Atlanta Travel Guide – Recommendations and Suggestions

Preparing your trip to Atlanta – Atlanta Travel Guide

Discover what to do in Atlanta and the lovely city full of activities to discover.

In a few days, Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, gave me three good experiences. One of the best sunsets of my life.

It is worth mentioning that in this important economic city of the United States.

There is also the famous Georgia Dome and some of the essential industrial headquarters in the world. Including the Coca-Cola brand headquarters

For this and many other reasons, I consider that this destination should be young and old. They are in nearby places that are well worth an express visit. So: What to see in Atlanta?

Georgia Aquarium

It is the largest in the world! Imagine that you have more than 100,000 animals of 500 species. Its main tank features a whale shark.

It also has African penguins, sea lions, sharks, dolphins, belugas brought from Mexico, dwarf otters from Asia, among other exotic marine species.

I recommend that you buy your tickets online since the box office is saturated with the number of travellers every day. Avoid flash photography.

Go to a game at the Georgia Dome.

Get to know the largest dome in the United States. Home of the famous Atlanta Falcons, it is well worth it.

Games are held on weekends, and even if you don’t have a fondness for any sport, you will love the contagious atmosphere just by being there.

This mass of steel and concrete houses more than 70 thousand spectators. Then imagine the fury that breaks out at concerts.

To learn more curious facts, you can take a tour on Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

It also has African penguins, sea lions, sharks, dolphins, belugas brought from Mexico, dwarf otters from Asia, among other exotic marine species.

I recommend that you buy your tickets online since the box office is saturated with the number of travellers every day. Avoid flash photography.

Mundo Coca Cola (World of Coca Cola)

You have always wondered: how do they make a coke?

This museum reveals the entire history of the drink that is present in every country on the planet. You will also be able to know and try more than 60 products made by the multinational.

Finally, you take a very interactive tour, and you witness a 4D cinematic experience where you will search for the secret formula of the most famous drink in the world.

Cable News Network Studio (CNN)

If you are fond of communication, the media and journalism, you will love visiting the building that houses the studios of the most significant news network in the world.

At CNN, they organize a 55-minute tour where you learn about their technology and walk into a newsroom.

I did it, but I would have liked the experience to be more experiential because they take you to replicas, and you only look out from showcases to get to know the writing area.

I suggest entering the building – open to the public – is to have a coffee in one of its restaurants. Buy yourself a souvenir at their official store and take a good photo of yourself in the letters of CNN.

The Martin Luther King, Jr National Historic Site

This site saw the birth of America’s most acclaimed civil rights leader when African Americans were victims of severe persecution and racial discrimination.

Luther King dedicated his life as an activist against war and poverty, just as he was the promoter of the right to vote and other actions that led him to obtain the Nobel Peace Prize.

These and other interesting facts about a man who changed American history: are the ideal excuse to spend an afternoon in Atlanta National Park

The Auburn Avenue neighbourhood is located here, where the Baptist pastor was born, raised, preached, and where the remains of the Baptist pastor rest.

Fun Facts – Atlanta

Going for a walk through the remote regions of the city or the ethnic neighbourhoods is better in the large company or accompanied by the guide of the excursion group. Going for a walk is not worth taking the cash with you and putting on jewellery.

Travellers are not recommended to use the services of illegal taxis; inexperienced tourists are easy victims of scammers and thieves.

It is unnecessary to appear in the street in a drunken state; this will cause perplexity to the place’s inhabitants and can become the cause of the imposition of the hefty fine.

In case of loss or theft of documents, credit cards and other personal things, you should immediately go to the next police section. There are special tourist sections of the police in a city, several phones, and what address it is possible to look in any guide.

You should remember a few simple rules for the one who counts to rent the car and travel around the city independently. You should not take your fellow travellers and stop unnecessarily on the road. The movement should continue even if a minor fault takes place on the line.

In the city, the system is perfectly developed through calculation accounts. In all shopping centres, supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants it is possible to pay using bank cards. Therefore it is not obligatory to carry large sums of cash at all.

It is not worth criticizing the traditions and customs of the place’s inhabitants; this can strongly offend them. The radical population esteems a lot of the past and listens carefully to any criticism.

In local markets and commercial banks, it is accepted to haggle; in some cases, the seller can lower the price twice. It should be noted that in the street markets the price of many goods is deliberately increased. They do this by calculating what outsiders are misleading in the prices of one or another commodity.

It is possible to travel on buses in the city, but they can be refilled very early in the morning and in the afternoons. In any street, it is possible to take a taxi. You have to remember that after 20:00, the rates for the transit to the cab can go up.

That you rest, it is not advisable to drink tap water. It is not dangerous to health, but it is very strongly chlorinated.

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