Best Automatic Coffee Maker – Review and Recommendation

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So our team has tried to get the best lists of automatic coffee maker for you, Hope you will also like it and share with your friends.

Maybe with so many different types of coffee machines, brands, and models, you may not be clear on what type we mean when we say “ automatic coffee machines ”.

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

What most attracts the attention of the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is the simplicity of use it presents and the multiple automatic possibilities it offers us. Despite its small size, the quality is like that of other advanced models and even has a very interesting milk treatment function.

This treatment is one of the strengths of Prima Latte. It incorporates a removable milk tank that can fit 300 ml and, together with the automatic milk foam treatment system, makes preparing a coffee with milk very simple. As simple as preparing the star product of this machine, the cappuccino.

To do so we just have to prepare a coffee and then, with the milk tank already in place, press the Cappuccino button. The machine will automatically serve the milk with its corresponding foam.

Apart from the ” Cappuccino ” command, we also found another to make ” Café Latte ” and one last to present an ” Espresso “. You can also set the intensity of the coffee you want, depending on your taste.
This does not allow the use of coffee beans, only ground, but it supports the option of using single-dose type ESE.

The least favorite aspect of this coffee maker model is that it is somewhat noisy, especially when heating milk. You hardly notice it during the day, but if you drink coffee early in the morning it can be annoying.

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  • Your automatic milk casting system
  • The program to customize your coffee
  • It heats up very quickly, allowing our drink to be ready right away


  • It is a bit noisy, especially when the milk is heated
  • At first, the coffee comes out very soft

If you love coffee with a good creamy foam finger on it, the milk treatment system included in this coffee maker makes it perfect for you. In addition, it is very convenient to be able to separate the milk container and store it in the refrigerator for the next use.

De’Longhi ESAM3300

This coffee maker is one of the ones that get the best scores among the expert ratings. The DELONGHI ESAM3300 is fully automatic and has a number of features that make it a great option.

Among them, we highlight the possibility of choosing both the volume of liquid we want and the amount of coffee we prefer. And all just by turning the two dials located on the control panel.

In that same panel, we also find some buttons for us to program if we want a cup or two at a time. We will also find there, the control that controls the steam tube for milk.

Although we can also use ground coffee, our thing is to use the built-in grinder that also offers us 13 different grinding modes. As if that were not enough, bring a practical container for the remaining grounds, which is not filled until reaching 14 services.

Its water tank also has a fairly large capacity: 1.8 liters. On the other hand, we will be able to use cups of various sizes, since the anti-drip tray is removable.

Finally, it includes an automatic shutdown system, which disconnects the machine after several inactive minutes. The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is the same as other models with the automatic purge system. By doing it after each use, a lot of water is lost and forces us to recharge the tank often.

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  • Your Instant Reheat system so you are always at the right temperature
  • The customization possibilities that includes
  • The grinder settings and also admit ground coffee


  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Spend a lot of water due to its self-cleaning in each use


The KRUPS EA8250 is another coffee superautomatic designed to make our coffee easily and with many parameters different programmable. Thus, it is a high-quality machine that gives us the possibility of obtaining a great drink.

The large LCD screen will help us choose between the different options that this coffee maker includes. With the press of a button, we choose, for example, between three different levels of intensity, from the softest coffee to the most intense black.

KRUPS EA8250 also presents two options for the number of drinks. The shortest coffee is only 20 millimeters, while if we need more, the Lungo reaches 220 milliliters.

On the other hand, it brings an integrated grinder that offers us three types of grinding, so that we can customize them to your liking. To facilitate its use, it includes a deposit with a capacity of 250 grams of coffee, so that we do not have to recharge in each use.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the steam nozzle designed to heat water or milk. With some practice, we will be able to get that foam that we like so much in a cappuccino.

The only negative point that we can blame on this coffee maker is that several uses are needed to take it easy. The quick start guide that is included is a bit concise. It is almost better to download the full instructions.

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  • It’s an LCD screen that helps a lot to handle it and program the different options
  • Heats up very quickly and makes coffee right away
  • The possibility of programming two different coffee recipes


  • It makes a little noise, but nothing out of the ordinary in a coffee maker
  • The start guide is very short and not too useful

DeLonghi ECAM22110SB

The DeLonghi ECAM22.110.B falls within the range of super-automatic coffee machines, much more advanced and with more functionalities than the previous models.

