What are Compression Running Tights? What are the Benefits?

You sure go out for a run and see a lot of people running in leggings instead of wearing the usual sweatpants. Or you even notice that they are wearing shorts and leggings underneath.

If you have ever wondered if compression tights are worth wearing and what the benefits of running with them can be, you will find all the information about it in this article.

We will also talk about some tights models that may interest you if you are thinking of acquiring your first runner tights. 

What are Compression Running Tights?

Compression tights are sportswear garments that cover the legs from the waist, putting pressure on the muscles. They are like tight pants that exert more significant strain on specific muscle areas such as the knees or quadriceps.

By adjusting to the body, the tights give support or prevent the appearance of chafing. Although if you want to know the characteristics and benefits of compression clothing, what is Compression Clothing, and What is it for? We will tell you everything about this type of sportswear.

Some compression meshes, in addition to compressing, are thermoregulated or have other exciting characteristics. Longer leggings also reinforce areas such as the calves (calves) and ankles. By tightening these areas and strengthening them, they facilitate the transport of oxygenated blood from the legs to the heart.

And what result do we get? Well, the meshes can allow us to run longer distances. Being able to raise the level of oxygen in the blood, fatigue will appear later than usual.

On the other hand, we will also be able to recover more quickly. This is because by helping us eliminate lactic acid faster, we will reduce muscle pain.

Both are very positive benefits for a runner who wants to improve his performance and avoid the appearance of discomfort during the race. But there is still more.

Benefits of Compression Tights

  • They help to keep the body warm (that’s why they are ideal in winter)
  • They protect the groin area to avoid chafing (especially in rain and heat)
  • They tend to absorb and expel moisture from sweat
  • They provide extra support for knees and quadriceps
  • Provide greater freedom of movement
  • They help to run with a good posture or correct it (thanks to the abdominal belt)
  • By holding and compressing certain areas, swaying is avoided
  • Minimize running shock and muscle vibrations
  • Help prevent lesions from appearing or reappearing

Compression Tights Features

  • Length: choose your tights according to the muscle groups that you are most interested in strengthening. Shorts or leggings will especially put pressure on your quads. The medium-length or pirate ones will include your knees, and the long leggings will reach the ankle, reinforcing key areas such as calves and calves.
  • Fabric: it is essential that your tights are breathable and have micro – ventilation to avoid the accumulation of sweat. If they are also thermoregulated, they will also maintain your body heat, and you can use them in cold weather.
  • Comfort: must be thin and flexible. The lighter and more elastic the fabric, the more freedom of movement you will have and the more comfortable you will feel with them. The seams must be flat; it is an important point to avoid friction. Also, make sure you buy the correct size. To feel comfortable with them, they should not be too tight or too wide.
  • Brand: as you will see, there are countless brands and models on the market. Before heading straight for top sports brands, look at specific compression clothing brands and read user reviews carefully. The guarantee of a good brand is essential, but the opinion of an honest broker who has taken them is even more valuable.
  • Design: look at small details such as bright colors or reflective stripes (if you like to go for a run at night ). It may also be interesting that they have zippered pockets to store keys, some coins, or a pack of tissues.

To Wear Underwear or Not to Wear It? Matter of Taste …

In many forums and comments, brokers often ask this question. It is widespread to doubt whether or not to wear underwear when we put on compression tights.

There is no definitive answer; that is, there is no right or wrong way to wear leggings and underwear. It is a matter of personal taste.

Some consider that wearing underwear underneath causes more discomfort and may even cause chafing, so they prefer not to wear it. Depending on the fabric, if it is not very opaque, transparencies can also be produced.

However, other runners note less support in the genital area running in tights and without underwear. It is much more uncomfortable and the unsanitary factor that it can cause due to the humidity that can accumulate in the area.

Therefore, wearing or not wearing underwear under athletic leggings is ‘consumer taste,’ as they say. You know your body and your tights, and you will be the one to decide.

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