Boston Travel Guide – Best Travelling Tips

It is one of the cities in the United States that we know best because we have visited it several times, and that is why we wanted to publish this article to share all the information you need to know to travel to Boston.

And in this case, I don’t want to limit myself to recommending the monuments to visit, but above all to give you advice on various aspects that you should consider when traveling to Boston.

Boston Travel Guide  – Tips for travelling and visiting Boston sightseeing

Below you will find the answers to the various questions you can ask yourself regarding the airport, how to move around the city, insurance, what to eat, or the tours and excursions you can do.

How to get to Boston by Metro from the airport

Going by subway is one of the fastest and cheapest solutions since you cross the sea underneath in less than 15 minutes until you reach the Frontwater station, next to the financial district, from where you can move around the rest of the city.

To catch the metro at the airport, you have to get on a free bus that runs through the various terminals and drops you at the station; There, you already buy the ticket that takes you to the centre of Boston, which costs 2.75 dollars.

Boat-Taxi from the airport to Boston

If it is not cold, the option of the boat-taxi in Boston seems the most fun because it has a lot of charm.

You do the same route as in the subway, but in a small boat by the sea from where you have a spectacular panoramic view of the city’s skyline.

The price of the ticket for the boat taxi is 12 dollars.

Bus from the airport to Boston

As in all cities, the bus is the cheapest option since it only costs 1.75 dollars and leaves you at the  South Station, from where you can get to any point in the city.

Taxi or a transfer from the airport

These two options are the ones that take you directly from the airport to the point you want, so the price is variable.

But to get an idea, taking a taxi from the airport to the financial district costs you about $ 20; yes, remember that you have to leave a tip.

Without a doubt, the most comfortable option is the private transfer from the airport that will take you between 20 and 45 minutes; here, you can book the private transfer.

Clarification for those who use applications like Uber:  in the United States, they work great, but each city has rules, and in Boston, journeys from the airport are not covered.

It is “MANDATORY” to travel with insurance.

Tours and excursions in BostonBoston Travel Guide

Being one of the cities with the most history in the United States, it will not be strange to tell you that there is much to see in Boston. Here we reveal your essentials!

They say Boston is the capital of culture and knowledge of the United States. On the one hand, the cradle of the American Revolution is a city full of historical buildings and museums, in which you will investigate its past.

On the other, Boston is the headquarters of many technologies and biotechnology companies. It is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the United States, such as Harvard or the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With this presentation, you are sure to get an idea of ​​how much there is to see in Boston.

Boston Travel Guide

1. Freedom Trail

If we had to choose between everything to see in Boston, we would not hesitate to hike the Freedom Trail. It is a 4-kilometre tour with indications on the ground, which will take you to know some of the most important historical places to see in Boston, which played a crucial role in the American Revolution.

The path begins at Boston Common and Bunker Hill, two of the must-see places in Boston, and passes by churches, cemeteries, and buildings of interest in the North End and Charleston neighbourhoods.
In addition to the characteristic red bricks on the ground, there are explanatory signs on the Freedom Trail to help you understand where you are. You can download the route map on its official website, but you can also get it at the information offices located in different places to visit in Boston.

In addition, if you are very interested in knowing the history of the capital of the state of Massachusetts, you can also hire themed tours.

Being one of the cities with the most history in the United States, it will not be strange to tell you that there is much to see in Boston. Here we reveal your essentials!

They say Boston is the capital of culture and knowledge of the United States. On the one hand, the cradle of the American Revolution is a city full of historical buildings and museums, in which you will investigate its past.

Whether you’re going on a one or two-day excursion from New York or flying directly to Boston and plan to stay longer at Skyscanner, we want to tell you about the must-see places to visit in Boston.

2. Beacon Hill and Black Heritage Trail

Unitedness of the most beautiful areas to visit in Boston is Beacon Hill. As its name suggests, it is located on a hill, and it will fall in love with your labyrinth of red brick collects, among which Acorn Street always stands out.

It says that it is the most photographed street in Boston and, it is not at least beautiful. In addition to enjoying your Victorian vintage houses, full of flowers and flags, here you can enjoy another virtual historical tour to do in Boston. Black Heritage Trail is a route that takes you to know the houses, schools, and cultural centres that were key to the development of Africans brought to Boston as slaves.

A large part of them settled in this area of ​​the city, and, after the American Revolution, when they became free men, they remained in it. The itinerary is signposted, and, like the Freedom Trail, it also has explanatory panels that make it essential to see in Boston.

