Differences Between Coffee Beans And Coffee Capsules

When you prepare a dish with seasonal and quality food the result is noticeable in the taste. The same thing happens with coffee, the more quality the grain has, and the fewer processes it has suffered, the better the result. This is the main difference between coffee beans and coffee in capsules but in this post, we will address many others.

What is coffee in capsules and how it was born?

Coffee in capsules (K-cups) is a dose of coffee powder (about 6 grams) wrapped in aluminum and plastic (about 3 grams). This system was born in 2002 by John Sylvan. His initial idea was to serve individual coffee portions in the offices so that employees had a variety of choices. However, the technology advanced, and its invention was acquired by the Green Mountain coffee producing company. This company began selling coffees in capsules worldwide, revolutionizing the market after its launch.

Various brands such as Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Tassimo, or Senseo joined this concept, expanding the market much more. Today, its creator regrets his idea, at least he has recognized it in an interview with the American medium The Atlantic. This decision is based on the high pollutant level of coffee capsules for the environment and states that when he sold his idea to Green Mountain, he specified that it be improved but never heard.

Differences Between Coffee Beans And Coffee Capsules

The main problem posed by coffee capsules versus coffee beans is the loss of flavor. However, there are other very relevant factors that harm coffee in capsules such as environmental pollution. We will see each of them in more detail:

They pollute the environment: most coffee capsules are made of aluminum coated by an internal plastic film that insulates it from coffee. There are also plastic or paper capsules. This type of aluminum is especially complicated to treat in waste plants and its recycling entails a high economic cost.

Toxic Materials: Furan is another element that coffee capsules have. It is a toxic compound that can be formed during the term treatment of some foods and beverages. In the case of coffee in capsules, its concentration of furan is around 43-146 nanograms/milliliter, a dose much higher than coffee beans. Experts talk that the coffee in the capsules is tightly closed and

Its Consumption is Being Regulated: its consumption is not allowed in Hamburg has become the first city to ban the use of coffee capsules in government buildings officially. This measure arises after verifying that the capsule coffee wrappers are made of contaminating materials such as plastic and aluminum.

The movement against coffee capsules has arrived in Spain and the first community to join has been the Balearic Islands. The draft waste law prepared by the Government intends to prohibit the sale of coffee capsules from January 1, 2020.

To cope with some of these problems, capsule coffee companies like Nespresso have various collection points for used capsules for recycling. However, the brand whose ambassador is George Clooney still has many areas of the country that lack this initiative.

Comparison of the price of coffee beans and coffee capsules

The cost of coffee beans is lower than that of coffee in capsules since these usually cost around € 0.30 while coffee beans have an average price of € 0.07 to the same extent.

Keep in mind that some of the capsules already include, for example, preparations such as coffee with bed or coffee cut into their pods. Others only prepare espresso and you have to add the milk on your own. Likewise, capsule coffee makers have other preparations such as cappuccinos that sometimes need more than one capsule for their preparation.

Why change my capsule coffee maker for a super-automatic?

People who like the aroma and taste of coffee prefer super-automatic coffee machines that offer them a unique experience. These types of machines offer more than 20 types of coffee in less than 30 seconds with the press of a button.

Keep in mind that super-automatic coffee machines do not use plastic and aluminum capsules but instead brew coffee with hot water from coffee beans.

Another advantage of super-automatic coffee machines that have an integrated coffee grinder that allows you to grind coffee beans instantly. The result is an espresso or as you like, quality and intense flavor.

As we have seen, the advantages of coffee beans compared to coffee capsules are several. Savor a specialty coffee, respect the environment, or not worry about toxic elements are some of them.

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