Protective Facial Mask for Professional Use

Facial Protective Mask: element of personal protective equipment for professional and everyday use The COVID-19 pandemic has created a shortage of protective equipment both among healthcare personnel and throughout the global community. Their great demand is because they fulfil a fundamental prevention role.  The primary goal of wearing such personal protective equipment is to reduce … Read more

Plumbers: How to Avoid Accidents?

Plumbing is a discipline that requires great precision at all times, especially when it is necessary to drill, drill or break walls and floors. The professional plumber knows that he must take all possible preventive measures to avoid accidents that cause losses or extra expenses to customers. To avoid damaging or breaking water pipes, wiring … Read more

Introduction to Pipe or Pipe Wrenches

The pipe wrenches (or rather, for pipes) are among the most present tools among users. Plumbers, gas operators and all those who work with pipes and pipes in general, from the most straightforward applications to industrial, oil or mining, for example, have various adjustable wrenches to facilitate their task. Below we will develop a brief introduction to … Read more