Top 5 Best Walkie Talkies For Long Distance – Read Our Review

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Group outdoor activities are great, but keeping everyone connected in wooded areas, mountains, or even the countryside can be a problem when mobiles go out of range. When going out to explore, it is necessary to have all the necessary equipment to guarantee our safety, especially when several people go on the trip.

So that you do not have to depend on the mobile signal or have to pay a lot for a satellite phone, it is convenient to have the best walkie talkies, equipment that allows instant communication and that, for years, have been useful in multiple areas like sports, hospitality and even in the world of construction.

Motorola Talkabout T800

For the riskiest outdoor adventures, having a pair of walkie talkies is ideal for maintaining communication in groups, which you can achieve with these from the Motorola brand, which are capable of withstanding the harshest environments.

Among its outstanding features is an integrated LED flashlight that will provide emergency lighting when needed.

They have an emergency alert button, a range of 10 km, autonomy of up to 18 hours, in addition to being able to automatically change the channel.

This pair of walkie talkies can be synchronized in a simple way, programming to the same channel and code simultaneously.

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Proster Rechargeable Walkie Talkies

For constructions and works, professionals from different areas, events, fairs, and outdoor activities, these walkies have the ideal power to keep you connected wherever you are.

Its 1500 mAh lithium-ion battery provides great performance, allowing the equipment to operate continuously for 8 to 9 hours.

They have 16 memory channels and can reach up to five kilometers in range. In addition, it has a series of applications that turn these devices into multifunction walkie talkies, such as a scanning system, an emergency alarm function, and a practical LED flashlight for low-light situations.

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Kenwood TK-3402U16P

This is a radio transmitter with up to 16 pre-programmed channels, plus eight analog frequencies and 16 digital frequencies.

This walkie talkie stands out for its robust and resistant construction, even against bumps and falls. It has voice encryption and a lithium-ion battery that gives you a range of up to 14 hours of continuous use.

It weighs only 1.98 pounds, so it is quite light and includes a functional clip that allows you to carry it on your belt when you are not using it.

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Earpiece 16 Channel Walkie Talkies

With an affordable price and excellent features, this pair of walkie talkies are perfect to take on any of your adventures, being equipment that can be used in the professional field, such as security guards or construction areas.

The battery of these devices is lithium-ion, increasing their useful life, they are also very easy to use, by just having to connect both devices to the same channel and start talking to the other end with the press of a button.

One of the standout features of these walkie talkies is the truly portable size that allows you to easily take them anywhere. They deliver very well with what they promise, being practical and powerful equipment, covering up to 6 kilometers of distance between points.

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Retevis RT-5R Dual Band

Concluding with the selection, we find some walkie talkies that impress for their excellent value for money and, especially if you are looking for a pair of radios that are for professional use.

It has a Time Out Timer (TOT) function, which prevents the user from occupying the same channel for a long time, as well as dual-frequency reception that prevents the loss of signal and information during calls.
Similarly, it allows you to select the power you need, has a busy channel lock, different protection systems, and even an emergency alarm.
They are walkie talkies suitable for multiple activities, such as hunting, fishing, airsoft, security, or mountaineering.

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Walkie talkies, for many people, can be considered as a simple toy that children want as a gift, but any adventurer or fan of tactical equipment knows how useful they can be in situations where communicating through mobile is not possible.

These are excellent survival kits that can even provide you with distress signals when you need them in a time of emergency, so if you plan on taking long trips, group climbing, hiking, or just have an adventure in the Outside, having good quality walkie talkies in your kit is extremely useful and convenient.

It is necessary and mandatory to have an amateur radio license, especially if you find yourself in any of these cases:

If it is your hobby
If you need more scope
If you want to be open to all bands established by the
IARU (International Amateur Radio Union)

In addition to this, the walkie talkie must meet certain characteristics so that it must be used together with a license, among these is that the device must have dual-band (VHF and UHF), it must have the possibility of changing the frequency, more than 0.5 W power and the possibility of changing the antenna.

Having a walkie talkie is not something that is considered illegal, however its use without a license can result in a fine. Although, exceptionally, a professional use walkie-talkie could be used without having a license in an emergency or disaster situation.


When you start looking, you realize that there is not only one type of walkie talkies, but there are several that offer different functions according to the needs of all users. The first thing is to define what you will use it for, where and how often, having these points clear you can have a place where you can start to know what your communication team needs.

In the same way, it is worth knowing each of the types of walkie talkies, from those of free use that in English are known by the initials of FSR that mean Family Radio Service, to those for professional use.


These are the kind of walkie talkies that will provide hours of fun for kids as they are exactly what they describe – a toy that they can communicate with from end to end, but without the power or range of a professional walkie talkie.

