Filipeando in Boracay



Jakarta – Manila and from here another flight to Boracay, our first destination in the Philippines, and apparently that of many more tourists. Although, we expected it to be more crowded, and more after knowing that it is now summer here, which means high season, which means very high prices! We were lucky to find a small family hotel in a courtyard with a lot of local life, separated from the most touristy areas, but next to the beach.

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We arrived on the weekend and we found that the vast majority of tourists were Filipinos themselves with more or less pasta, spending a few days on the most famous island in their country, mingling with some Westerners like us. Tournaments of something similar to beach soccer with freesbee, bars and restaurants on the beach cooking seafood and roasting piglets, here called “lechón”, beach bars with happy hour of the authentic San Miguel and super professional karaoke bars. The truth is that you can’t get bored here.

And of course, it also has great beaches and movie sunsets. Although the first day we coincided with a plague of algae that infested the seashore, luckily the following days it moved towards the posh area … TAKE IT!

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So our plan was basically to swim in the sea, read, stroll along the promenade, and enjoy the sunsets with a beer or a halo halo, the typical dessert here, super refreshing! But the relaxation is over: the next adventure will be on board a boat … for 42 hours! Let’s see if we hold out like real pirates!

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Transportation How to get to Boracay?

We flew to Kalibo airport. From there we caught a minivan + boat combination to get to Boracay for 250 pesos (at the same airport there are many agencies that offer you this service, although it is clearly cheaper for free since then we saw that the boat to get to Boracay only costs 25 pesos! So we have paid the minivan 225 pesos, a lot of money for 1.30 hours of travel) Once we got to the port of Boracay we caught a tricycle, we paid 20 pesos each. We didn’t see jeepneys.


Arrived at the port of Caticlan from where the boat is caught for Boracay we have found another surprise… taxes! There is one that you have to pay to use the terminal, it costs 75 pesos. The other is to enter the Boracay area and is 100 pesos. On the way back there are another 100 pesos of taxes, this time to use the port of Boracay. As they have it well assembled!

Accommodation Where to sleep in Boracay?

We did it at Desiree’s Place, on Pier 3, next to the Lily White resort. We paid 700 pesos for a double with fan and bathroom. Recommended place, with a small and quiet terrace, 1 minute from the beach.

Food Where to eat in Boracay?

There are several cheap options in a fast food bar on the beach (hamburgers at 40 pesos, kebabs, dumplings …). We tried looking for local restaurants on the main road but were unsuccessful. In the area of ​​Pier 2 there is a fast food on the beachfront with very good prices, and it’s good! The halo halo costs at most 20-25 pesos. We saw at the beach restaurant that they sold for 150 !!


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