Best time of year to travel to Laos


The weather in Laos, as in the rest of the countries of Southeast Asia, is marked by the monsoon season, typical of tropical climates in the region.

Thus, we can speak of two very different seasons, the wet or rainy season and the dry season.

So if you are thinking of traveling to Laos, a country that we visited and that we highly recommend, it is always good to know what is the best time of year to travel to Laos. And in this way, enjoy as much as possible a country to discover.

Luang Prabang at a glance 3

I have to say that the rainy season is not a time that should affect your trip excessively, since the rains are short, but intense. It usually rains in the evening, and the rest of the day, the sun is very bright. Hence, those incredible tropical jungles, such as those that accompany much of the Mekong river as it passes through Laos.

Wet or rainy season

The rainy or wet season begins in May and ends in October. During these months, as I mentioned a little above, the rains appear mainly at sunset, and they are very intense and short rains, the typical tropical storms.

Due to the orography of the country, it is quite mountainous, the most mountainous areas are the rainiest. And the southern part of Laos, along with the banks of the Mekong, attract less rainfall. But don’t trust Luang prabang we were drenched in an intense tropical storm.

The good thing about this time of year is that the temperatures are not excessively high, but rather temperate.

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On the other hand, getting around Laos is quite complicated. Although the roads are not bad, they are not very good either. So in more mountainous sections, there can be landslides, and even closed roads. And this, yes, it can determine to some extent your visit to Laos.

However, one of the largest highways in the country, and in the region, the Mekong, is a good alternative to make some trips. This was the way that we entered the north of Thailand to get to Luang Prabang, two days of boat trip.

Laos Mekong river

If we talk about temperatures, at the end of this season they are milder. The average is around 25 degrees, but at the beginning of the rainy season, when the dry season is leaving behind, it is when the temperatures are highest.

Dry season

During the dry season is when you will find the highest temperatures. And when it’s hot in Laos, it really does.

So much so that during the months of March and April, temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees.

Well, this Dry Season begins in November, and ends in April. At the beginning of this season the temperatures are milder, since the rainy season cools the environment quite a bit.

What to see in Laos

Unlike the rainy season, at this time the roads are in good condition, so moving around the country is not going to be complicated. If you are going to travel, a good option is to use the night buses, they are quite comfortable, and when you wake up, you are already arriving at your destination.

The Mekong is also navigable, but boats have to be more careful, as there are rocky areas that can sometimes cause accidents.

What is the best time to travel to Laos?

Well, once you have seen what each season is like, I think that if you can choose, it is best to go at the beginning of the dry season. The reasons are various. In this period it is not yet the unbearable heat of the end of this season.

On the other hand, it is not yet fully booked like the high season. Although at this point, it is true that the months of July and August, which coincide with holidays in Europe and the rainy season, there is a lot of tourism. And if you go to Luang prabang or Vientiane, you will see many French, not in vain, it is a former French colony.

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If I had a choice I would not go at the end of the dry season as the temperatures are so high. However, the month of October, which would be the transition month along with November, is a good month to go. In fact, this it was the month in which we enjoyed Laos. And as I mentioned a little above, except for a nightly downpour in Laos, the rest of the time was very good.

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