This is a walkie talkie that is generally made of plastic, as well as being light so that children can carry them easily, running on batteries and existing in any number of cute designs that are striking for the little ones at home.


These are walkie talkies that can come in different ranges, a range that increases depending on the power of the equipment, so a 2-watt radio can cover up to 12 kilometers, while a 4-watt radio can cover 48 kilometers and thus grows the scope of these equipment exponentially as it is a more powerful device.


This is the ideal model for hunters, being equipped with functions that will prove extremely useful in the world of hunting. We are talking about functions such as a vibration mode that prevents sounds, which could scare a possible capture, in addition to microphones or car chargers.


They can be used in all kinds of weather conditions, as they are manufactured to last for a long time as they are the most resistant. The waterproof walkie talkies are ideal for those who go out to the mountains and face all kinds of scenarios, being reliable and high-quality devices, where a mobile could not be compared to having lower reception in more remote places.


In a market with all kinds of options, it’s easy to spend hours and hours trying to find a pair of walkie talkies that have all the features you need. However, it is not difficult to reduce the number of models by taking into account some of the most important factors that these teams must have, let’s start by knowing each one of them:


When you start looking for a walkie talkie, these new terms start to emerge that, if you have no idea, can get a bit confusing. But, you don’t have to worry, as it is quite simple to understand.

Let’s start with the frequencies, where we can find two types of walkie talkies, the VHF, which occupy the frequency range from 30 MHz to 300 MH, while the UHF occupy the frequency range between 300 MHz and 3GHz.

As for which one offers greater advantages than the other when it comes to taking them on any adventure, you should know that UHF walkie talkies have less probability of interference, since they have a greater possible frequency range. On the other hand, they are an excellent option when you find yourself in situations where the antennas must be small and less visible.

VHF models, on the other hand, stand out because they are less expensive and have similar characteristics to UHF, in addition to that their batteries tend to last much longer.


In most cases, you will find that the brands or manufacturers of these remote communication equipment specify what is the range in meters, miles or kilometers that they can reach. Depending on what you need, you will have to find a pair that covers the amount of distance you plan to travel.


When choosing a good pair of walkie talkies, it is also important to think about the most useful accessories with which we can get the most out of our equipment.
Some equipment includes factory accessories such as hands-free equipment, noise cancellation functions, headphone or microphone input, channel saving and you can even check the weather forecast, it all depends on the model you choose and the features it has.


As for batteries, walkie talkies can work with different types of batteries. Those of the lower-middle range, usually work with double or triple A batteries and are usually rechargeable batteries , but, for the most part, current models use lithium-ion batteries, being the ones with a longer useful life and a greater performance when using them.


If you’ve ever wondered why walkie talkies and remote radios have several channels, everything has an explanation and it is for different reasons. Understanding how they work and what they do will help you choose the most appropriate one for your needs. Walkie talkies can have 20 channels in total and, the higher the number, the higher the cost, but also take into account that having a radio with a greater number of channels will help you communicate more efficiently and quickly.


Do you remember that we talked about some walkie talkies requiring a license to be used and others not? Well, a lot of this depends on the type of frequency that the radio uses to work and this is where the radio terms FRS and GMRS come in.

FRS radio owes its acronym to Family Radio Service or Family Radio Service, while GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service or General Mobile Radio Service.

What these two frequencies have in common is that they were both created by the federal communications commission for two-way personal communication.

That is why these services can be used by the open public, as they are private voice services created for personal communication.
And speaking of frequencies, the FRS and GMRS are in the range of 462 and 467 MHz, although the former can operate over shorter distances, while the devices that have GMRS frequency are more powerful, being able to provide direct communication over distances of up to 1.6 km.


Walkie talkies are really effective two-point direct communication devices, these, unlike a simple radio, are capable of sending and receiving information from one end to the other immediately. Since both teams use the same channel to work, it means that only one person can do it at a time.


The police usually use their own frequencies that vary depending on where they are, in addition to being on a channel where only they are allowed to transmit, so it might not be possible to participate in a police conversation.


Double-ended walkie talkies are really difficult to track, since many models usually have coding systems that only reproduce messages that are preceded by a certain tone, this prevents anyone from entering an alien conversation.
This is also the way in which governments establish different frequencies that they can use in various scenarios, leaving room for emergency services, civil use and even military use.


This depends on the type of walkie talkie you choose and how powerful it is. For the most basic or shorter-distance models, you can achieve communications over distances of up to 6 kilometers, while more professional teams could cover distances of up to 40 kilometers.


Walkie talkies are equipment that does not need cables to work, in addition to being portable, so they can be easily taken anywhere. Similarly, having to connect to a channel to broadcast a message, they do not require mobile signals to communicate, so they are ideal for sites with little coverage.

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