a lot of life – some of them may need a little attention. Read on for practical tips on how to profit flip Furniture!

How do people make money by flipping Furniture?

The premise is simple. They are looking for undervalued Furniture that people or thrift stores are selling or giving away, buying, spicing up with a bit of know-how and elbow grease, and selling it to the highest bidder.

Is Flipping Furniture Profitable?

Yes, flipping furniture is profitable. But there is a caveat. It is not suitable for everyone. Hobbyists, in particular, may find that they have paid enough attention to the fundamentals of the business and that their profits are negligible or nonexistent once their time is taken into account.

I am calling amateurs in particular because they are more likely to enjoy the restoration process. They can spend vast amounts of time perfecting a piece of work due to the appeals to them and not choosing to focus on efficiency and decisions that allow for additional work and increased income.

The possibility of overtime per piece aside, furniture restoration is a profitable business, in large part due to the way second-hand Furniture is typically bought and sold. Typically, the original owners of a used piece of Furniture will sell at a significant discount before moving or because of another life event.

It is often charities and thrift stores that price items well below market value ( they can be found in many goodwill desk stores for $ 10 or less, as an example ). Once your restoration-related increase in value is accounted for, you can often sell a used piece of Furniture for multiples of what you paid for it.

Furniture launch a scalable Side rush? Restoration

Furniture is a difficult company to grow. So much of the profitability depends on spot bargains, efficiently fixing old parts, and effectively market to buyers. The lack of automation in the technique can also make it difficult to find more hours to take on additional work beyond a certain point. And hiring employees is not a viable option without a consistent volume of work on a full-time level ( although if you are an exceptional talent and can be marketed effectively, flipping the Furniture can turn into full-time employment. – but that is beyond the scope of this article ).

The relative lack of scalability is a drawback that many people who enjoy furniture restoration are willing to accept. The fact that the business is challenging to scale means that the competition is reasonable, and it is unlikely that it will be muscled out of the market by a new platform or fierce rival.

The opportunity to become an expert in the business-staining, restoration, and marketing of products that also allows a significant increase as they become more experts. You will have an advantage over those who start.

There are a few other attractors on this hustle side. While the benefits are more significant as you gain experience in the various aspects of reselling and reselling used Furniture, the opportunity to make money is immediately apparent.

The flexibility that this concert offers is also a great advantage. There is no set schedule, there are no time requirements, and the product does not expire. So you can work at your own pace and schedule.

The entry barriers are practically zero. You can start with a single, inexpensive piece and a few tools and supplies. All start-up costs should be counted, at most, a few hundred dollars. While you can invest more than that, if you like, we advise you to keep your initial investment as low as possible to ensure profitability on your first attempts.

Any relationships you form with regular buyers and sellers can be turned into chronic, monetized contracts in terms of growth. While we cannot say that the sky is the limit with furniture restoration, the limit is undoubtedly high.

College Flipper

Flipper University teaches you how to transform your passion for bargain hunting into a way to generate extra income – even if you are inexperienced!

How to start flipping Furniture Business?

Because a successful business in this space requires unique, specific knowledge and experience, it is recommended to start the slow and steady march. Find a piece or two, fix them the best you can, and sell them for all the money you can. Then do it all over again. They learn from each transaction – know what kinds of pieces are easiest to restore, what parts sell best, and what kinds of Furniture are easier to find to maximize profit. What kind of Furniture should they take into account?

While the answer to this depends on the facilities and resources available to you, some general tips will work for everyone.

First of all, it is essential to note that when you are starting, stick to cheap parts. There is no point in buying an antique wardrobe if you have never restored the Furniture before. It is better to perfect your art in the most straightforward and cheapest pieces.

Second, you may have better luck with natural wood (instead of pressboard ) and metal furniture. Wood and metal hold up better than rework, and solid pieces constructed from these materials can increase in value as it is restored. ( However, it is essential to note that solid wood furniture has become more challenging to find with the increase in factory-made reports. )

Third, Furniture should not be so difficult to restore that an increase in value is only achieved after dozens of working hours. Look for high-performance products with defects that are easy to prepare. Scuff marks, missing feet, and wobbly legs are great candidates for simple fixes and quick response times.

Where can you find Flip Furniture?

Re-sealable Furniture can be found in dozens of places, but some common channels can make collecting parts and selling them more accessible.

Spread the word on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp that you are looking to buy old Furniture at a bargain. People often respond – especially if you offer to pick up the pieces for free. ( In many cases, you can even convince the seller to part with the item for free by offering a free pick-up service. )

Keep an eye on the online markets for local goods. Marketplace Facebook, Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, and similar sites can be excellent sources for Furniture. Keep in mind that you will probably have to shop locally and pick the products yourself to maintain your profit margins. (Furniture shipping is expensive. )

Check out your local second-hand and charity outlets. These places are a gold mine from which they were hardly used, and the Furniture barely scratched was offered at a fraction of the original price.

Ways you can restore Furniture

There are some standard fixes for common problems that arise with second-hand Furniture. The most common is a new paint job – for wear or to update an outdated part. Fresh paint or varnish can work wonders on an older or comfortable chair.

Believe it or not, some fixes are as simple as replacing or even just tightening the screws and fasteners. For example, many wobbly chair legs or wobbly cabinet feet can be repaired this way.

Of course, not every job will be that straightforward. For example, you may have to match and replace wooden parts or Recreate pieces for dressers and beds. However, as you gain experience, you will know which fixes are simple and which jobs are best left to others.

Best Places to Sell Furniture Online

Believe it or not, some fixes are as simple as replacing or even just tightening the screws and fasteners. For example, many wobbly chair legs or wobbly cabinet feet can be repaired this way.