3. North End and Little Italy

As in New York, one of the things to see in Boston is his “little Italy”. Little Italy is one of the areas of the North End neighbourhood, which is characterized by having more European air than American.

Get a little, discover their markets and churches by the sea, but, above all, walks by Hannover Street, its main street. It is full of shops, pastries (do not miss the Cannoli by Mike’s Patry!) And Italian restaurants, which will make you feel that you are in any city of our Mediterranean neighbour.

On the other hand, in the North End, the oldest house that visits in Boston is located. Paul Revere’s house, which played an essential role in the independence of the United States, can be seen inside.

4. Boston Museums

If they call it the cultural capital of the United States, it will not surprise you that the offer of museums that visit in Boston is enormous. If you have time, you can lose yourself for one or more of them according to your tastes.

Below you will find the most interesting to see in Boston:

A. Boston Tea Party Museum: 

On December 16, 1773, the American settlers threw huge tea merchandise overboard, revealing against the British for the taxes they had to endure for importing it. It was the trigger that initiated the War of Independence and, for its importance, has a boat museum dedicated to this historical moment. Even if you are not passionate about the story, the Boston Tea Party Museum has an excellent interactive collection. The guides, characterized as characters of that time, do a good job.

B. Museum of Science: 

With more than 700 interactive exhibitions, you will discover all kinds of scientific secrets; this is a perfect museum if you visit Boston with children.

C. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: 

Isabella Stewart Gardner was one of the most important art collectors at the end of the 19th century and early twentieth century. In her mansion, Fenway Court of her was a museum with more than 2,500 works of European art, Asian and American artists such as Botticelli, Rubens, or Zurbarán. In addition to enjoying the architecture of the building and the collection, this beautiful museum highlights the glazed interior patio full of flowers. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful corners to see in Boston.

D. Boston Children’s Museum: 

If you are going to visit Boston with the family, another of the museums that we recommend including on your trip is the Boston Children’s Museum. The museum has more than 50,000 objects exposed in different interactive exhibitions, which fall in love with the little ones and will make you a fun time.

6. Quincy Market

During your tour of the Freedom Trail, try to match the time to eat with the Faneuil Hall area. It is a substantial historic building that played an essential role during American independence because it is said that Samuel Adams and James Otis gave fervent speeches against British domination.

Inside has three markets: South Market, North Market, and Quincy Market. The most beautiful and the one we think is essential in this list of places to visit in Boston is the last one. Architecturally speaking is spectacular, but, in addition, it has a lot of posts in which food sells from around the world. Eating here is not very economical, but the atmosphere is worth it.

7. Boston Seaport

One of Boston’s charms is his situation by the sea, at the River Charles outflows and the Mystic River. One of the most beautiful areas to enjoy your landscape is the Boston Seaport.

Before being abandoned, the port has been completely remodeled and has many restaurants and nightclubs overlooking the ocean. If you want to party in Boston, this is your place! Take a look at the calendar of events of the neighborhood and enjoy this other side of the city.

8. Chinatown

While it does not reach the height of other American Chinese neighborhoods such as San Francisco or New York, we advise you to include the only Chinatown of New England in your list of places to see in Boston.

It highlights the Hayden Building, designed in 1875 by Henry Hobson Richardson, one of the US architects of the 19th century. You can visit inside, and there are informative posters that explain its historical importance.

Located very close to the center, try to visit it at lunchtime. In addition to finding many shops and restaurants of the most economical, you will feel teleported to China.
Our favorite sites for eating are China Pearl, for the best dim sum, and gourmet dumpling house, for some rich dumplings.

9. University of Harvard

Did you know that Harvard University is in Boston? Located in the Cambridge area, they studied, among many others, Barack Obama and Bill Gates.

If you want to know a little more about one of the most prestigious campuses in the world, we encourage you to sign up for one of the tours guided by students or to make your tour guided by the maps and audios you will find on your website.

In addition, very close to the campus is Arnold Arboretum, a beautiful park managed by Harvard University, which is worth traveling to.

Since you are in this part of Boston, we recommend you visit the area known as Harvard Square. Known by students like “The Square” is a commercial area full of restaurants and shops, among which the Merchandising store at the University of Boston stands out. Contact the university air for a while!

10. Boston Financial District

If you will visit Boston from Monday to Friday, try to spend a while to know your financial district. He walks through its streets full of skyscrapers but dotted with colonial buildings and enjoys the business atmosphere early in the morning or during its famous.

Afterwork. Even so, to have some better views of the Boston Skyline, it is best to approach where the frigate of the USS Constitution Navy is located.

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