Best Cordless Combi Drill UK

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Don’t know which is the best cordless combi drill UK to buy? Choose the drill that best suits your needs according to its characteristics, power, brands, etc. Do not miss it!

Whether for home or professional use, drills are possibly the most complex tool in a toolbox. With a good drill, you can drill to even chisel almost any material with the right bit or quickly tighten and loosen all kinds of screws.

But of course, as with drills and screws, we can find drills of many sizes, shapes, and characteristics. If you’re a bit of a novice at this, you probably don’t know where to start, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you choose the best cordless combi drill for you. If, on the other hand, you are already a handyman and you know what you are looking for, we have prepared a section for you with the best brands and models of drills.

Tips for knowing which best cordless combi drill to buy

best cordless combi drill uk

 Cordless or corded drill?

Well, it depends on the use you will give it and how easy it is to have nearby plugs. The Corded drills are usually lighter than cordless drills because they do not have to carry heavy batteries. However, with a cordless drill, you will have much more mobility and freedom of use, of course, at the cost of increasing price since they are usually more expensive models. Although (and this is something that not everyone knows), hopefully, you will be able to use the same battery of your cordless drill with other power tools of the same brand, as long as they are compatible.

In terms of power, corded drills are rated in watts (W), typically ranging from 450 watts for entry-level models to around 1500 watts for the more powerful professional-use exercises. If you are going to use a drill for housework or simple DIYs, buying a 550-watt drill will have enough. If, on the other hand, you want to give it a more professional use or you plan to work on more complex surfaces, we recommend that you decide to buy a drill from 1000 to 1500 watts.

In the case of cordless drillspower is measured in volts (V) so that the more volts we have, the more powerful our drill will be. This power range can go from 12 to 20 volts, being the most common to find models close to 20V, prepared for domestic and professional tasks.

 Do you want to be able to screw with the drill?

If so, find a drill driver (with which to insert and remove screws), and that has variable speed or torque control so that it does not apply excessive speed or torque on the screw and break it.

 What kind of surfaces are you going to drill?

If you are sure that you will use your drill to drill wood, plastic, metal, or plaster surfaces, most combination drills can give you good results with these surfaces. However, if you are drilling hard surfaces such as concrete, piers, or masonry, read on, as these surfaces require you to look for a hammer-action drill.

Do you want to know more? Below we explain more about these types of drills so that you can find the one that best suits what you need.

Which combi drill to buy according to its use?

Electric screwdriver

If holes are not your thing and you want to mount furniture and tighten the odd screw, the best thing you can do is find an electric screwdriver. These lightweight cordless screwdrivers are ideal for tightening loose screws in tight spaces and for quickly assembling furniture.

If this is really what you need, you are in luck; at Cash Converters, we have a wide variety of electric screwdrivers, very cheap and with a 2-year warranty. Although if you want to continue investigating, we recommend some models.

You can not ask for more quality and reliability; this light and compact electric screwdriver from Tacklife comes with everything you need for home or office use. You will not need anything else since it comes with its battery, charging cable and bit kit to screw anything, and even an external to reach difficult places and a small led light to illuminate us. Of course, this small screwdriver’s power is low, so it is not recommended for professional work, but enough to assemble and disassemble all types of furniture.

Tacklife SDP50DC Cordless Electric Screwdriver

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  • Electric Screwdriver, Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V with 31 Pcs & USB Rechargeable, 2.0Ah Li-ion Battery & Power Display, Ideal for Small Home Projects TACKLIFE SDP50DC

You can not ask for more quality and reliability; this light and compact electric screwdriver from Tacklife comes with everything you need for home or office use. You will not need anything else since it comes with its battery, charging cable and bit kit to screw anything, and even an external to reach difficult places and a small led light to illuminate us. Of course, this small screwdriver’s power is low, so it is not recommended for professional work, but enough to assemble and disassemble all types of furniture.

Combination Drills

Combination drills offer the same features as a drill and driver, but with the added feature of hammer action, making it suitable for drilling in masonry and brick as well. These 3-in-1 drills are a great all-rounder; they already combine everything we’ve seen before and tend to be more potent than a conventional drill. It is an excellent option if you need a tool with a little more force, which is still helpful for most everyday tasks.

Einhell TE-CD 18 Li-i Brushless

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  • Solo Power X-Change Cordless Impact Drill – Supplied with 2.5Ah Battery and Charger

Without a doubt, the best cordless drill in quality and price, being in addition to Einhell, another of the best brands of professional drills. As a combination drill, it has three functions of the screwdriver, drilling, hammer drilling in masonry, and a 2-speed gear to facilitate powerful driving and fast drilling. Its 18V and its two batteries do wonders for a long day of work as for power.