Of course, not every job will be that straightforward. For example, you may have to match and replace wooden parts or Recreate pieces for dressers and beds. However, as you gain experience, you will know which fixes are simple and which jobs are best left to others.

The best way to start selling Furniture is to go online. The Internet offers a variety of online marketplaces that specialize in matching sellers to local buyers.


Bonanza is an online platform that connects buyers and sellers. Sellers can place items for free, and only a fee is paid to the platform when an item is sold. Please note that the buyer cannot be local, so you will have to work out a shipping solution.


letgo is an online second-hand marketplace designed to cater to local markets. Buyers select a location, price range, and category list and search for the things they need. Sellers post pictures and descriptions of what they want to sell, along with its location. It’s free to post an ad.


OfferUp is very similar to letgo. It is an online marketplace designed to connect buyers with local sellers of goods. Unlike letgo, OfferUp allows you to Make payments within your application to send items to buyers. OfferUp strongly recommends meeting your buyers in person.


Etsy is an online marketplace dedicated to displaying people’s homemade and unique wares. It’s a popular platform for those who make and sell all kinds of creative items, from furniture to jewelry to crafts, games, home decor, and more. Etsy can be an excellent market for your restored Furniture.

Facebook Market

Facebook Marketplace is like a classified service and is available about the Facebook platform. With a user base of over two billion, you won’t be short of potential buyers. You can post items for sale for free, or you can use Facebook Ads to promote your items and get more eyes on your Furniture.


Chairish is an excellent market for singular and one-of-a-kind decor and furnishings. It’s like Etsy, but it’s specific to the set and furnishings of the venue. As a result, it is tailor-made for a furniture restorer, especially if his work has a peculiar or distinctive quality.


AptDeco is a service available in the New York metropolitan area. It’s like Craigslist or letgo, but AptDeco charges substantially higher fees in exchange for more services to make selling easier. – AptDeco will handle delivery, returns, item inspection, and even assist you with pricing.


Everyone knows eBay. It is a massive online auction site where you can buy just about anything. Right after your item is up for sale, set a reserve price ( the lowest price a seller will accept for an auctioned item ), and wait for customers to bid on your Furniture.


Craigslist is the original online marketplace for local products. Founded in 1995, Craigslist has categories for anything you could expect to find. Millions of people have used it, and it is an excellent choice for people trying to download Furniture online.


It is a premium online shopping platform. You can use this what-you-see-is-what-you-need market to create your shop for all your refurbished Furniture. (We only recommend going this route if you have a significant number of parts sold regularly.)

How To Maximize Profits Flip Furniture

There is no secret ingredient when it comes to furniture flipping. However, you can get the most out of it by following these simple tips.

Reasonably priced

Just like when you want to flip a house, you need to find a good deal on the Furniture you wish to flip. This is very important if you’re going to get the most out of your flipping efforts.

Think of all the time and money that you are putting into restoring that piece of Furniture, so you need to be able to add value to increase the sale price.

There are a lot of places where you can find cheap pieces of Furniture. It’s all about looking in the right places.

Keep an eye on Supplies.

So you bought a price of the Furniture at a reasonable price, the next step is to use a good restoration of materials and supplies but at a lower cost. In other words, please don’t spend a lot of money on your supplies, as it will erode your profit.

We know you want to use the best of the best for when you furnish Furniture, but there is a time and a place for everything. First, however, you need to see what you buy and where to buy your supplies.

You may want to consider going to wholesalers or buying supplies in bulk at a reasonable price, even if you won’t need them for a while. Buy at a discount and stock up!

Keep your eyes out in the garage or yard sales as you can find good deals here too.

Take good photos

A photo is worth a thousand words, especially when you are selling online. Good quality photos will make your newly restored Furniture stand out and sell faster.

Make sure you take pictures that show details and different angles. The more photos, the better. Also, they ensure that your photos are high definition and not cropped, as this is a turn-off for buyers.

Your Furniture should be the center of the photo, not your cat or a 100-year-old lamp in the background. Natural lighting is always great for taking great photos!

You don’t need a fancy camera to take good photos. It’s all about lighting and composition. The phone’s camera must be good.

Great Description

Be as descriptive as possible with your ad. Include pertinent details like dimensions, colors, weight, materials, etc.

The more details you include in your description, the better. People want to know everything about the product without physically seeing it.

Shipping offer

This is a big one. People pay for convenience, so the shipping offer is a huge advantage and will undoubtedly set you apart from other sellers.

Offer ” shipping ” is not as complex as it sounds. If you were able to move the Furniture indoors when you were restoring, chances are you will be able to ship it without the need for fancy tools or equipment.

Final Thoughts

There is excellent potential built into this rewarding hustle and bustle if you have the skills and interest to take on furniture flipping.
We leave you with a couple of key points from the article:

  • You can earn money from furniture flipping even if you only have a few hours per week to spare.
  • The idea behind flipping furniture is simple: Find undervalued, used Furniture, restore it, and sell it at a premium.
  • Develop the knowledge and experience necessary to identify bargain furniture, quickly restore it to its full potential, and effectively market it.
  • Scaling the business beyond a one-person operation can be difficult, but it is doable if you find yourself with substantial work. attention
  • Pay to develop relationships with regular buyers and sellers to grow your business.
  • Getting started is very easy. Just drag some supplies and head to your nearest second-hand or charity outlet for your first project.
  • Many online marketplaces facilitate local and national furniture sales. Choose the one that is best for your niche, and start promoting your work!

The great thing about furniture flipping is that you can either make extra money on the side or become a full-blown business. Everything depends on you.

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