What Are The Benefits Of Coffee In The Work

Having easy access to a cup of coffee in the office provides a large number of benefits such as stress reduction or increased motivation. Similarly, coffee has not only become an ally for workers but also for companies as it stimulates productivity and a good work environment. We will check these and other benefits of drinking coffee in the office in more detail.

What are the benefits of coffee at work?

Although there is no specific time, long working hours are often interrupted by “coffee time.” Experts agree that this behavior allows for a better understanding and a way for coworkers to get to know each other. Such is its importance, that many companies choose to incorporate an Office Coffee Service (OCS). However, the benefits of drinking coffee in the office range from those related to the personal aspects of the workers to the brand image of the company.

1. It helps to build relationships: since it was discovered, coffee has become the perfect tool for socializing. Conversations are held with a cup of coffee and times of joy or sorrow are passed. Those who drink coffee at work tend to talk with colleagues from other departments with whom they do not have direct daily treatment. Knowing the entire team of the same company creates a much happier and discerned work environment.

2. Reduces Fatigue: this is perhaps the main health benefit that coffee produces after spending several hours of work, and more if it is repetitive. Being in front of a computer for a long time, stuck to a phone, or making reports tends to deplete employees. To reduce fatigue and the feeling of fatigue you can choose to have a cup of coffee while chatting with your partner.

3. Reduces Stress: It has been shown that those who drink coffee on a regular basis are less likely to feel the effects of stress that occurs at work. Coffee makes the mind more alert and the body reacts faster.

4. More Motivation: after a talk with a colleague with coffee in hand, most workers return to their most motivated, fresh, and relaxed jobs.

5. Improves the brand image: a coffee machine stand in the office is part of the company’s brand image. Companies have a value proposition in free coffee that benefits employees and customers who come to the facilities. We speak of a way to strengthen the corporate identity of the company by differentiating itself from the competition.

6. Increase of well-being: the study “Fast Forward 2030: the future of work and space” recognizes well-being as a critical issue in workplaces in 2030. Large multinationals strengthen workspaces as places where the employee wants to stay for your comforts and services like the SCOs. Also, among the strategies aimed at the well-being of the worker, coffee, and everything related to design are shown as a great ally. Offering a perfect cup of coffee in the office is a way of demonstrating that the company values quality, cares about small details, and its most precious asset: the well-being of its workers.

7. Increase productivity: drinking coffee stimulates the ability to concentrate and improves work performance. This fact is supported by science with a study published in The Journal of Psychopharmacology. In addition, its consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, protects against type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, helps fight depression, and decreases the risk of mortality in general.

When Is It Better to Make Coffee Stops?

Coffee beans gain popularity again and the way to prepare different types of coffee is much easier thanks to the machines for the SCO. This service is gaining more and more followers and it is more common to find it in the offices. One way to enjoy that “ coffee time”, as we have said, and check all the benefits we have talked about. Now, is there a specific time for coffee in the office? The answer is no, although it usually takes place in the middle of the morning or just after eating.

Coffee had and will continue to have a lot of weight in relationships between coworkers. Keeping workers happy is, for many companies, a strategic goal with a lot of weight and coffee is an excellent ingredient for achieving it. Remember that ConCafé will have coffee whenever you need it so you never run out of it. An OCS that adapts to your office with an exclusive coffee. Because we know that drinking coffee is much more than a routine, it is a unique experience.

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