Difference Between Cappuccino And Latte

What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte? And other doubts finally cleared

If you have arrived here because your passion is coffee, welcome! You are in the right place. If you want to start on the path of the barista, feel at home.

Today we get down to work with coffee and milk preparations and solve the existential doubt of all beginners. How is a latte coffee and a cappuccino coffee different? Pay attention and you will never confuse them again.

“Latte and Capuccino, milk as crown jewel”

Let’s start with the easy. Latte coffee and cappuccino coffee have things in common, more than you think.

Both drinks have espresso as a base and combine with milk. The proportion of coffee is identical in both. 1/4 of the cup will be espresso and the rest will be milk.

Both coffees are served in a cup between 150 and 200 ml. It is not usual to serve a latte or a cappuccino in a cup of coffee alone (60 ml)

These are drinks that are already spread in Spain and are usually ordered in any cafeteria, especially in large cities.

However, both drinks also have their own unique characteristics. Attentive, here they come. Cappuccino and milk foamCappuccino is an Italian drink that stands out for the use of milk since 2/3 of the contents of the cup have their origin in this liquid.

It is the correct vaporization and foaming of milk that gives the cappuccino a creamy texture that differentiates it from other variants. In addition, by its presentation, the cappuccino has a very recognizable foam crown that takes its name from the Capuchin monks.

The cappuccino will be served, at most, at 70 ° C, so we talk about a warm preparation. Thanks to this, it can be savored immediately and the correct mixture of espresso with milk results in a coffee that does not need added sugar to be enjoyed.

The key to the success of a cappuccino is in the proportion of milk foam. If we imaginatively divide the cup into 4 sections, the milk foam will occupy the upper ½, the steamed milk will occupy ¼ and the espresso will take its place in the lower ¼.

To vaporize the milk you can consult our quick guide and if what you want is to foam it to add the final brand to the cappuccino, stay very attentive, very soon we will tell you how to do it

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