First obstacle: the Mekong, green and immense … now what? Well, it turns out that in this section there are no bridges to cross to the other shore! And on top of the bike we look at each other a little worried… But don’t panic! If there is one thing that is never a problem in Asia, it is transport: anywhere and at any time there is always someone mounted on something that can take you where you are going … And this time it was no different: we crossed the great river aboard a hmm makeshift boat? And we set foot on the land that was once the most glorious in Laos and the reason is one: Wat Phu.


In this fantastic archeological complex, born as Hindu temple and later converted into a Buddhist temple, it is easy to travel back in time and feel in another century. It is divided into two parts and going from the lower to the upper we have felt like in a Tim Burton movie! And when you get to the top, the view is sublime: both that of the Mekong valley and that of the temple.




Hungry we say goodbye to Wat Phu and a smile is drawn on our face: it is time for FRICE E LUJANIE! As it turns out, a Friulian (Friuli is the Italian province of Lety) settled in Laos has opened a restaurant with specialties from Friuli Venezia Giulia and clearly we have not been able to resist the temptation to eat here! Too bad we couldn’t meet Marco, the owner, as he was traveling in Italy, but we got to meet his famous gnocchi and tagliatelle di ragú! If you go through Champasak… don’t miss Frice e luanje (which in Friulan means something like chochetes and sausages hehe).


With a full belly and a bit of nostalgia for Friuli we return to Pakse with the next destination in mind: we are going south to the 4,000 islands !!

We leave you a map with the motorcycle tour:

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