How To Make Good Coffee With An Italian Coffee Maker?

Before we start, how to make good coffee with an Italian coffee maker, let us know about it.

What Is An Italian Coffee Maker?

It is an aluminum coffee maker that works with a pressure system, with 3 layers:

At the bottom of the container is water which, once brought to a boil, turns into vapor

This vapor crosses the upper floor where the ground coffee is
Finally arrived in the container at the top where the coffee will end up.

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Once almost all of the water has evaporated, the last bubbles of steam create a characteristic noise announcing that the coffee maker must be removed from the hot spring. It is important to remove the coffee maker in time from its heat source, otherwise, the coffee will burn and give it a taste.

It nevertheless requires cleaning after each use (with water and not soap) and to change the seal fairly regularly. It is, however, advisable to leave a thin layer of coffee to prevent the coffee from taking on the aluminum taste of the container.

Italian or mocha coffee machines are cheap, very easy to use, and traditional ones have a completely manual operation, although there are also more advanced coffee machines for electric operation, as we will see later. They also stand out for presenting a very characteristic design and shape (see photo below). They are called Greek coffee makers or machines in other parts of the world. There are versions of different sizes, although it is normal to have the ability to prepare an amount of espresso equivalent to 3 – 6 cups.

How does an Italian coffee maker work?

If you want to know how an Italian coffee machine works, do not miss any detail of what we will tell you later. We all have the idea that Italian coffee producers are a simple mechanism in which simply pouring water, coffee, and heating it until it starts to boil. And the truth is that after the operation of an Italian coffee machine there is enough science and details that the normal consumer can get away with. It doesn’t hurt to know them:

It consists mainly of three components: a lower compartment in which water is poured (A), an upper compartment in which the already prepared coffee is deposited (C), and a filter in the middle (B) which is where we throw the coffee ground before starting

The filter is made of metal, and the recommended amount of coffee for making good espresso is between 6 and 9 grams per cup.

As we have said, Italian coffee producers use steam to prepare espresso coffee. To use them we logically need to fill the tank with water (therefore it will be heated to produce steam), more or less at the safety valve, and never above it. Then, we place the filter (B) that separates the two bodies of the coffee machine and we throw the ground coffee of our choice on it. Both sides are screwed or joined and we are ready to heat our coffee machine.

Since Italian coffee makers are closed tightly, with the formation of steam in the water tank (A), the pressure in this space increases. And when you increase the pressure enough, the water that remains in the tank will rise to the top (C), through the filter of the ground coffee, and will accumulate there until the process ends. As a consequence of the pressure, the water always pushes upwards, and therefore the coffee will never be lowered into the lower compartment.

It is also called Mocha coffee maker, pressure coffee maker (that is to say “small machine” in Italian). It is a coffee maker much appreciated by lovers of the succulent taste of coffee around the world. It has been invented in 1895, but in 1933, the Italian coffee maker obtained its patent under the name of Moka Express thanks to Alfonso Bialetti, founder of the Bialetti company which produces this coffee maker.

Based on a very simple method of use, It uses pressurized steam to prepare good, full-bodied, and flavored coffee. But, how does it really work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it? We suggest you discover everything about it before buying it on the market or using it at home.

A simple operating principle for an exquisite taste coffee with the Moka Express coffee maker

First of all, it is important to know that the operation of the coffee maker is based on 3 essential elements. The first is the bottom compartment. It is a container into which water is poured. The second element is the central part of the machine. This part serves both as a filter and as a storage place for the ground coffee. It is screwed between the first element and the third which is nothing other than the top compartment. It is this last element that receives the coffee after the water pressure has propelled it. This item is also used to pour coffee. In a few minutes, your coffee is done.

The Moka coffee maker is available in classic and modern versions. It exists in aluminum and stainless steel. It can be supplied with different heat sources, namely: wood fire, gas, and hot plates, or induction plates (for the stainless steel coffee maker). There is also a model of the Italian electric coffee maker. It is a modern version that allows you to quickly have good coffee with a natural taste.

The advantages of the Italian coffee maker

  • The drink obtained is full-bodied and flavored;
  • There is fewer caffeine thanks to its emulsion system;
  • It can be used on several heat sources; x
  • Its operating system is ecological and economical;
  • It is easy to use and maintain;
  • It is a design object and can be placed anywhere at home;
  • It is inexpensive.
  • You have to know how to dose the quantity of water and coffee to have good coffee, and this is not often done on the first attempts
  • The preparation time is often long to get good coffee
  • Between two uses, you must necessarily wait for the coffee maker to cool down first
  • You have to know how to choose your Italian coffee maker in terms of capacity because it exists in small, medium, and large (pay attention to the number of cups indicated. The sizes of cups are Italian therefore smaller than French)

It is undoubtedly the most famous coffee maker in the world. It has allowed coffee with a unique taste for decades. After having been patented in 1933 under the name of Moka Express thanks to Alfonso Bialetti who is the founder of the large company Bialetti which manufactures the it, this latter has seen its fame across all the continents.

It is in all markets. It is a real coffee machine that combines history and design. There are several types, namely: the classic Italian aluminum coffee maker, the Italian induction coffee maker (usually made of stainless steel), and the Italian electric coffee maker with a base to heat the coffee. The capacity of Moka coffee makers ranges from 1 cup to 18, knowing that a Mocha cup generally makes 5 cl of coffee.

