Compression Running Stockings: Benefits and Recommended Models

When you go for a run, do you see any runners wearing tight-fitting socks or high socks? Do you think it is only a question of aesthetics? Well, no, it is not a fashion. Indeed they wear compression stockings.

The truth is that today, any supplement that can help us improve our performance and prevent injuries is interesting to know when we are athletes.

This article will know in depth the characteristics of compression stockings, their benefits, and some of the most recommended models.

Compression Running Stockings

You may already be familiar with compression stockings as a treatment for ailments such as thrombosis or varicose veins. Its most common use until a few years ago has been within the medical field. Its purpose is to improve blood circulation and accelerate the return of blood to the heart.

Compression stockings for runners also serve that function and many others, such as muscle support and injury prevention. There are specific ones for training, for recovery after exercise, or for competing in races.

Their benefits will also vary greatly depending on aspects such as pressure, length, or the material they are made. We must be clear that they are instrumental in endurance sports when we run many kilometers in a row.

If you have just started running or train a few kilometers a day, you will not need them yet. Unless you suffer from any ailment for which your doctor recommends taking them, it is better to wait until you are a more experienced runner to use them. Even if you insist on using them, the chances are that at first, you will not notice any changes or benefits.

The first few days you wear compression running stockings can be a bit uncomfortable for running. However, when you take them off after a long run, you will begin to appreciate their effects. The reduction in fatigue and muscle pain will be noticeable, and the next day you will notice that you recover more quickly.

If you want to know more information regarding compression running clothing and other garments that adjust to some regions of the body, 

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about this type of sportswear.

Benefits of Running in Compression Stockings

  • Improve endurance and aerobic/anaerobic performance
  • They reduce the appearance of fatigue and muscle aches
  • They promote recovery after workouts
  • Improve blood circulation flow and heart rate
  • Specific recovery stockings reduce inflammation
  • Help you recover faster after exercise
  • They offer more significant support to the muscles
  • Minimize the effect of the impact that occurs with each stride
  • They maintain body heat on cold and rainy days
  • They reduce the risk of joint injuries such as Achilles tendinosis, tibial periostitis, or plantar fasciitis.

Characteristics of Compression Running Stockings

  • Length: you should choose your tights according to the muscles you want to strengthen. The short stocking or calf is the one that goes from the ankle to just below the knee. The long stocking reaches the middle of the thigh, above the knee, so it also protects it. For its part, you will also find socks, which include the foot and pantyhose. The latter is similar to compression tights, only that being also a sock, they protect you from the feet to the waist.
  • Brand: just as it is not advisable to buy stockings in a one-size-fits-all, it is not advisable to purchase imitations or counterfeits of known brands. They will indeed be made with lower quality material, and their effectiveness will not be the same.
  • Degree of pressure: depending on what you will use the stockings for, they should exert more or less pressure. In general, you should buy ones that are between 15-30 mmHg for training and recovery socks. Those of 40 mmHg or more exert extreme pressure, more recommended for people who compete or have serious circulation problems.
  • Type of sport: buy specific compression socks for running. Just as you don’t wear football boots to run, you can’t wear ski or cycling socks. If they are designed for a specific sport, it is because they strengthen and protect the muscle areas that are most involved when performing this type of exercise.
  • Material: make sure the stockings you buy are never made of cotton (they do not perspire and accumulate sweat). Bet on synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, or elastane to promote breathability. To avoid the appearance of chafing or blisters, the stockings must not have seams, or at least, they must be completely flat. Reinforcements in areas such as the heel or toe will also give you extra protection and cushioning.

How Can I Know the Size of Compression Stockings?

The size of the stockings varies somewhat depending on the manufacturer, so you should consult the size guide of each brand independently. This means that, even if you use a size M for compression stockings of one brand, it may be that with another brand, the size is different, and you use, for example, an L.

As you can see in the example above, there is usually the size chart or guide next to the size selection tab. In this case, you must measure the perimeter of your cufflinks and select the most appropriate size for you. With socks, it will also be relevant to know the size of the foot.

Don’t forget, this step is essential! You must be very clear about your size before buying compression garments. If you wear very tight stockings, instead of improving your blood circulation, they will hinder it. And if you wear very baggy socks, in addition to being uncomfortable, they will not bring you any benefit.

How to Quickly Put on Compression Stockings?

The biggest annoyance in wearing compression clothing is how lazy it is to put it on. The more they compress the stockings, the more it costs us to fit them into the body.

The steps to follow are:

-> Flip the compression stocking over.
->Position the stocking like a sock, leaving the bottom opening of the stocking at the ankle.
->Take the other opening of the stocking and stretch until it is below the knee.
->To remove the mean, we have to do the same process, but in reverse.

Recommended Compression Running Stocking Models

There are many good quality brands and models that you can find both in sports stores and online stores. Make sure that you do not buy imitations and get quality material; remember that your health is always the most important thing.

We are going to recommend several compression socks to train daily. Besides being one of the best-selling and best-valued regular brokers, they represent an excellent value for money.

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