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A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in any living room. It is placed in front of the sofa and fulfills important aesthetic and practical functions. On the one hand, it allows you to give an elegant and sophisticated touch to the decoration of the living room and, on the other hand, it puts at our fingertips everything we may need while we rest or watch television. It even serves as a meeting point for coffee and chats with friends and family.

It is especially interesting for those people who live in a small apartment and who need to make the most of the space in the living room.

It is a coffee table on several floors, to call them in some way, or layers, that we can manipulate to increase the surface of the table depending on our circumstances.

In this way, if one day we have visitors or we need to open some books on the table we will have more space with a simple gesture.

The best of all? From my point of view, the fact that it is still open has an original and fun design, many times when opening this type of folding tables design is lost, and in this case, quite the opposite.

Placing the coffee table in front of your sofa will help you gain space and comfort. Discover the best coffee tables and the advantages you can get with them

Xuanjia Small Wood End Side Coffee Table

Xuanjia Small Wood End Side Coffee Table manufacturer with wood and metal. It has a bright wood veneer that can be seamlessly collective with any decorative style to add a simple, very comfortable life to your bedroom, balcony, living room. This is solid wood has durability, thick and scratch-proof that can be used for a long time.

You can customize and assemble this table as per your convivence and coming with some set of screws. A few times, you can make it. This table can support 50 lbs.

This table is made with medium fiberboard, Legs are steel shelves. The distance from the floor to the bottom of the shelf is about 5.5 inches.

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EKNITEY Sofa Side Table

EKNITEY sofa side table is ideal for the living room, Laptop, Bedroom, Coffee, Couch, and Small Spaces. This table is made from an MDF tabletop, corrosion water, powder-coated metal frame anti-rust. Also, It is a stylish and sturdy sofa side for everyday use.
It is a long screw ( for assembling the metal frame and side pocket) and a short screw ( for assembling the tabletop)
It has 21.8 x 13.9 x 27 inches and 6.41 pounds weight, wheels dimension is 2inch, it comes with adjustable feet.
As I said earlier that you can assemble yourself but before you start you need to read the manual properly and it’s not very very easy to do it.

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Furinno Coffee Table with Bins

Furinno Coffee Table with Bins by Furinno Store. This table is the most simple stylish design that comes in different color options functional and suitable for any room.  

This table is made with particleboard and non-woven bins. It’s dimension: 31.5(W)x18.9(D)x15.6(H) inches and 22.9 pounds weight.

You need to assemble this product with 1-year manufacturer warranty

Keep in mind that do not tighten the screw and can bear 150lbs maximum.

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How many types of Coffee Tables?

According to their shape, we can distinguish three types of coffee tables:

– Rectangular coffee table: the most common. It fits perfectly in elongated and not very large rooms. – Square coffee table : usually used when, instead of a sofa, you opt for several independent armchairs in the living room. – Round coffee table: its main problem is that it requires a lot of space, so it is not valid for small spaces. However, it is the recommended coffee table for large rooms with a classic and elegant style.

– Oval round table: an alternative to the rectangular coffee table for those who have little space in their living room but prefer softer shapes. Rectangular, square, round, or oval are the most common shapes among coffee tables for the living room, On the other hand, it is possible to name different types of coffee tables according to their functionality: – Extendable or convertible coffee table: it can be made larger if, for example, visitors come home and later return to its original size. It is also often called a folding coffee table.

– Liftable coffee table: generally, it is also used as a magazine rack. Its top cover has a mechanism that allows you to lift it, which provides better support for eating, studying, or working. – Coffee table with drawers: it is not the most common for a sofa side table to have storage compartments of this type. However, this option is gaining popularity in modern salons. – Coffee table with puff: highly recommended also in small living rooms. The reason? The house in their structure one or two seats in the form of a stool or puff that can be removed when a visitor comes and there are not enough seats on the sofa.

– Trunk-type coffee table: it is a kind of box whose upper lid can be lifted to store whatever you want inside. It is a type of coffee table with ample storage. Finally, it is also possible to talk about coffee tables Nordic design, minimalist, classic, retro, vintage, colonial, etc. There is the furniture of this type available with almost any type of aesthetic.

What is the measurement of a coffee table?

A low coffee table should never exceed the height of the seats of the sofa in front of which it is situated. For this reason, the height of this furniture usually ranges between 40 and 50 cm high. Likewise, it must be elongated so that all the people who sit on it can use it and not excessively wide so as not to interfere with traffic. This means that, although it is not an immovable norm, the most common is to find coffee tables for living rooms that do not exceed 120 x 80 cm (length and width).

What goes on a coffee table?

On a coffee table, we can put all these everyday objects: – The remote control of the TV, air conditioner, Blu-ray player, etc. – Magazines and books that we usually read when we sit on the sofa.
– Coasters for when we want to enjoy a drink while watching TV. – Sofa blankets for winter. With the coffee tables, you can store supplies such as winter blankets, magazines or books as well as tablecloths to eat

Why should you put a coffee table?

Buying a coffee table can bring all these benefits: – Use of space without hindering transit. – Ease of focusing the center of attention in the decoration of the room.
– Great functionality since we can have everything we need at hand while we are sitting on the sofa. – They provide elegance and are very versatile in decorative terms.

How can I decorate it?

As soon as you take advantage of an offer on coffee tables and have the chosen model at home, it’s time to decorate it. The best trick to do this is to divide its surface into four equal parts, and then:

Obviously, this is just one example of how to decorate a coffee table, but it is very useful to learn the ideal way to combine small and large objects. We can also use candles, ashtrays, boxes …

What are the best options on the market?

After making this comparison of coffee tables, it seemed clear to us that, according to the opinions of users and buyers, these are the most notable brands for their balance between design, quality, and price:

Renew the decoration of your living room by buying the best possible coffee table for him. With everything that we have just told you here, it will be very simple.

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