[ad_1] We arrived to Vientiane with a very clear preconception: it is an ugly city and without more. And as always happens to us… we were wrong! We would not say that it is the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia, but we have found ourselves very comfortable. So backpackers traveling to Laos … don’t … Read more

Kong Lor Cave: 7 kilometers in the dark

[ad_1] We decided to divert our route to visit the Kong Lor cave, and in the end it was worth it. From Vientiane it is not difficult to get there, as there is a direct bus, but to follow our itinerary from the cave to the south we knew we would have more difficulties. We … Read more

Exploring the Bolaven Plateau by motorcycle

[ad_1] If you want visit the Bolaven Plateau on your own and on a backpacker budget… This post is perfect for you! Get to the southern city of Pakse From Kong Lor’s cave it was a mini odyssey that lasted about 15 hours. After changing the van twice, we took an old-fashioned bus, which took … Read more


[ad_1] First obstacle: the Mekong, green and immense … now what? Well, it turns out that in this section there are no bridges to cross to the other shore! And on top of the bike we look at each other a little worried… But don’t panic! If there is one thing that is never a … Read more

4,000 islands: mon amour hammock

[ad_1] After trying the hammocks in our beginning of the trip through Laos we wanted to enjoy them again, that it is about time … and what better place than where the Mekong becomes an immense sea full of small islands, the so-called 4,000 islands of Laos, some so small that they only have a … Read more

Laos backpacker travel guide

[ad_1] We didn’t know much about Laos, but we had the impression that it would be an amazing country. So it was. Of the 29 days of staying in this small and often forgotten country in Southeast Asia, we have many good memories. Here we bring our Laos backpacker travel guide. A complete guide to … Read more

Vientiane, a short walk – Passport to Travel

[ad_1] Vientiane, the capital of LaosIt is a city that barely has one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants, an easy walk that has little attraction for the visitor. What to see in Vientiane It has the most important monastery in Laos, and highly revered by Laotians, the Pha That Luang. Another of the most photographed … Read more

On the way to Laos sailing the Mekong

[ad_1] Our Road to Laos began in the Thai city of Chiang mai. The idea that we had and that we were finally able to carry out, was to reach Laos, sailing with the Mekong River. A river that we have enjoyed in different places. The first time we sailed down the Mekong it was … Read more