10 most amazing destinations in eastern China


[ad_1] East China is a world in itself. It is rich in history, with some towns dating back 6000 years. It has an environment designed to calm and relax the soul. From picturesque water towns crisscrossed by slow-moving water-filled canals to spectacular mountain views, eastern China is a delight for all the senses. Once you … Read more

Accommodation in Cambodia, where to sleep in Siam Reap and Phnom Penh

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[ad_1] Cambodia, as in the rest of the Southeast Asian countries, has a wide variety of accommodation, for all tastes and all budgets. Staying in this country is really cheap, and the quality-price combination is usually quite tight. During our trip through Vietnam Y Cambodia, we visit one of the most incredible places in the … Read more

10 best tourist attractions in Cambodia

angkor wat

[ad_1] Cambodia is slowly recovering from the horrors of the Khmer Rouge reign of terror. Big problems still exist: landmines, poverty and a devastated infrastructure. But the process of reconstruction and healing is already underway and more and more tourists are rediscovering the attractions of Cambodia. The awe-inspiring temples of Angkor are the obvious draw … Read more

7 best resorts in Cambodia

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[ad_1] Most of Cambodia’s beach hotels are located in Sihanoukville, the country’s up-and-coming beach destination. Sihanoukville had already drawn the Cambodian jet set to its golden beaches in the 1960s, but the party ended abruptly in 1970, when Cambodia fell into civil war. A few intrepid backpackers returned to Sihanoukville after peace returned in 1993, … Read more

9 most beautiful provinces of Sri Lanka

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[ad_1] Located in southern India, in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has an impressive variety of landscapes. The mountains and hills of its highlands contrast with the beautiful beaches that line its coastline, with sparkling waterfalls, sparkling lagoons and tumultuous rivers. Torn apart for decades by civil war, Sri Lanka is now an increasingly popular … Read more

What to see in Cambodia – Passport to Travel

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[ad_1] Our trip to Cambodia it was really a small foray into the country from Vietnam, so we only visited the Temples of Angkor in the town of Siam Reap and the Cambodian capital, Phnom penh. Despite spending so little time and seeing these two places, we are keen to return on another occasion and … Read more

17 best things to do in Nepal

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[ad_1] Between the snow-capped Himalayan mountains and the unspoiled landscape of pastures, valleys and lakes, it’s easy to see why Nepal is an outdoor lover’s paradise. However, if you spend time in this peaceful country, you will find that Nepal is much more than it looks. In addition to spectacular scenery, Nepal is home to … Read more

12 best things to do in Kathmandu, Nepal

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[ad_1] Both magical and mythical, only the name of Kathmandu evokes images of ancient and imposing temples which rise in the middle of the imposing Himalayas. While the capital of Nepal is certainly an attractive place, its crowded, chaotic and colorful nature threatens to be overwhelming at times. The “City of Temples”, which fills the … Read more

12 best things to do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

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[ad_1] Kandy, the cultural capital of the country, is located practically in the center of Sri Lanka and was once the homeland of the ancient kings and queens of the island. As it was not conquered by the British until 1815, the city continues to proudly display its rich history and heritage, with a multitude … Read more