In this case, this machine offers us great customization possibilities and, all in a very simple way. In fact, just by looking at the control panel, we will perfectly understand what we can do.

The buttons serve, on the one hand, to prepare a single cup or two and, on the other, to choose if we want an Espresso, shorter, or a Lungo, much longer.

It also incorporates a wheel through which, in a very simple way, we will program the intensity of the beverage we are testing, from maximum smoothness to the most intense black.

Similarly, we find several possibilities in the built-in grinder. This grants the possibility of grinding the grain with 13 different configurations, from the finest to the thickest grinding. And, if you prefer to use pre-ground coffee, this coffee maker allows you to do it.

Another aspect that we can highlight about this coffee maker is its milk frother, designed so that we can enjoy a creamy cappuccino is a few minutes.

The negative point that I could find this coffee maker is its water expenditure. Each time we use it, the machine proceeds to perform a self-cleaning, so, in the end, you have to fill the tank often.

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  • Your cappuccino system
  • The coffee bean grinder
  • The descaling system. In addition, it alerts you when it is necessary to do so


  • The self-cleaning that you perform in each use causes you to spend enough water
  • The grinder admits a little coffee load

If you are looking for a super-automatic coffee maker that allows you to customize the coffee to your liking in all aspects, this may be yours. If, in addition, you are a lover of cappuccinos, you will undoubtedly take advantage of its special system to make them obtaining a very creamy foam.

Saeco Incanto HD8911 – Barista in the kitchen

The automation presented by the Saeco Incanto HD8911 / 01 is really great. If we do not want to have to think about anything when preparing our coffee, this machine practically gives us everything done.

In this way, just by pressing a button, we can choose between Capuccinnos, Latte Coffee, Espresso, stained milk, and other varieties available. As if this were not enough, it offers 5 different intensity options, so we will make the drink as strong as we prefer.
Of course, you can also set the desired amount of drink, as well as the temperature at which we want to be served. And not only can we configure these variables, but we can memorize them to access them easily.

This coffee maker can be used with pre-ground coffee, but precisely its grinder is one of the most outstanding pieces.

First, for the 250 grams that can hold your coffee deposit; second for the 5 thicknesses that we can get when using it; and third, and more interesting, because they are ceramic, which prevents rusting, wear, and overheating, giving the product a strange taste.

This coffee maker has exactly the same negative point as the one presented above. The efficient and useful self-cleaning system that starts up every time we use it makes it waste enough water.

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  • Ease of use thanks to the intuitive controls included
  • Up to 250 grams of coffee can be stored in your tank
  • Heats up ultra-fast


  • It spends a lot of water due to its self-cleaning system
  • It’s a big thing, so we need a space to put

The complicated defect to a coffee maker as complete as this. The functions it presents, the possibilities of preparing our coffee with the intensity and aroma that we like, makes it a great model for lovers of this drink.

It can be programmed by the user to prepare a certain type of coffee where the machine does the whole procedure by itself, from start to finish, without even having to turn it off.

But its benefits go much further: for example, you can program them to turn on at a certain time and have your coffee ready for breakfast! Quite a wonder.

Obviously, an experienced barista would surely make an even more extraordinary coffee, plus it would give him his personal touch.

But that is not what it compete against. These are not intended to replace baristas, but simply act as a substitute when there is no one on hand (I don’t think you have one in your house) and want to drink delicious coffee.

Improvements in recent years have had a great impact on companies like Jura and WMF leading the way, being used not only in offices and work environments but also in homes and hotels.

Why buy an Automatic Coffee Maker?

As I told you before, these machines prepare a series of spectacular drinks that you will undoubtedly enjoy, and that will always have the same flavor as you have programmed.

Special Coffees

This is a great advantage if you like to vary the type of coffee-based drinks you want to drink. An automatic coffee machine gives you the ability to make specialty drinks at the push of a button.

Built-in grinder

Choose a model of coffee maker that brings a built-in grinder so you can prepare your coffee with fresh beans according to your choice. This definitely gives you the chance to enjoy freshly ground coffee with all the flavor and aroma, making your drink a unique experience.


The coffee machines are becoming faster time, for example, you can sip a cappuccino in less than a minute with some models.


It is certainly more of an issue for offices, but safety can be a real concern when using a manual machine. The process of making coffee manually involves a large amount of hot water, often the steam comes out of a hot metal rod.

Although accidents of this type are not too frequent, they do happen; so by installing an automatic coffee machine you forget that problem.

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