Best Coffee Grinders Under $50 – Review and Recommendation

In this article, I am going to tell you about the best coffee grinders under $50

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And the importance of choosing the most suitable coffee grinder under 50 according to your taste. Not all people like the same fineness of grinding, but you should not worry since there are many models for everyone to find theirs.

Coffee lovers are very anti-instant coffee. His love of coffee is shown by preparing his own cup of coffee from start to finish. The grinder plays an important role in this process of preparing your own coffee blend.

In addition to obtaining a more authentic flavor, drinking ground coffee in a grinder provides a special pleasure.

Eparé Coffee Grinder

Epare coffee grinder comes with 15 different settings for grinding. The good things about that AeroPress, French Press, Chemex, Pour Over, and Cold Brew as others grinding machine doesn’t allow.

You can put up to 60 grams of beans in the machine. 40 mm grinder to make consistent and easy to clean as well as maintain too. It’s not so much complicated. What we like about this machine is the Quality of material, Portability, Durability, Easy to clean, Flavor, Easy to use, and pocket friendly.

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  • 15 different setting for grinding
  • Can be use for AeroPress, French Press, Chemex, Pour Over, and Cold Brew
  • Perfect hermetic closure.
  • Grind till 40 mm


  • The wooden handle is noisy
  • Not useful for espresso

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder

KRUPS Silent Vortex Electric Grinder helps you grind beans 12 cups within 15 seconds for drip coffee with less noise. It’s not ground coffee only but also spices, herbs, etc. Flex, pules grinds within 15 seconds. The design looks good but may not Impress everybody. It’s not suitable for espresso coffee. The cord is short so you may need an extra cable to use it.

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  • Short cord
  • Best with coffee beans, not the best with other things like spices and herbs

TRIPLE TREE Coffee Grinder

Tipple Tree brand manual coffee grinding fits with your pocket.  Due to Ceramic burr will not heat during grinding as well as keep intake its test. It’s very easy to clean and use. You can adjust grind size but it’s trial and error so need some patients. . If you are making 2 cups then it takes approx 3 minutes to prepare. Its real value for money, durability, quality of materials. It has a small rubber cozy for protection of the glass.

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Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder has retro look. It’s very portable so you can bring anywhere and make it with very high-quality wooden. It has adjustable grinding so you can control it as you wish. The best thing that it has a less noisy and smooth grind. The top capacity 35-gram beans and the bottom has 55 grams. If grind spice and herbs too. But make sure to clean it properly otherwise your next coffee might be spicy ha haha.

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By using a grinder, you can determine the fineness level of the coffee as desired. Each coffee grinder has a different mechanism for grinding the beans.

There are electric grinders and manual grinders. Because the processing of each grinder is different, they also produce different flavors of coffee.

These are the main types of coffee grinders that you can buy to prepare your favorite drink.

Manual Coffee Grinder

People who have a great love for coffee believe that to maintain its delicious aroma they need to grind the coffee beans with their own hands.

It is not that they want to use old traditional tools, but they prefer to use a manual coffee grinder instead of an electric one.

By using this type of grinder, you have full control to determine the fineness level of the coffee. The fresh aroma of coffee beans can also be felt during the grinding process.

The manual grinder is suitable for those of you who want to appreciate the experience of making coffee in more depth.

Especially now that there are several interesting manual coffee grinders designs, such as those with vintage designs, to make the coffee grinding process feels more fun.

However, also make sure you have enough time because the manual grinding of coffee is time-consuming. The coffee served is not for everyone because the hand grinder generally has a small capacity.

Electric Coffee Grinder

The electric coffee grinders are more practical and effective addition you allow coffee in large quantities. They are more suitable for families where many of their members enjoy frequent coffee.

But because the capacity of the electric coffee grinder is quite large, they also take up more physical space in your kitchen. There are two types of electric coffee grinders, which are distinguished by the applied coffee grinding system.

Burr Mill Coffee Grinder

burr grinder uses two plates in the form of a gear-wheel or also called a mortar as the main tool for grinding the grains.

With a mortar grinding system, the grinder can precisely adjust the consistency of the coffee. This coffee grinder can also extract the oil contained in the beans properly to create an optimal balance of coffee flavor.

As a disadvantage with this type of grinder, it is that its price is usually higher than the other types. But if you are a true coffee lover, the ability of this grinder to produce quality coffee seems to need more consideration.

Grinder Blades

Unlike the burr grinder, this coffee grinder relies on a blade to cut coffee beans into finer sizes. The grinder’s knives sold in the market generally consist of two types, grinders with straight blades (flat type) and of circular blades (cone type).

Although it is quite effective for grinding coffee, the applied cutting system seems to be able to increase the temperature of the beans, thus affecting the consistency of the fineness of the coffee and its flavor.

Still, the price of this coffee grinder is much more affordable than a burr grinder.

Grinding settings on the coffee grinder

A look at the grinding settings for different levels of smoothness in an electric coffee grinder. This feature provides a variation of grain fineness, ranging from coarse (the coarsest grain size), medium-coarse, medium, medium-fine to fine.

Not all electric coffee grinders have this feature, but try to choose one that has this feature so that the results are more consistent.

Tips for choosing a coffee grinder

The fineness level of ground coffee produced (grind adjustment) by the grinder determines which methods of brewing coffee will be used later.

The method of preparing coffee either with a French press, with a drip, siphon, or espresso press, is also chosen according to the taste of the person who is going to drink it.

Choosing the correct brewing method according to the fineness level of the coffee powder affects the freshness of the resulting coffee flavor.

So if you prefer to brew coffee with the french press or pour over technique, adjust the coffee grinder you use to produce thicker coffee beans.

The drip coffee technique is best suited for processing with medium-sized ground coffee. While for coffee grinders that produce finer powder, proper brewing techniques are siphon and espresso.

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