Vertuoline Descaling Instructions

If you don’t know how to descale a Nespresso coffee machine, we give you the best methods to descale your machine and keep it making coffee like the first day. Nespresso capsule coffee machines are attractive and easy to use. But if you have noticed that your Vertuoline Nespresso machine does not work as it did initially, the coffee … Read more

What Are The Benefits Of Coffee In The Work

Having easy access to a cup of coffee in the office provides a large number of benefits such as stress reduction or increased motivation. Similarly, coffee has not only become an ally for workers but also for companies as it stimulates productivity and a good work environment. We will check these and other benefits of … Read more

How To Clean Coffee Maker With Vinegar

Do you know How To Clean Coffee Maker With Vinegar? If we want to extend the life of this appliance, it is very important that we clean the coffee maker regularly so that the remains do not accumulate. The coffee maker can be one of the appliances or kitchen appliances that we use almost every … Read more

Is Macchiato Coffee? How to Prepare it?

Is Macchiato coffee? There are habits that we take for granted: one of these in the world of coffee is to order a simple macchiato coffee, which as we will discover “simple” is not really. The macchiato coffee is nothing but an espresso neither long nor short, to which is added a milk cream that … Read more

What Is Arabica Coffee?

What Is Arabica Coffee Coffee is not the fruit of a single tree species, in fact, there are several types of coffees with notable differences between them. More than 100 different coffee species have been cataloged, but only two types cover almost all of the world’s production: Arabica and Robusta coffee. Today we focus on knowing a … Read more

What is Espresso Coffee?

We love espresso coffee, but what exactly is it and how is it prepared? It is quite simple, espresso is a very fine ground coffee, through which a certain amount of water passes whose temperature is close to the boiling point. This is considered a basic cafeteria because thanks to the coffee concentrate obtained, other beverages … Read more