And now comes the fundamental question that you are certainly asking yourself: how to make good coffee with your Italian coffee maker? The operating principle of it is very simple, but it is essential to know the steps to follow to make a success of your coffee.

These are the ingredients to use, for example, the type of coffee to use, the ideal grind to use, the type of water to use, the type of heater to use, how to maintain your coffee maker, etc. These are very important things that you need to know in order to enjoy your full-bodied and flavored coffee made with it.

The ingredients to use to make a good coffee with the Mocha coffee maker

He who wishes to travel far take care of his mount. The ingredients are essential for good coffee, especially when you have to makewith it. Thus, you essentially need two ingredients to make good coffee with the Moka Express: coffee and water naturally.

What coffee and grind to use for your Italian coffee maker?

But then which coffee to use for your successful Italian Moka coffee because the choice of coffee is essential. To do this, you must choose a ground coffee that must be slightly more finely ground than that for filter coffee. Note that for the best quality of coffee, take 100% Arabica and avoid mixing with Robusta.

Do you opt for coffee beans? Be careful not to grind it too much with your coffee grinder. This will prevent the coffee from being too fine. It is therefore important to have a good coffee grinder that can be adjusted to grind with a certain homogeneity. Note that the coffee beans must be fresh to bring out all the aromas.

What water to use for your Italian coffee maker?

The water to be used must be fresh, but not necessarily cold, and pure/filtered. This is a very important criterion since it is in this quality that you will get the desired taste for your coffee. Quality water will give quality coffee. Note that some put water that has already been heated in a kettle (at 80 ° C) in the coffee maker to speed up the preparation of coffee.

In addition to these ingredients, you must have certain materials and accessories to properly prepare your coffee. This is naturally your mocha coffee maker, cups (knowing that a mocha cup is equivalent to about 5 cl of coffee), a container filled with cold water or any other device allowing you to have water fresh, a coffee grinder if you want to grind your coffee, a scale, a heat source to power your coffee maker and a timer. Once all the necessary ingredients and equipment have been assembled, you can proceed to the actual preparation of your coffee with the Moka coffee maker in the state of the art.

How to prepare a coffee with your Italian coffee maker?

The preparation of Moka coffee is simple but must be done with great delicacy. We will take the example on 3 cups of coffee. To start, you must pour filtered water (160ml) into the tank at the bottom of the coffee maker until you reach the safety valve.

Then, fill the central funnel of the mocha coffee maker with 15 g of coffee. It is recommended to tip the balance on the bottom of the coffee maker so that the surface of the coffee is flat. After that, you have to screw the compartment on top of the coffee maker. To heat the coffee, it is advisable to use low heat or a heat source at medium temperature to avoid overheating of the coffee maker, which will affect the quality of the drink.

Use your timer to count down 5 minutes, after which time the mocha coffee will appear in the top compartment of your coffee maker. One minute after that, you must remove your coffee maker from the heat or cut off its heating source and quickly immerse the bottom part in the container filled with cold or ice water.

All these steps being followed, your coffee is finally ready, well-bodied, and very rich in aroma. Now use the jug from your Italian coffee maker to fill your cups with exquisite flavored coffee.

How do I clean the Moka coffee maker after use?

The way you maintain your coffee maker determines its longevity and the quality of the coffee it offers. After using your mocha coffee maker, it is advisable not to use soap to clean its interior. You just have to rinse it well with hot water.

Indeed, this allows you to always keep the smell of coffee in your coffee maker (especially if it is made of aluminum) in order to protect you from the metallic taste that could harm your health. This is why some people prefer Italian stainless steel coffee makers. But, whatever type of machine you have at home, you must maintain it well to allow it to make good coffee for several years. For this, it is essential to follow these cleaning tips to keep your Italian coffee maker always clean.

What are the differences between Italian coffee and mate?

Caffeine level

Coffee and mate have a more or less similar level of caffeine, but the former contains a little more. The body tolerates the second better.

It is interesting to note that the mate can be consumed by a pregnant woman who loves coffee. This drink prevents him from increasing the heart rate and blood pressure that can be caused by an excess of caffeine. The trick is knowing how to prepare the mate properly.
The other components

Coffee contains vitamins and minerals, but mate is richer at this level. It is the seeds that are treated in the first case while the second uses the leaves. The latter contains around 90% antioxidants and several amino acids.

To this wealth are added various vitamins including vitamins A, C, B1, or even B5. Mate also contains magnesium, iron, or sodium.

The effects

Coffee and mate are both drinks that can be described as energizing. With the difference that the first can cause various undesirable effects.

These effects are absent when taking a mate. The latter is among others composed of caffeine and xanthine which are respectively physical and brain stimulants. They fight against fatigue both in the body and in the mind.

The combination of caffeine and xanthine with polyphenols is the reason why you are protected from the disadvantages of coffee by drinking mate. You avoid several disorders including palpitations, nervousness, or stomach problems caused by the mixture between caffeine and acid.

Mate gives you a feeling of relaxation and provides the energy necessary to face the day while optimizing concentration.

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