The best thing to see and do in Shirakawago in one day

que ver hacer en SHIRAKAWA GO

[ad_1] Surrounded by mountains and crossed by the Shogawa River, in the heart of the Japanese Alps, we find Shirakawa-go, one of those traditional villages that manage to resist the passage of time. And luckily. Let’s see, tourist is VERY touristy, but it still seems like an essential visit on a trip to Japan, and … Read more

15 things to see and do in Shinjuku, Tokyo’s neon district

cosas que ver y hacer en shinjuku

[ad_1] In the Shinjuku district, everything that one has in mind when thinking of the futuristic metropolis of Tokyo is concentrated: a world of neon, colors, noise and places that never sleep. It is simply another universe, where everything seems possible. You want to know everything to see and do in Shinjuku? Keep reading! Things … Read more

best areas and recommended hotels


[ad_1] Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan and one of the essential stops on any trip to the land of the rising sun. Are you planning a little trip but you are not sure where to look for accommodation? In this article we are going to tell you what they are the best areas … Read more

The best neighborhoods in Tokyo (you can’t miss)

mejores barrios de tokio

[ad_1] Tokyo is an absolutely magnetic city and if you go, you have to be willing to fall madly in love with it. One of its greatest charms is its diversity, and that is that, as if it were an autonomous world, it is composed of completely different areas between them. In this article we … Read more

Harajuku, anime and cosplay at Takeshita Dori

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[ad_1] Harajuku it is the fashionable neighborhood what to visit in Tokyo, but also the geek neighborhood. Let’s say that the fauna that can be found there is curious to say the least. This neighborhood is attached to Shibuya, so we have many places around to visit. If we talk about cosplay, anime Y geekism … Read more

Accommodation in Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka

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[ad_1] During our trip to Japan, one of the issues that most marked both the pace and the itinerary was the essential Japan Rail Pass. We bought a one-week pass, as we were only going to be there for two weeks. So we had to close the first accommodations, the one in Tokyo and then … Read more

Japan Rail Pass, the best way to travel in Japan

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[ad_1] When we finally decided to go on vacation to Japan and we bought our plane tickets, came the second part, How to plan the trip in two weeks using the Japan Rail Pass? For this purpose, the first thing we did was go for a map of the country and decide what places we … Read more

What to see in Tokyo in 6 days

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[ad_1] If you are wondering what to see in Tokyo, the great metropolis, the largest city in the world, we will tell you what places we visited during the six days that we were visiting it Tokyo is a place where skyscrapers share the limelight with tradition, temples, Buddhism. Where the salary man (workers in … Read more