Capsule Coffee Machine – Conclusive Factors To Choose

Currently, there are many models and brands of capsule coffee machines, and if you are looking to buy yours, you can feel very overwhelmed with so many possibilities. But don’t worry, you’ve reached the right place.

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Next, I will tell you the 4 most important factors that you must take into account when buying your capsule coffee machine.

1. Drinks

This factor refers to the quantity and type of drinks that can be prepared with a capsule coffee machine, and also describes the ease of preparation and the quality of the products obtained.

For the uninitiated, this type of device has a very fast and simple operation, so simply insert a capsule into the machine and activate the dispensing button to obtain an excellent espresso.

The capsules are single-dose coffee powder enclosed in a small rigid aluminum or plastic container: the advantage of using them is that the coffee is not only dosed but also very fresh since the capsule always remains well sealed.

A small drawback of these coffee machines, on the other hand, is that, although the initial purchase is not always necessarily expensive, they work exclusively with the capsules, which are quite expensive.

In addition, this type of coffee maker, unlike other types of coffee machines, does not allow any customization of the type of drink to be prepared, since the capsules are already portioned and sealed. Therefore, the choice of drink should be made when the capsules are purchased.

Let’s see what are the  drinks  that  can be prepared with a capsule coffee machine :

Espresso and long coffee: Many of the capsule coffee machines are born with the sole purpose of preparing a perfect espresso. This can be standard or slightly more, depending on user preferences, who can generally choose between the two drinks by pressing a special button.

Barley, ginseng coffee, and other drinks: There are different types of capsules on the market to prepare the most varied drinks, from flavored coffee in various flavors, to cappuccinos, coffee with barley, and ginseng and many others. However, it is necessary to check if the machine accepts the desired drinks, even at the structure level (the models dedicated exclusively to the preparation of coffee, in fact, have a structure that does not allow the use of cups higher than that of espresso, which makes logistically impossible, for example, the preparation of a cappuccino or a long drink )

Cappuccino: Not all capsule machines allow you to make cappuccino, and conversely, this is not a very frequent option. There are no machines that include a “classic Panarello”, so the cappuccino can only be prepared in two cases. The first is that the machine serves to prepare multiple drinks, in which it is possible to insert the pre-packed cappuccino capsule (whose consistency, we must say, is not among the best). The second, instead, provides an automatic cappuccinatore that can be incorporated into the body of the machine in the form of a container with a pump that sucks the milk and mounts it in soft foam, or an external container that performs the same operation, two ideal solutions for an Excellent creamy cappuccino.

It should also be noted that some capsule coffee maker include ” welcome packs  “, ie packages with a variable number of capsules, to allow the user to start using the machine immediately or to be able to try different varieties of capsules and then buy the one you prefer.

In addition to most of the structure, the aesthetic aspect is also a very important element to consider when choosing a capsule coffee maker, as these appliances are real design objects.

Producers try to make capsule coffee machines with increasingly modern, attractive, and elegant shapes: therefore, it will be necessary to choose not only the model that best suits your space needs, but you can also select the one that best suits your personal tastes or more suitable for your kitchen, home, or office furniture.

When used exclusively for espresso preparation, the capsule coffee machines are always very compact and allow very simple placement in different types of environments. They are also usually available in large color ranges.

Machines that also includes cappuccino brewing are generally taller and have a  higher tonnage than those just described.

A measure that is important to verify, in the case of evaluating the purchase of a capsule coffee machine equipped with the automatic ejection system of the used capsule is the width of the container that collects them: very small containers require more frequent intervention by the user part to empty them so they can use the machine again.

2. Pressure

Since you may have already had the opportunity to read if you are interested in buying a capsule coffee machine or an automatic coffee machine, the pressure is a decisive characteristic in determining the quality and flavor of coffee produced by a coffee maker.

Capsule coffee machines are no exception: pressure is an important element to consider when buying as it determines the quality of the coffee produced with your machine.

Here is a brief categorization of the  pressure levels  that can be found in coffee machines, with a description of the quality of the coffee they can produce:

  • Less than 12 bar: this amount of pressure is not considered adequate to produce a good espresso coffee, the extraction of which must be done quickly and with a certain jet of energy, otherwise the aroma of the coffee will be inconsistent.
  • Between 12 and 15 bars: it is the average pressure range that professionals in the sector identify as optimal for obtaining a good espresso coffee. Most good quality coffee makers reach the maximum value in this range or 15 bars.
  • From 15 to 19 bars: These are the coffee machines that produce the espresso with the strongest and richest aroma possible and, especially those with 19 pressure bars are generally priced higher, even if they do not include the preparation of other drinks. like cappuccino or special functions. What you pay, in this case, is the high quality of the coffee produced.

3. Functions

The different functions of a capsule coffee machine must be considered taking into account the fact that they affect the ease of use and versatility of the appliance, which also influences the final price at which these products are sold.

Some functions refer to the  preparation of drinks  and are  as follows  :

  • Amount of coffee: it is possible to program the level of coffee you want to obtain in the cup, both for espresso and long coffee.
  • Hot / Cold: Some machines have a hot/cold selector lever to perfectly prepare drinks that require the use of hot or cold water.
  • Memory: the possibility to personalize and remember your favorite drinks by varying the amount of coffee or milk you want.
  • Automatic cappuccinatore – Some models require that cappuccino brewing be fully automatic, and therefore the user only needs to press a button and put the cup and/or milk containers in place.

Instead, other functions refer to the   general  operating mechanism  of the coffee machine. Here is a list of  these features  :

  • Automatic shutdown: adjustable by the user, with a time that varies from a few minutes to an hour or so since the last coffee produced, depending on the model.
  • Rapid heating: on some models, the boiler heats up in moments and the machine is ready for immediate use, even when it is switched on.
  • Automatic dispensing stop: the coffee maker cuts off the water supply for the beverage being prepared.

4. Practicality of Use

The last deciding factor in buying a capsule coffee maker is its ease of use, important to keep in mind to realize how much time and effort you will need to spend on your appliance, especially considering that these machines are used on a daily basis, often even several times during the same day.

First of all, it must be said that the capsule the coffee maker is, by its operational nature, a very practical machine that, in fact, is the ideal option for those situations of use, such as shared use by many people in an office, where it is It is necessary to have a machine that is not bulky, clean and easy to keep in order and that does not require long coffee preparation times.

Then there are  some features  that make a capsule coffee maker even more practical, and they are as follows:

Automatic capsule ejection: Some models automatically eject the used capsule, so they do not require the user to reopen the machine and empty the compartment where the capsule is placed.

Cable Compartment – Some devices offer the ability to adjust the length of the cable and “hide” it is a convenient dedicated compartment.

Large Capacity Containers: If the drip tray and the one that collects rejected capsules have a good capacity, it will not be necessary to intervene frequently to keep the machine in good condition.

Other factors to consider when choosing a capsule coffee maker

Are the materials important?

The material is not such an important element since almost all capsule coffee machines are produced with the same materials: the most robust and robust models have external structures in metal alloys, others with a lower price use resistant plastics.

In our opinion, both options are valid, clearly bearing in mind that a cheaper coffee maker built with plastic materials can become opaque and subject to wear faster than a steel model.

However, in the case of capsule coffee makers, as we have already seen in the paragraph dedicated to design and structure, it is also, and above all, the style in which they are produced that influences consumer choices. Since these devices are today, they are considered real design objects to match the furniture and taste of the office or home.

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