Flat White Vs Latte – What is the Difference?

Flat White Vs Latte, Let deep dive into it

The flat white or flat white is a coffee with milk, but a coffee with milk a little special.

By its origin it is already a different coffee, it is a coffee from the antipodes, Flat White Vs Latte topic is wide so we will cover all the possible ways.

Flat white coffee has been gradually spreading throughout the world through the platform that always means for coffees to succeed in the United States.

In order not to hurt susceptibilities, let’s say that Australians and New Zealanders have been discussing the authorship of this coffee for more than 30 years (we are not going to enter into this debate that today still raises blisters).

Surely if you are in the coffee world you have heard about it but not everyone is clear that it is a flat white coffee. The main ingredients are:
Espresso coffee
• Milk.

What differentiates a flat white coffee from a coffee with milk, a latte or a cappuccino?

The history of coffee does not cease to have its crumb, it seems that at the end of the Second World War many Italians decided to emigrate to Australia, and how could it be otherwise their latte and cappuccinos were with them.

The bad tongues say that the Australians, or the New Zealanders, you know, they got tired of so much frothed milk and began to order the “flat” coffee.

The flat white was born, or perhaps it would be better to say the flat white, which is what its inventors called it.

Flat white coffee is really not very different from a cappuccino or a latte.

“It’s like a cappuccino, except that instead of a top layer of flavored, airy and milky foam, it’s a velvety and dense foam that mixes evenly through the drink.”

It seems that the cappuccino of those areas had a very consistent upper part, almost a meringue.

Thus the cappuccino with that huge amount of milk foam drowned the enjoyment of the coffee it contained.

The problem arose when, as in the rest of the world in that area of the antipodes, the qualities of coffees and roasts improved.

An ingenious barista decided that it was time to invent a drink similar to that of a cappuccino where both the milk and the coffee you drank stood out and that it also had more caffeine content than a latte for example.

This reaction to the cappuccino as they understood it in those areas of the world gave rise to flat white.

But his story did not stay there but continued to grow and spread.

He made the leap from the mainland and came to London locals who care most about serving good coffee.

The Americans saw him there and took another great leap to gradually enter the coffee culture of the United States.

And this is how the flat white has been occupying a place in the tastes of coffee lovers from half the world even if their cappuccinos were not as dense and dry as those that gave rise to the reaction that is the origin is what Today we know as flat white.

But the truth is that they have succeeded and everyone during the last two years, since the New York Times, passing through the New York Post or the Vogue have elevated it to the altars by declaring it their new favorite coffee drink.

How do you prepare a flat white?

It seems that everything that surrounds this coffee generates controversy, including its method of elaboration.

Many define the flat white as a small latte but it really should be more intense, that is, with more coffee than milk.

In a way similar to our cut coffee.

Most baristas agree that the original Flat White is prepared in a 150 ml cup with two espresso shots and a thin layer of lightly emulsified milk cream.

The result is a silky drink with an intense coffee flavor. And this and no other is the main characteristic of coffee.

But it turns out that many Australians, alleged inventors of the drink, prefer their Flat White with a single load of espresso, not with two.

We already have a mess with staunch defenders of a position and great defenders of the opposite.

On the other hand, certain baristas are in favor of preparing it with a double ristretto and others say that the ristretto bitter the final flavor.

But fans of flat white coffee not happy with these differences of opinion discuss and debate whether flat white is basically a coffee with milk, or more reminiscent of the cappuccino if the only difference is that it is served in a cup and never in a glass.

Not to mess you up anymore, I will say that there is no total consensus regarding the original recipe for this drink.

What everyone seems to agree with is that in a flat white the flavor of coffee is more highlighted than in a cappuccino, being able to appreciate the flavors and nuances of a good coffee, call it specialty or premium coffee, or whatever you want to name it.

The flat white flat is the lush microfoam that appears between the steamed milk at the bottom of the jug heated by the espresso lance and the large rigid bubbles at the top of the milk.

That milk extract is a silky and elegant-looking microfoam and the one that gives its elegant and flat appearance to the coffee that the unconditional ones of flat white love so much.

In the end, all these coffees mixed with milk are only slight variations in the taste and temperature of the coffee.

The important thing for flat white devotees, mostly young people, is that they find the richest and tastiest flat white that their older brothers, the cappuccino, and coffee with milk.

Anyway, if you are a barista, you are increasingly at risk that most gourmets require you to know how to prepare a full-fledged flat white.

You already know that you have one more option for your coffee menu.

After talking about him so much, I already feel like taking a flat target. Not to you?

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