DEWALT DCD795D2 Combination Drill

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  • GB XR Brushless Compact Lithium-Ion Combi Drill Bit with 2 x 2Ah Batteries, 18V, 26.19cm x 41cm x 11.71cm

We leap professional use with the best Dewalt cordless drill, which with its DCD795D2 model more than fulfills a commitment to power, efficiency, and high durability. If you don’t know which drill to buy for professional use, this three-in-one drill will save you from a lot of trouble, whatever your profession. Dewalt offers 18V of power powered by two batteries, 13mm chuck for the heaviest jobs, hammer action of up to 34,000 impacts per minute, and weighing just 1.62 kilograms.

 Cordless Electric Screwdriver Bosch Professional GSR 12V-15

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  •  12V-15 FC Cordless Drill Driver Set with Two 12 V 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Batteries with 43-Piece bit and nutsetter Set

If you need a model for much more professional use, the Bosh screwdriver is the complete option, although much more expensive. With a much smaller and lighter design than other professional models, with this electric screwdriver, you will enjoy 12v -15 power, two batteries, and a set of 39-piece accessories, including screwdriver bits and bits for metal and wood (you never know if you will have to make the hole for the screw yourself). It also has a powerful led light and two speeds for metal and wood, creating a powerful and versatile electric screwdriver.

Driver Drill

This is the most versatile option, ideal for tackling fudges and small jobs at home since you can both make holes in multiple surfaces and screw and unscrew all kinds of screws. They are the most common to find, and the best brands of professional drills have models at reasonable prices, specially designed for home use. Whether they are wired, or wireless is up to you, the important thing is that you look at all its features and choose the one you like the most; we recommend two models.

TackLife PCD05B Drill Driver

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  • 8 V Drill With 2 Lithium Batteries (2.0Ah), 2 Speeds, 19 + 1 Torque Settings With Maximum Of 30 N.m, 43 Accessories, 1 Hour Quick Charge And 10 mm Chuck

The best cordless drill for both home and professional use for its price. With a power of 18V, 19 positions, and two speeds, ideal for all types of work, TackLife is committed to a model with all the possible accessories that we can imagine: two batteries, 32 screwdriver heads, nine drill bits, and a flexible extender, all in a compact carrying case.

Best Professional Cordless Combi Drill Brands

best cordless combi drill uk

Suppose it is already challenging to decide which drill to buy. In that case, the fact that there are dozens of brands does not make it easy and, when we talk about choosing a drill for home or professional use, we always want to buy models of the best brands of professional drills without spending too much.

The solution to that is simple, at Cash Converters, we have drills from the best brands with great discounts and a 2-year guarantee for your safety. Discover below which brand you like the most and check again which models we have available.


One of the most famous and well-known national brands, known to all, is an excellent option if you don’t just want a drill thanks to the high compatibility of all its products. It has ranges for all situations: from domestic (EasyImpact) to semi-professional (UniversalImpact) and even high-performance professionals (AdvancedImpact).

Why don’t you take a look at our Bosh electric drills? Sure the model you need is significantly discounted.


An excellent brand of drills stands out both for its bright red color and for its semi-professional features that do not make the prices of its models more expensive. They may not be models with maximum performance, but they meet the needs of domestic use, carpentry, furniture assembly, and small masonry tasks in an excellent way.

Has it caught your attention? Check out our Einhell electric drill catalog and find yours.


Another of the best electric drill brands on the market is that DeWalt makes challenging models like themselves while surprisingly comfortable. Ideal for long jobs that involve carrying your tool from one place to another, their tools are synonymous with trust among those who use them since they are intended for a semi-professional audience that needs a good response at all times.

Are you looking for a model for semi-professional work? We are sure we have a DeWalt electric drill that fits your needs and your pocket.


Are they looking for a good, excellent and cheap electric drill? Tacklife offers you all this. Ideal for home and amateur use, they are the best value-for-money electric drills, as they are astonishingly affordable for the features they offer. But that they are cheap does not mean that they are wrong; in fact, this brand has stood out for providing good qualities to its users.

As you can see, in the market there are many options. Choosing the best cordless combi drill is a matter of brand or model and the needs you have when putting it to use. Are you clear about which drill to buy? Let’s do it!

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